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Website To Life

In an era where the rate that technology is improving is huge, you’d be silly not to look into how it can impact your website, and in turn your business. Technology is on the rise that much, that there are even human like robots, that can talk and have feelings that near enough mimic that of a human. So simple technology that can improve your website is leaps ahead of what it used to be.

User interface designs are something that has been around for awhile now, but has only really started being used effectively in the last few years. Companies now understand what the user of a website needs, and how to get more sales or conversions through simply changing the layout of a website or style of a website. With most people turning to the internet to search for a company or product, a visually please, and easy to use website is a must. If you haven’t already looked into user experience, here’s a guide to UX design to give you a little insight into how it can help you. Simple colour changes, strategic placements of advertisements, and improving the ease of use will all help to improve the rankings and the overall conversion rate.

SEO tactics and packages are also great for bringing your website to life. Usually, someone else will have designed your website for you. But if it’s hosted on something such as wordpress, it’s really simple for you to go in and edit certain things. Within wordpress you can download widgets such as Yoast, or JetPack SEO which monitors how well your site is doing. It’ll show you how many clicks you receive per page, the total number of visitors a day, and give you statistics on how each page compares to each other. This data is invaluable. Within the world of business it’s so important to use SEO to your advantage, and starting from the back end of your website is key. With this information you can look into how pages performing at the lower end of the scale can be improved. You can also look into things such as link building. This is where a link to your website, or a page within your website is created and placed on another website. This will in turn generate organic traffic to your blog, and improving it’s overall rankings in Google.

Utilise social media! The technology and algorithms that have been created for the platforms such as Twitter and Instagram is huge. They’ve taken over the world, and can help your website do the same. Big companies are using social media as a way to connect with their customers. Whether it be to promote a product, deal with any customer queries, or just to generally make themselves have a presence in such a huge area of the web. It’s a great tactic to marketing your website through these platforms. Big brands such as o2 have used social media as a help line for it’s customers issues. People are constantly on social media, it’s the best way to get the quickest contact.

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