Buying A Car Used Or New? Making The Right Choice

Used Car Or New Car

Buying a new car is a fun experience and it can be quite exciting but there are several choices you have to make. We think the most important one that you will have to think about before you start shopping around is whether you buy a new car, straight out the factory, or you purchase a model secondhand. There are advantages and pitfalls that you need to be aware of for both. With this helpful guide you can make the right decision for you.

Buying A Used Car

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that there are a lot of sellers of used cars online. You have to make sure that if you buy a used car you are buying from a reliable source. We advise that you only use  recognised brand names. For instance if you are looking to buy a used Ford car you can buy Ford’s at TCH. We are not saying that less recognisable companies can not be trusted but you should be careful when shopping for a car online.

The main benefit of buying a used car is that it will be cheaper than purchasing one new. This will be fantastic for those of you who have a fixed sum of money available to buy a car with. It may also mean you can buy a more powerful machine that may have been too expensive to purchase new. On the other hand you should be wary of cars which are ridiculously cheap, sold by private sellers because this suggests it might be a vehicle that needs expensive repairs.

Our final suggestion about buying a used car is to make sure that you complete all the appropriate checks. You should always get a full car history before purchasing a new vehicle so that you know exactly what kind of condition it is in. Be aware of tricks that can fool buyers such as false milometer readings. If you think the reading on the milometer is too low, look closely at the gear stick and pedals. If they have been replaced, chances are the reading has been faked.

Buying A New Car

When purchasing a new car you are immediately on ground that is less shaky, but you are paying for this privilege. Buying a car new means that even purchasing a small car is going to be expensive. For instance, on average a basic model with a one litre engine will cost you upwards of six thousand pounds. Although buying a car new does make checking it less important, we do still recommend that you take it for a quick spin before finalising a deal.

You should also know exactly what you want to buy and how much you are willing to pay. If you are buying new, you will definitely be dealing with a car dealer. Now, you may think this is a positive as it means that you can get expert advice. But they will try to add accessories on the vehicle that will make it a more expensive purchase. You should be wary of this and keep in mind whether you can afford these useful or stylish add ons.

We hope we have shown you that there is no wrong choice when deciding whether to buy used or new. You just have to be aware of the positive and negative implications of both options. Good luck finding your new vehicle.

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