5 Of The Best Gift Ideas For The Car Lover In Your Life

No matter what strata of the class structure you occupy, no matter where you’re from, no matter what age you are, you’ll know someone who is a petrol head through and through. Cars are beautiful masterpieces of engineering and technology, and a slight interest in them can quickly develop into a full-blown obsession.

It can be hard on the surface to communicate why classic car restoration gets someone so excited, but paying attention to their passion is a great way to connect with them. Providing this person with the best gift you can is a difficult thing to achieve. Purchasing a brand new car for them is out of the ordinary person’s budget, but surely there’s a way you can show them just as much love?

This following list details the best 6 gifts you can pass on to the car lover in your life.

A Garage Sign (Personalized)

A garage sign that’s been personalized is a great touch for someone who spends all day in their cave tinkering with the finer points of engine replacement. You can get this made out of special materials, or even offal from crushed cars for the extra nice touch. You’re not dealing with graphics here, so a printing firm might not be the correct place to look. Instead check out the local blacksmiths or handyman’s garage to see what could be done, and to inspire ideas.

Kick Mats

Kick mats are a handy way to prevent scuff marks on the back of a car-owner’s seat, especially if they have children or drive them for a friend or relative. It’s easy for a car to have an odd muddy booty kick dirt in a place that could stain, so replaceable, washable kick mats will go a long way towards keeping the car owners peace of mind.

“No Blind Spot” Rearview Mirror

While it sounds like a gimmick, ‘no blind spot’ rearview mirrors are actually very useful. Replacing the default mirror with one of these allows you to get a wider angle of what’s behind you, always useful for those who drive often or have had problems reversing into things in the past. This could also go double for someone who drives a large vehicle such as a pickup truck.

A Car Transport Service

For the fanatic in your life, a professional car transportation service like Shiply will help them get their pet project to the garage in a safe, professional and responsible way. It’s also a great way to ship cars that have been renovated, making sure they’re delivered to the client in the exact same condition as it rolled out of the garage.

Car Key Locator

Mobile phones, keys, and wallets. The three eternally lost items that can cause even the most mentally strong person hours of deep distress. Attaching one of these nifty receivers to your car keys, which can give out a transmitted beep in response to an app on your phone, or remote means that no matter where you’ve put your key, you’ll be able to locate it.

These fun and personal gifts will go a long way to helping the car lover in your life feel appreciated, even if you don’t know the first thing about the automotive discipline.

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