Alternative Ways to Travel around The World Without Flying!

Travel Without Flying

Travel in 2020 has been a ‘no-go’ area for many people. However, that doesn’t mean that our travel bucket list has to be placed in the filing cabinet marked ‘do not touch.’ There are always ways of finding your way around things to meet our travel goals and aspirations safely.

If you love traveling but hate the idea of spending so much time at airports, you may want to think about alternative ways of traveling and exploring the world around you.

How you get to your destination is often the most expensive trip element but is an integral part of getting there.

Thinking creatively, you can find alternative ways and means to get there, which will allow the journey to become a part of the experience as much as the trip. While plane travel can be an exciting and speedy travel method–how does watching endless movies compare to being able to watch the changing landscape as you go along the way?

There are so many benefits to not taking a plane. You can pocket the extra cash to spend during your trip, and you can be a little more flexible with the arrangements, so if you feel like spending an extra night somewhere on your travels, you’re not going to miss out as much financially as you might have if you missed a flight!

Here are some different means of travel to get you to your dream destinations across the world.

By Land

Your top choice when it comes to land travel, may often be the car. The freedom of having a vehicle that you can throw your bag into the trunk of and just drive anywhere is liberating–but then you have to contend with the cost of gas, sometimes not really knowing where you’re going, maybe you just get sick of driving at all.

Bus travel is a great option. You can rock up to the bus station about 10 minutes before the bus is due to leave, and away you go.

Buses are a versatile option when it comes to travel. The range of services can be regional or even international.

In Europe, there are plenty of excellent intercity bus tours which are specific to this type of travel. They allow plenty of rest time to explore the city it stops in before going on to the next city.

Bus travel and using the city’s own bus system isn’t always the most comfortable option; mainly, if your knowledge of the native language is limited, it may be hard to get the directions you need if you don’t come prepared.

Another great option for land travel is by motorcycle. There are companies like Magellan Motorcycle Tours that are dedicated to this cause. Imagine the ultimate freedom of being in charge of your own vehicle as you explore some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes—self-guided or guided tours across the UK, Europe, and The Americas.

By Sea

If you love the ocean’s sights and smells and love being surrounded by vast expanses of water, travel by cruise is an excellent option for you.

Cruise ships are equipped for such methods of travel to make for a very comfortable and convenient journey. You won’t have to book extra places to stay or to eat because it’s all there. All you have to do is arrive at port, locate your lodgings and unpack a bag before getting to enjoy all the food, drink, and entertainment of a cruise ship!

You’ll have access to a huge range of amenities too- swimming pools and spas, cafes and bars, games areas, club nights- everything you can imagine.

If you want to see parts of Norway, Russia, Cuba, and Antarctica, these places are best reached by ship.

Their huge coastlines have breathtaking views from the ports and are very welcome places for visitors to go to.

Northern Europe and the Baltics offer excellent cruise line connections, making traveling between them by sea very simple.

By Rail

Take the scenic route and travel by train across the countries and continents. Many people have traveled long distances on trains for many years throughout history.

It’s a romantic notion, sure, but getting the chance to take in the mesmerizing views as you travel is one of the best parts of train travel.

You get to experience some views that people who travel by road or sea will never experience.

Countries worldwide have a vast network of railways that take them intercity, interstate, and even intercontinental.

Europe and North America have great train lines across the continent. For example, interrailing is a popular option with various packages available to make your trio completely customizable. As long as customers have a good idea where they’re going, interrailing is a great way of getting to see as much or as little of the countries around them as they travel via train.

They are a popular option among students. They often offer discounts for people under the age of 26 or senior citizens who want to experience world travel as they enter retirement age.

Go With Knowledge

Regardless of whatever trip you plan, make sure to do some additional research around the different travel options of your destination(s) before you leave if planes are something you’re looking to limit using throughout your trip (often taking one flight will give you all of these other great options should they not be available on your driveway)

The adventurous notion is just to pack a bag and let the world take you where it wants you to go, but it’s best to have a little knowledge, so you’re not left out in the cold.

However, the best part is that you can see a vast range of different options for people who want to use alternative travel methods to reach their destination. Methods of transportation could be the place you will be staying in as part of the trip as your destination.

Using local public transport gives you a unique opportunity to get to know and learn about cultures, the people, and the place.

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