Businessman Smashes BMW M6

BMW M6 Smashed

So you buy a brand new car, thinking you’ll never have any bother with it for a couple of years, but an Italian businessman Pourmohseni Hadi was so angry with the issues he was having with his brand new BMW M6, and BMW fobbing him off, Pourmohseni thought he would take matters into his own hands.

This week is the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show), and what better way to get the attention of the global automotive manufacturers and press by taking your issues directly to them, instead of dealing with small time dealerships. Purmohseni Hadi was so fed up with taking his BWM M6 back to the dealership with issues, and getting turned around as if nothing was wrong with the car, he drove his not so beloved BMW right outside the front doors of the IAA, Mr Hadi and his fellow friend, Thomas Brunner, then proceeded to remove a sledge hammer and axe from the boot and smash every panel of the BMW M6.

Crowds of people surrounded the car with cameras and phones in hand to capture this act of self owned destruction. Mr Hadi complained that his new BMW M6 had a whole host of issues, from strange vibrations, random rattles, and issues with changing gears, something you wouldn’t expect from a brand new car. After many visits to different BMW garages and the issue still not resolved, Mr Hadi wrote to BWM HQ to see if they could resolve the issue, without reply, Mr Hadi needed to get a response, and his idea was to make this public in a spectacular way.

Once the smashing had taken place, the police soon arrived to question the men as to what they were doing, some more smashing took place, before the men were issued a parking ticket for the BMW M6, just to throw fuel to the fire.

But a BMW spokesman insisted the company had tried to help the enraged motorist.

The firm said: “Dr Hadi Pourmohseni leased the BMW M6 in February 2008 from an Italian BMW dealer. Contact for warranty claims is, in the first instance, always with the BMW dealer. BMW Italia provides the necessary support in case of need and has been in contact with the customer since 2010. The vehicle was subsequently investigated in detail on first contact with the justifiable claims of the customer being met.” However, the customer still took BMW Italia to court.

“Although the switching behaviour of the sequential SMG gearbox fitted as standard to this car was evaluated by the BMW dealer and BMW Italia as a product feature, BMW Italia still followed the suggestion of the court-appointed expert to replace clutch and flywheel.

“BMW Italia offered Dr Pourmohseni full reimbursement for the exchange of both parts. The customer did not accept this and reclaimed the leasing vehicle without it being repaired in February this year. Since then no further legal action against BMW Italia has been made by the customer.”


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