What are the Most Common Roads for Accidents in the UK?

Dangerous UK Roads

Every motorist in the UK needs to be aware of just how dangerous the roads can be. Accidents occur constantly on roads up and down the country and you could be involved in one even without doing anything wrong. It is worth looking at where the most dangerous roads are so that motorists can avoid these roads if possible or take extra caution as shockingly 50% of fatalities occur on just 10% of roads in the UK.


The A38 runs through Devon and Cornwall and is also known as the Devon Expressway. It is the longest 2-digit A road in England at 292 miles long, so it is not surprising that it is a dangerous road with 8,698 accidents reported and 137 fatalities reported between 2007 and 2016.


Stretching 282 miles from Luton to Carlisle, the A6 is another of the country’s longest and most dangerous roads. Accidents are also common here due to the difficult rural areas with challenging conditions – the A6 was second on the list for highest number of accidents at 8,339 and third for fatalities at 152.


It is no surprise that the A1 is one of the most dangerous roads in the UK as it is the longest at a staggering 410 running between London and Edinburgh. It was the deadliest road in the 2007 to 2016 timeframe with 172 reported fatalities and fourth in terms of accidents with 7,848.


In terms of motorways, the M25 is one of the most dangerous which is hardly surprising when you consider that it is the second-longest ring road in Europe at 117 miles (just 5 miles shorter than the Berlin Ring). The M25 reported 7,673 accidents which was the most for motorways but the least number of deaths at 80.


Connecting Leeds and London, the M1 is 193 miles long and also forms part of the European route E13. The M1 came in second for accidents recorded at 7,617 and second for fatalities at 154.


At 232 miles, the M6 is Britain’s longest motorways and one of the busiest. Running from Catthorpe to Gretna, “The Backbone of Britain” recorded 7,342 accidents and was the deadliest motorway with 160 fatalities recorded. Those that are involved in accidents on the roads often end up in hospital and injuries can be complex which sometimes leads to the wrong care which can create further issues so extra care needs to be taken when driving.

As you can see, the UK has many unsafe roads which motorists need to be aware of and taking caution when using.

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