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Synonymous with class, this brand comes with a double meaning comprising of two words – Mercedes and Benz. The brand is not just known for its high quality, integrity, style and status, but also has a long and confusing list of luxury cars, divided into different “classes”, designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of individuals looking for luxury. From A – T, the list of Mercedes classes seems to be continuing to grow. If you are in the market to buy a brand new Mercedes for yourself, you are, more likely than not, going to feel overwhelmed with the number of options you get to choose from. Before you make the decision and to help you make the right one, here is a detailed review of the brand and what cars have been the best selling ones in the market.

A Quick Look Back to History

From a 3-wheeled motor car introduced to the world in the year 1886 to Mercedes-Benz 170, launched in 1931, there had been no looking back for this brand. The first car from this brand was touted as the very first car of luxury and excellence. The 300 SL Gullwing launched in 1950’s was the car entitled as the world’s first “supercar”. Most coveted luxury owners used to look up to this brand to maintain their epitome of elegance and opulence.
The 1963 600 Limousine boasted300HP and V8 engine, while the 300 SEL-Class came up with its claim of delivering speeds from zero to sixty in less than seven seconds. Both were classified among the quickest and safest luxury cars. In fact, the 1970 S-Class sedan introduced world’s first anti-lock brakes. The E-class 190 brought to the automotive world the first traction control system and airbags.

Here are some attributes of a true Mercedes Car that you should know about if you already own one, or planning to buy one. All of these attributes are based on the class categorization and what each class brought to the table.

A – Hatchbacks
B – Multi-Activity
C – Estate or Coupe, Saloon
D – Diesel
E – from “Einspritzmotor” or Fuel-injection
G – from “Geländewagen“, Sports vehicle or Off-road
K – from “Kurtz” or short or “Kompressor
L – Long wheelbase
M – Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)
R – luxury Tourer vehicle (LTV), from “Rennen” to race
S – from “Sonderklasse” or specially outfitted Sedan, super luxury sedan
T – Touring

Other subcategories of Mercedes Benz classes include: CL, CLS, GL, GLK, SL, and SLK. All of these denote luxury coupe, roadster look, 4-door, and light among other things.

Mercedes For Sale And Good Value Buys

1985 Turbo Diesel is one of the best and most attractive used-Mercedes buys that you will find today. This is one of those cars that were made to “last forever”, and can be easily converted to run on vegetable oil or bio-diesel. The E320 or E430 four-matic is another coveted used Mercedes-Benz buy. Other used Mercedes-Benz for sale and good value buys include: A 2011 E-Class, A 2009 S-Class S63, and a 2007 M-Class, ML500. Great choices for young people include; a 2004 E-Class, E320 4-matic, 2000 E-Class, E430, 2000 M-Class, and ML320.
Mercedes-Benz has managed to nearly monopolize the automobile industry with its luxury class cars and continuous excellence. The Mercedes-Benz logo is the three-pointed star surrounded by laurel leaves, which represent quality and safety. Today, you can find everything from spare parts to Mercedes Benz tyres sold online. The brand name has become more accessible than ever! If you are looking for class combined with elegance, Mercedes-Benz should be your choice.

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