Wheel Straightening | Everything You Need to Know

Wheel Straightening

Our wheels can take a lot of battering as they drive us from A to B. It doesn’t help that some roads are not as well maintained as they could be. Add to this all of the damage wheels face from flat spots, buckles and of course potholes, it is not surprising that they require some TLC once in a while! And this is where wheel straightening comes into play.

When Do Your Wheels Need Straightening?

You might be wondering how you know when wheel refurbishment is required. There are some telltale signs that it’s time to have your wheels straightened. For example, if you notice shaking or vibration from your steering wheel, or note excessive tyre wear, this likely means your wheels need straightening. If you have to keep changing tyres as they don’t seem to be lasting very long, this is also often another clear sign that a repair is in order.

Removing Car Wheel

What is the Wheel Straightening Process?

The process used is called Hydraulic assistance. It works using a combination of heating the wheel and using the hydraulic rams to press out any bends in the heated metal. This wheel is first placed on a rack within the wheel straightening rig which will centre the wheel. After this, the wheel shape is measured with a dial gauge to identify the location of any deformed sections. The person running the machine will then need to use their skill to determine the right balance of heat and pressure that would be able to transform the wheel back to the shape it should be. This procedure also strengthens the wheel, as heating it in the spot to be repaired softens the metal making it much less likely that the alloy will crack under the applied pressure.

How Do You Have Your Wheels Straightened?

The process of having your wheels straightened is not too much of a difficult one, but it will require the use of a certain type of machine and expertise in using it. The right kind of machine can be found at most tyre bays and service shops around the UK, where you will also find a suitable operator.

As for the machinery, many brands produce suitable products, with one such company being Tema, a leading brand in the field. They are manufacturers of a wheel straightening device called the Zetamek. There are similar machines on the market, but Tema pitches theirs as being the original and the best. Part of its appeal is in its easier mounting system as well as overall robust design. It is also considered to be one of the more user-friendly wheel straightening devices on the market.

When you need wheel refurbishment it’s important you go to the right place. More than likely you will not have to travel far to find a wheel specialist that will be able to straighten your wheels out as required. By looking on their website or giving them a quick call you’ll be able to determine if they have the required wheel equipment to get the job done. Just don’t leave the task any longer then you need to, if left the wheels will only become much worse!

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