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    Published on June 25th, 2020 | by James Simpson


    Cloud Tools Helping Teams Excel

    Across the globe, companies, from small start-ups to enterprise organizations, are making the move to remote working and more flexible team arrangements. As such, they’re all doing a lot more work online and there are some very specific tools that are helping them do that. Here, we’re going to look at some of the technology that is driving the remote working revolution.

    Communication tools

    Good communication is important for fostering good working relationships, successful collaboration, and minimizing misunderstandings no matter where the team is situated. However, Cloud communications software such as can help teams manage multiple conversations in a single centralized location. As such, wires are much less likely to get crossed as a result of inconsistent reliance on different mediums, be they email, IM, or phone calls. By keeping all relevant communications in one place, it becomes easier for everyone to keep track of the conversations most relevant to them.

    Office tools

    Much of the work that might have been done one the office computer can now just as easily be done from any location with the range of different Cloud-enabled office tools around. The Cloud allows people to access the exact same files and type of work that they might have previously only done in the office, meaning that your productivity becomes a lot harder to interrupt.

    File management and storage

    Some tools already have a degree of Cloud-based storage involved in them. However, whenever it comes to managing large collections of files and data, then tools such as are likely to become much more of a necessity. Essentially, you can store, share, modify and otherwise manage all your documents without having to rely on local storage at all. Aside from making your important documents more accessible no matter where you are, it also serves as a backup so that if you lose your own version of a document, you know that you have it online.

    Screensharing tools

    When it comes to collaborating on a piece of work, or addressing an issue that a co-worker might be having, work-related or tech-related, sometimes it’s a lot easier to simply take a look yourself than to have them describe it to you. Screensharing apps allow you to do just that, with some even allowing you to remotely control their device to apply fixes and changes directly.

    Task automation

    Remote working brings with it a need for increased productivity. One of the ways to improve productivity across the board is to take some of the busywork off the plates of your team members. As such, automating software can be a great tech for working from home, allowing employees to use their self-organized time on processes that require more hands-on attention.

    The examples above are just that. Where companies have a specific need for different kinds of remote productivity, a Cloud-driven tool will rise to meet that demand. With the growth of the Software as a Service business model, this migration to the Cloud is only likely to keep going.

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