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ELMConfig – Enable/Disable Ford ECU Functions

In this guide, I will explain how to update your Ford Focus’s / Kuga’s / C-Max’s / Mondeo’s / S-Max’s / Galaxy’s ECU settings yourself, just like the people at Ford can, for less then £10, using a program called ELMConfig… If you wanted to enable such features as automatic locking of the doors as soon as you drive away, open and close your car windows from your remote keyfob, Ford would charge you by the hour for activating these on your car, but you can now do this yourself with two simple bits of kit at a fraction of the price.

Some possible self activated features include:

  • Reversing gear sound (Don’t know why you would need this, the car chimes when put into reverse)
  • Auto door locking
  • Total Closure (Close & Open windows from your remote key fob)
  • Ford Eco Mode (Gimmick application to see if you can drive smoother)
  • Stereo Information within the dial cluster
  • Bluetooth (Phone) information within the dial cluster
  • Gear shift indicator
  • Auto Heated windscreen (If temperature outside is low)
  • Full list outlined at the bottom of the post.


First you will need to buy a ELM 327 OBDII Interface (AMAZON LINK) / (EBAY LINK) – To get full functionality and to enable all options above, you will need to modify this device, as out of the box, you will only be able to edit certain aspects on the High Speed Can network within the car (Can Hi).

I have a hand full of these which I can sell to you if you do not fancy modifying yourself – If these sell, I can make these as and when they are required. Please CONTACT ME if you would like one.

Alternatively, you can get an un-modified ELM327 USB Interface OBDII Scanner here.



You will need to have the following tools available:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire Cutters / Pliers
  • Wire (Different colours if possible – but not important)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Screw Driver
  • SMTS (Sub Mini Toggle Switch) – Miniature Toggle Switch ON/ON Dual 3A

As there are two types of network in the new model Fords (as with most other cars), there are two different ways how these connections have to be interpreted. The two systems are known as CAN-High and CAN-Low (CAN+ CAN-) – this can also be known as High Speed CAN Bus (HS CAN) and Mid-Speed CAN Bus (MS-CAN).

ELM327 Modification

First peel off the sticker on the front of the ELM OBD module, to reveal 4 positive head screws

ELM327ELM327 - Sticker Removed

Now the ELM is open, you can remove both white plugs pictured below – this will allow us some space to work with.

IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0940IMG_1737 IMG_1762

You can also remove the OBD plug by pulling the plug out of the housing, this will allow us to cut the required wires.


We will be re-wiring the plug as per the wiring diagram below:

ELMConfig ELM327 Wiring-Diagram

Using the diagram above, you will need to cut 6 strips of wire (3 amp) around 2 inch long. If you have different colours, this can help, if not, make sure you label each wire to help distinguish between the wires. All the pins are numbered on the OBD port which helps a lot. Shrink wrap all wires, this makes it look neat, and stops shorts that may happen when putting everything together. And make sure your soldering iron is nice and hot before soldering any joints.

You will need a mini switch which looks like the following (must have 6 prongs – on-on switch):

 Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Miniature Toggle Switch


  • De-solder pin 6 from the OBD port (Make Sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)
  • De-solder pin 14 from the OBD port (Make sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)
  • Solder pin 6 (which you just de-soldered) to the middle pin on your switch (middle bottom in diagram)
  • Solder pin 14 (which you just de-soldered) to the other middle pin on your switch (middle top in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 14 on the OBD port side
  • Solder new pin 14 wire to the right hand side of the switch (top right in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 6 on the OBD port side
  • Solder new pin 6 wire to the right hand side of the switch (bottom right in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 11 (should be blank)
  • Solder new pin 11 wire to the left hand side of the switch (top left in the diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 3 (should be blank)
  • Solder new pin 3 wire to the left hand side of the switch (bottom left in the diagram)

This should complete the wiring modification. Now drill a hole into the plastic moulding (as I have done in my picture below)

Modified ELM

Put everything back together, and you should have a fully functioning OBD reader/writer which you can use with the following program (ELMConfig).


Now you need the program: ELMConfig:

Also available from the developer’s website:

If you get “Missing ******.ocx” errors when opening the program, you can download the DLL Files that will resolve these issues. You will need to download the Runtime Pack installer, and let it run (Local Download)

This program (EMLConfig) will allow you to modify ECU features, to activate or de-activate options which were only accessible by putting your car into the local Ford dealership.

Now this can be a very dangerous tool, so use this with care – make sure you make a backup of each of the settings before you write to your ECU. I will explain how this is done further into the guide.

When you open ELMConfig, you will be presented with the following screen:


First select “English” if its set to Russian, then plug your ELM cable into your laptop, and then select the COM Port it has connected within the PC. Leave the speed set to 38400, and then select your vehicle from the connection type. I have a Ford Focus ST MK2 (Focus II), so I will be using this to explain how this is used.

Press the “Open Port” button, and the ELM will connect to your car.

ELMConfig Main Screen Focus

This is the main screen of ELMConfig – Along the left hand side is the main module navigation, with the Low CAN & High CAN modules. Below this, you can read the fault codes within each module, and also clear the codes to prevent the warning lights showing.

As you click through each of the modules in ELMConfig, you will see the information tab, clicking the read button on each of these screens will read information from the cars ECU modules and display the information.

The configuration can be changed within the “Configuration” screens, but before you make any changes, make sure you click the “Read From ____” button, then press the “Save” button, which will back up the standard settings, allowing you to revet back to these if you somehow manage to mess things up.

The current configurable settings I have a grasp of are as follows:

General Electric Module (GEM)

Configuration Page 1 allows you to configure timing – These functions will need to be enabled/disabled in other screens

  • Headlight Washing Time (0.01-2.55 sec)
  • Three Flash Indicator Activation Time (0.05-12.75 sec) – How long you hold the indicator down for until 3 flash is de-activated
  • Delay time to turn off “Get Home Safe Lights” (1-255 sec)
  • Delay time to turn off Courtesy (interior) lighting (1-255 sec)
  • Delay time for “Theatre”/Courtesy (interior) lighting fade from/to (0.01-2.55 sec) – Make the fade longer or shorter
  • Battery Saver function – how long to keep interior lights on for without ignition (1-255 sec)
  • Delay before auto re-locking is active again (1-255 sec) – Using the key to open the doors and no one enters, the car will re-lock its self after stated seconds
  • Auto lock car once vehicle is greater then X km/h (1-255)

Configuration Page 2

  • Indicator 3 Flash Mode (Enable/Disable)
  • Autolocking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked
    • Autolocking enabled by customer (if above enabled, and you would like the car to lock as soon as you drive, check this)
    • Autolocking with Re-Autolocking (if someone gets out the car, and you drive again, the doors will auto re-lock)
  • Double Locking / Dead Locking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked
    • Double Lock (Dead Lock) with One Remote Press – Will dead lock the car with one press of the remote lock key (instead of pressing the lock button twice to dead lock the car)
  • Drivers Door Unlocking with one press of the remote unlock button (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Heated Windows Auto Switch On (Will automatically come on when cold outside upon ignition)
  • Windows Global Opening (Enable/Disable) – Windows will open when holding down keyfob open button
  • Windows Global Closing (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will close when holding down keyfob lock button
  • Windows Global Stop (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will stop when keyfob button pressed

Configuration Page 3

  • Heated Front Windscreen (Enabled/Disabled) – Not sure why you would disable this
  • Headlight washer jet (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Auto Wipers (Enabled/Disabled) – Only if you have a rain sensor fitted
  • Rear Wiper Present (Checked/Unchecked)
    • Reverse Rear Wiper Feature (Enabled/Disabled)
    • Reverse Rear Wiper Initial Wipe (Enabled/Disabled) – If auto wipers enabled, and car is put into reverse, rear window wiper will wipe (if rain is detected)
  • Global Opening/Closing Only After Keyfob button released (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Auto-Relocking to last lock state (Enabled/Disabled) – If key is accidental pressed and no one enters the vehicle, the auto-relocking function will lock car back to how you locked it previously

Restraint Control Module (RCM)

  • Seatbelt warning light (on/off)
  • Seatbelt warning sound (on/off)
  • Passenger air bag deactivation switch fitted (enabled/disabled)
  • Passenger airbag deactivation indicator light fitted (enabled/disabled)

Hybrid Electric Cluster (HEC)

  • Shift light (6500 rpm)
  • Overspeed warning sound (km/h)
  • Reverse warning sound (on/off) – Why?!

The following additional options on top of standard options can be added to the centre screen. They can also be removed again, as can standard options already present if you wish, such as Clock:

  • ESP checkbox & status
  • Voice control
  • Fuel cap sensor (if fitted??)
  • Radio info
  • Phone info
  • Measure Unit menu
  • Eco shift up
  • Eco Mode

I will try and keep this updated as much as possible, and when I find new releases, I will host them on here also. So that is a basic overview of ELMConfig, it looks like an extensive application, and I will be playing around with this some more. More information can be found in the following thread on Focus Owners Club.

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195 Responses to ELMConfig – Enable/Disable Ford ECU Functions

  1. Jez Stix says:

    Hello James, first of all, forgive me if this has already been covered, will this unit work on a Ford Transit MK7 2.2 TDCI?. One other question, who do you recommend as a seller. Cheers Jez

  2. Orhan says:

    Selam arkadaş.(I am also from Turkey)
    Did you install an original camera with module togather? or a non original aftermarket camera without a module (assuming)
    Unfortunately you can not enable a function needs hardware (or wiring harness). Otherwise you get errors Because when you enable “rearview camera” function in the CCC GEM module (BCMii) wants to see and communicate with rear camera module via CAN network. Whereas your car does not have a camera module.
    İn case of fitting an aftermarket camera causes problems.

    I have a C-Max Grand Titanium and for that reason did not try the way you chosen.
    I changed my C-max”s self dimming rearview mirror with a Transit Custom”s rearview mirror with LCD screen then installed a camera obtained from Ebay to the back and hardwired them.
    No need fitting a module or reprogramming CCC
    It works with no problem.

  3. Dan says:

    Have special build 2011 transit, pcm has normal options missing in ids, can this interface edit these

  4. J. Koski says:

    Hello! :) Does anyone know a method for Mondeo 2011: You know the so-called daylights (LEDs) on the front of the car. When the censor reports there being enough daylight, the car’s Computer shuts down the driving lights and leaves only the heads daylight LEDs funtioning. But the rear lights are shut down totally. Is there any method to get those working too while only the head LEDs are working?

    Br JK

  5. Hakim says:

    hi james a question is what the dashboard counter for ford focus 2 can be replaced by ford focus 2.5

  6. vedo says:


    will be this work on mondeo mk3 tdci 2003

  7. Atila says:

    Hello James. I am in Turkey and I have Focus 2012 trend (basic model). Last week, we tried to reprogram park assist camera. There is not factory rear view camera installed on my car. However, we made the configuration while THE IGNITION OFF position and there is no electric in my car after we did it. At last, we took the car to the dealer and the dealer said the GEM Module has gone. What we did wrong, the ignition should be ON position and please help me about reprogramming the camera. Thanks..

  8. Joe Smith says:

    Hi, Is there any way for this computer hack tool to allow us to get the option to disable the “Courtesy Wipe” (where the spray goes, it perfectly cleans your screen, then waits just long enough to wipe again 1 more time, smearing crap all over your windscreen) Some models can shut this off, it would be nice to have that option… or just disable the smear function permanently… I would take either at this point.

  9. simon says:

    Hi James,
    I was just wondering if you have manufactured some yet? I have a mk2 focus RS and would much prefer to buy one already done

  10. Tony Fisher says:

    Hi great site and information thanks for your time.
    Bought the modified elm ,all software loaded but will not connect!
    Showing “interface not connected” spent hours on this now.
    obd to a 2008 tdci smax??

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  12. ionut says:

    Hi James,

    I tried a modified ELM327 on my mondeo mk3 , 2001 , gasoline , 1999cm , 145 hp …. bu it seems that it does not work. I can not get any readings . Any advices ?

    Elm is installed correctly . ForScan is working fine

  13. Pedro Gomes says:

    Hi, is it possible to activate turning fog lights on a Ford Focus mk2.5 ?
    If someone knows how to do that please tell me.

  14. Laci says:

    Hi James,

    First of all, thank you for your effort to share this information, and try to answer to our questions.

    I have a Ford Galaxy II 2011 model.
    I tried the latest 0.2.15 version :
    But if i set the connection to Mondeo/S-Max/Galaxy and choose English and offline, every module page has only unreadable text. If I choose central configuration, that is fine.
    If I choose focus/c-max/kuga, that is ok.

    I tried the 0.2.10 version :
    But if i set the connection to Mondeo/S-Max/Galaxy and choose English and offline, most of the module page has only unreadable text. Only the IPC and BCM is readable (English).
    If I choose focus/c-max/kuga, that is ok.

    Can you check it?

    Thank you


  15. Mark says:

    Hi there i have one of the eml config leads with switch on it .. it will read the car’s info but when i switch it to do the programming of the options it keeps coming up with elmconfig incorrect response eml request 10 87

    i have checked the wires and the switch a few times now and there all correct

    panasonic cf-29 tough book
    Running Windows 7
    USB eml 327 500k Adaptor

    Thanks again

  16. Torbjörn Nordqvist says:


    I have a problem when using the modified ELM327 I bought from Steve Elmer on Ebay..

    When running Elmconfig on my Mondeo and reading BCM the “Engine Malfunction” appears and the car is unable to run.
    Fortunately, It went away after writing back BCM to the car.

    But it is a bit scary.. so I am afraid to use it again.
    Do you think it is something wrong or is this normal?

    Your answer would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Torbjörn Nordqvist

  17. Matt Coleman says:

    Hi James

    would there be a reason why when I have connected to the car its not coming up with the Genaral electric module :O(


  18. Adrian says:

    Hello Mr Simpson.
    Sorry to bother you , I have a technical question.
    I am trying to connect to the IPC module in order to activate some options for my Mondeo MK4 2008 , I have modified the Elm327 as per your tutorial.
    I can connect to the BCM module using Elmconfig 2.10 i can read and then write the config file ok for the BCM, but I cant connect to the IPC module in order to activate thecoptions there too. I can retrive DTC’s from it but nothing else .
    I get an error something with invalid data AA Z.
    What could be the issue ? I have tripple checked the connections and the switch.
    Thank you.

    • smigga says:

      Hi Adrian! Ich had the same Problem too on a notebook with windows 8.1 running. After I tried a Notebook with win 7 It Worked to read the IPC.

  19. JohnBesinl says:

    Hi James,

    First, thank you for your effort!
    I cant get the “home safe lights” to work. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  20. Alessandro says:

    Good Morning,
    I’ve updated the PCM of my car a 2009 C-MAX 2.0L 145PS GPL with original firmware 7M51-12A650-XE, replaced with the calibration file 7M51XE taken from .

    I used the latest version of Elmconfig 0.2.13b and modified interface.

    The writing has come to an end successfully.

    Now I will present various errors including:

    In BCM
    B2477 configuration error RCM
    B2141 NVM configuration failed
    U1900 error communication bus cam

    In GEM:
    Heatedwindshield circuit short to battery B2094

    in HCM

    The machine, however, turns on but with the appearance of these errors gives me an error light on the ‘ESP failing to reactivate it.

    Can anyone give me a hand advising me what I can do to fix these problems?

    Thanks to all

  21. Steve says:

    Just a heads up:-

    When I downloaded the latest version of from the developers site my Symantec Virus protection says the .exe contains a virus.

    The version from you local download
    is OK

    Do you have way to contact the developer and inform them ?

  22. Nick Burman says:

    Hi James

    How many of these features are available (if any!) on the 2005-2008 Fiesta – specifically the Fiesta ST Facelift (has the message centre in the instrument cluster).

    I’d love the total closure to be enabled but obviously don’t want to overwrite any values if they’re not going to work!


  23. Dan says:


    I have a s-max, and trying to enable autolocking, but car come up with engine malfunction?

    do I have to write CCD to BCM and IPC as well or is it enough to change it at the BCM?


  24. Bob says:

    Thank you for the information, will this work on older Fords like a 2007 F150?

  25. Alan says:

    Hi there James can you please tell me can the modified ELM327 be used on 2003 tdci 130bhp Mondeo

  26. phil says:

    Hi James, would your solution allow me to remove the speed limiter on a 2002 transit minibus 2.4 diesel ?

  27. danilom says:

    Hi James:
    Im from Uruguay, and i ask you if this work^s in Ford Ecosport SE year 2013
    Sorry my english

  28. bobby dhunay says:

    hello james, I am trying to reprogram a second hand gem module in to a focus 2007 and when i turn on the elm config i connect to the elm327 as it say open port but when i try to read the existing gem to transfer info it says can error. any suggestions?

  29. David says:

    hi James,
    have you tested this on ecu remapped ford focus? i have a dpf off&remapped 2007 focus 1.6 tdci and i’m bit scared to try it.

  30. Alessandro says:

    Good Morning,
    I’ve updated the PCM of my car a 2009 C-MAX 2.0L 145PS GPL with original firmware 7M51-12A650-XE, replaced with the calibration file 7M51XE taken from .

    I used the latest version of Elmconfig 0.2.13b and modified interface.

    The writing has come to an end successfully.

    Now I will present various errors including:

    In BCM
    B2477 configuration error RCM
    B2141 NVM configuration failed
    U1900 error communication bus cam

    In GEM:
    Heatedwindshield circuit short to battery B2094

    in HCM

    The machine, however, turns on but with the appearance of these errors gives me an error light on the ‘ESP failing to reactivate it.

    Can anyone give me a hand advising me what I can do to fix these problems?

    Thanks to all

  31. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks a lot for the info
    Do you know if I can program / reprogram a F-150 1998 gem module using this software??
    or do you know how?

    I really apreciate your help here in my city nobody knows an ford dealer have no idea…..


  32. AJ says:

    Is there a way to make custom screens for the ELM?
    Is it possible to turn things on/off (ie lights, wipers) so you can try and see if there is a switch problem, or other without pulling any parts?

  33. oliver says:

    I have a bluetooth ELM327, which looks like yours but only without cable. Is it possible to modify it to an USB version? I’m familar with electronics, so if i just had a pinout… The bluetooth-module is soldered on the place where the withe USB connector is on yours.

    • Hi Oliver, It is not recommended to use the bluetooth versions, as it may drop connection at a bad time, which will corrupt what ever you were doing at the time. It has been done though if you want to take that risk.

    • Hi Oliver, I wouldn’t recommend using the Bluetooth ELM, as they could drop connection in a curtail part of an update/modification, which would corrupt the system you were working on. There is also a speed limit on the bluetooth devices, which is why the USB devices are recommended. It has been done though, the same modification procedures work for the bluetooth version, but again, I wouldn’t recommend it.

      • Damian says:

        Hello James,
        sorry, but I think you didn’t understand the Oliver’s comment regarding Bluetooth vs USB connection. He seems to know that the USB connection is better than Bluetooth, but he asked if there are any possibility to modify he’s Bluetooth interface to an USB interface.

  34. Dan says:


    Will i work on a Ford S-max (2011) and do you still have some of the modified ELM327 for sale?

  35. Balázs says:


    What is the purpose of the switch?
    When and why do I have to toggle it?

    I didn’t get it from the article or I just missed something…
    Focus 2008 MK2.5


  36. M N S says:


    is it possible to change the colors in the themes?

    Thanks for the guide.

  37. Richard Hage says:

    HI James,

    The fader isn’t showing on my Ford Transit Custom stereo and I understand I need an IDS code to activate this? Is this correct and something that could be activated using this method?

    Many thanks,


  38. martin says:

    Hi James
    Currently trying to back on the road a 2010 focus took a hit on the PCM, ive tried reprogramming the replacement with IDS but that didn’t work im now looking at other ways to install the As Built data into the PCM are you able to do this with the ELMconfig software and modified ELM327 is so any idea were there is a idiot guide.

  39. Tony says:

    Hi James, do you have a cable that you can sell to me please? I have a 55 plate C-Max. Thanks in advance.

  40. tony says:


    does this work with mondeo mk3?


  41. eric says:

    hi my elm 327 works great the only problem i find is it will not acess park aid module i have fitted front park sensors but cant sett them up message comes up flow power
    elm do you ave any idea”s thanks

  42. DR G says:

    Excellent stuff.

    Can you please confirm that this will work on Ford Transit VM ( known as MK7 in UK) 2007.


    DrG/ Adelaide…

  43. Paul says:

    Hi, can i buy from you an modified elm 327 for ford, how much is it ?

  44. Adrian says:

    Hi James,
    Thank you for your hard work and interest in helping us poor Ford owners with your nice website,

    I understood that only USB ELM can be modified ,bluetooth is too slow ,…..but what about WI FI 2.4 GHZ?

    I was thinking on a mod for my mk 4 mondeo.
    I have a Pioneer head unit which can display Apps from my Iphone,
    I have installed DashCommand on the Iphone which can display almost anything you want from what the ELM read from the ECU in a cool interface like an old Ford Probe.
    I want to use the wi fi ELM to connect to my Iphone to do the above but I want to use the interface to do the programing also,
    I want to connect it permanently to the OBD2 connector so I don’t have to switch between ELM’s every time.

    Thanks ,and sorry for the long post .

  45. Scott says:

    Hi there, is there anyway to change the rpm at which the shift light comes on? 6500rpm is redline so would make more sense if it came on at say 2500-3000 rpm


  46. Danilo says:


    Congratulations for the excellent work

    I’m from Brazil and I have a ford focus mk2, I’m watching your page because I want to make some changes to it, I’m waiting for my interface elm arrive so I can start playing.



  47. Carl says:


    Does this work on the mk2 kuga?


  48. david says:

    Would this work to read and flash the ecu maps on a fiesta mk4 (2000) 1.3 ? Thanks in advance

    • Sorry but this only works on the Focus MK2

      • Craig Mountain says:

        Hi James

        I’ve brough a ELM 327 interface lead, the PCB layout is different to yours, is there a chance that it might not work? I’ve used the same pins out to caught the can Bus H and L, through the switch, but could there be a chance it don’t work?

        I have a ford focus Mk 2 2005>08 shape. are the pin outs the same on the OBII connector?

        The optional pins 11, 3 what do they atually do ?

        Cheers mate


  49. Hi James

    If I remove the old GEM module and fitt a new one will the ECU pick up the new GEM module?

    From there can I Load the old GEM module setting into the new one from the orginal saved file?

  50. James says:


    When will this work on the focus mk3 11 onwards


  51. Jorge Funke says:


    You think are possible to unlock the vídeo A/V, In without car in park mode?

    Many thanks

  52. Peter says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for the clear walk trough.
    I have bought 2 ELM 327 OBDII Interfaces and would like to leave 1 Original and the other one rewired so i don’t have to use a switch
    I can not seem to figure out witch wires to rearrange.
    Any tips?
    Thanks in advance

  53. Danio says:

    James, gostaria de saber se você já sabe algum software que comunique com o fiesta mk7

  54. Cricu says:

    Hi, can i turn on the trip counter on a 04 mondeo ?

  55. Clive Williams says:

    I have an elm327 but I cannot get it to connect to my PC. All I get is that there is no driver installed. Do you have any ideas.
    Thanks in advance.

  56. Lewis says:

    Hi James,

    Just looking at your guide, very excited to do this!

    The wires you say you need, any ideas where to purchase small lengths of different colours?
    I do have some wires, how much difference would different amperage cable make?

    Thanks mate!

    • Hi Lewis,

      I usually just get switches that are pre-wired (saves me some time) – very little amps go though these cables, so anything (within reason) will work just fine.

      • Lewis says:

        Damm, already bought the switches!

        Will just use tape instead to colour the wires.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply

  57. Nick says:

    Hi I was wondering if you still have any modified elms left as I would like to buy one for my fiesta mk7

    Thanks nick

  58. Chris says:

    Hey James, excellent info on here. Do u happen to know if the global close window option is applicable to all mk2’s or is there any prerequisite hardware?

  59. Chris says:

    Hey James, excellent info on here. Do u happen to know if the global close window option is applicable to all mk2’s or is there any prerequisite hardware? Cheers

  60. Gary says:

    Hi James will this work on a 2007 1.6 focus hatchback it has the old shape bumper not new shape I have leads already but was unable to read or write to ECU at time will this work if I convert the lead thanks for your help if any

  61. Hakim says:

    is what can enable us flashing mode

  62. Hakim says:

    Hi james is what can enable US flashing mode

  63. Wookie says:

    Hi James

    Just wondering if you still have any of the modified one for sale and if so how much ?



    • Hi Wookie,

      I received your email, amongst many more. I currently don’t have any left, but am waiting to receive another batch. I will let you know when I get some more in.



  64. Alex Dedalus says:

    I have a Ford Fusion 2008/2008. My ELM interface, is wireless ( using bluetooth ), and a smartphone samsung with android 2.3 with bluetooth to comunicate to the car.

    Is possible to do this within modification to the elm interface?

    Researching about this in the internet, a people make this control within modification to the elm interface and using a android aplication in smartphone, is possible all theses features included start the engine of the car. But only in GM cars, for the time being!

    Is possible send more informations about this? I need some document for OBD Programing of my car, as the document relating to your car Ford Focus.

    Thanks for any help!

  65. Magnus says:

    Hi James Simpson,

    wors the tool with an Ford Ranger 2013?


  66. Ryan says:

    Hey James,

    Any word at all on the release of the software for the Mk3 2013 Ford Focus?

  67. Vlad says:


    Is there anything special that needs to be done for reading the MS-CAN column modules (GEM,RCM,EATC,…), other than putting the switch on the appropriate position? HS-CAN works just fine for all modules. But for e.g. GEM I only get N/A and “no data”.
    I checked the connections again and again, they are ok.

    Help! :-)

  68. Andrew says:


    If this software will support Mondeo Mk3 some day, or it isn’t predicted to work with ‘this’ Ford?

    Best regards.

  69. Vlad says:

    So, again,

    Are the “ELM Connector” connected pins from the diagram correct, or only for illustration purposes?

    The diagram shows (through the newly added switch) the following connections:
    OBD Port 6 – ELM Connector 6
    OBD Port 14 – ELM Connector 3
    when you initially had (also seen in the pictures):
    OBD Port 6 – ELM Connector 5
    OBD Port 14 – ELM Connector 6


    p.s.: sorry, previous messages not displayed correctly, probably because of the special characters. They can be removed.

  70. Martin says:

    Hi, I have a 2002 facelift ford focus mk1 1.6 Elle. I want to be able to close the windows by my key fob. Do you know if this is possible and which eBay item would I need to buy?

    Thanks for your help.

  71. Guilherme says:

    Will it work on a 2010 Ford Fiesta MK7?

    Here in Portugal not even one dealer makes any change =/

  72. JP says:

    Hi James,

    Do you know if the elmconfig works on the mondeo mk4.5. I keep getting stuck on requesting security access and get an error when trying to write the BCD

  73. Antonio says:

    Hello and congratulations for job well done.
    I have a 2010 smax, and i can’t change any settings. can you help me.
    I would like to activate auto door lock.


  74. Antonio says:

    I have a2010 smax, following your instructions i was able to connect to the car, but i can’t change any settings. i can only load the central configuration. I don’t know where to make the changes.


  75. Hi James, do you have any news about ELM support for Fiesta MK7 and/or MK7.5 (a.k.a. MK8)? Thank you!

  76. hans says:

    This is so interesting as a ~Fiesta mk6 2008 owner I am hoping you will make it available for us. When you do I will order the modded elm 327 from you.

    Great work

  77. colin says:


    Will this work on 2005 Ford Focus 2.0L Diesel ?


  78. alex says:

    Thanks for all this information.
    I have a problem, in a mondeo mk4 I have errors reading ccd from bcm, in block 3, in block 5, up to block 7, what am I doing wrong? With last Elmconfig version

    • Alex says:

      If someone has the same problem, try without the case of the ELM. I don’t know exactly which one, but there was a wrong contact and when I tried with all the wires swinging freely everything worked!!
      I’ve only activated autolocking, what else could I try in a Mondeo? Thanks a lot!!

  79. Jack says:

    Anyone tried to use this on a mk1.5 focus just to see?
    Also how much for a modded unit?

  80. Paul Bartlett says:

    Is there a reason why the first modules have data labels in English but all subsequent ones do not?


  81. sean finch says:

    why can i not see english in mondeo mk4 selection only gibberish

  82. Damian says:

    can this ELMConfig software be used with OBDLink MX interface?
    The OBDLink MX have the MS-CAN integrated. But I don’t know if it has HS-CAN.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Damian,

      Unfortunately I don’t think this modification will work with the OBDLink MX. I have never tried it, so I will be unable to comment any further without testing it myself.

      If you have the OBDLink MX, you could always try connecting ELMConfig to the device and see if it switches between high and low CAN.

  83. Jarda says:


    Is it possible to use that cable to “listen” to the MS CANBUS? Given its other end is USB I suppose it works as a regular COM-port…? How do you choose which of both the buses connected to the DLC you listen to?


  84. Stephen says:

    On my Focus 1.6 Zetec 2010 I’ve enabled the ECO Mode and ECO shift change and although the green up shift indicator lights up on the instrument panel during the checks switching on the ignition it doesn’t seem to light up for a shift up in gear is required.
    At what revs does this usually light up to indicate changing up a gear?

  85. Stephen says:

    I put on the ECO mode and the Eco shift up.
    The shift up light now comes on at the ignition check although I’ve never seen it light up during driving. Do I assume that it doesn’t light up until a certain number of revs are reached and if so what is the rev limit for it to light up?

  86. Oktay says:

    hello, i have a 06 S-Max 2.0 TDCI titanium and modified Elm327. I connect pc but i see all time elm327 program NO DATA and dont change any options…

    S-Max 2006 TDCI don’t support this functions ?


  87. Peeter says:

    Hi! Can I enable heated wind screen option with this device? I have
    2008 Focus1,6. Guys at official Ford service sayd that it`s only possible
    when you find similar Focus with heated wind screen and upload
    configuration copy.

  88. Peeter says:

    Hi! I have 2008 Focus 1,6 (MK2) . Is it possible to enable heated front screen option with this device?
    Guys from Ford service says that it`s not possible unless you find similar Ford with heated front screen and copy configuration.

    • Hi Reeter,

      Yes you can enable the heated front windscreen with ELMConfig.



      • Satts says:

        I have a c-max 1.6 tdci 2011 model and I put key in ignition and there’s no dash lights and won’t start and ideas

      • Peeter says:

        Now i have modified ELM. Unfortunately its not working proper way. Sometimes it reads some information like VIN code and main information, but not always.I cant get open GEM configuration at all. System gives fault codes like “Incorrect response from ELM to request”10 84″ (7F 10 22) 22-conditions not correct or Request sequence error”. All modifications and settings are double-checked. Any ideas, faulty ELM unit?

  89. Gaetan says:

    Hi James.

    I sent you a message via the contact form but didn’t get any replies. Having bought a 2010 Ford S-max 1.8 Tdci from NI and imported into ROI, I would like to change the odometer (mls) to see the total mileage in kms as we’re in metric unit here. Someone in a ford forum mentionned that it’s possible to change via ELMconfig a setting from UK to EU, so I’d like to know

    1) from your experience if that’s possible
    2) I would like to get an ELM 327 OBDII Interface from you as stated on your page. Do you have any left ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Gaetan,

      Sorry about not replying to your message, I did read it but was tied up at work these past few weeks.

      As for your vehicle, and ELMConfig software, there isnt much that can be changed on the ECU at this moment in time. ELMConfig for the S-Max is really limited to reading what is already on the vehicle, and you are not able to change any settings as you can with the Focus/C-Max at this moment in time.



  90. martin says:

    is this the same modification to elm327 that changes it to read hi-canbus with forscan?

  91. karl says:

    hi james
    have done all mods to elm and software working with mk2 focus st ok but will not talk to anything under ms-can gem module rcm etc could you shed some light on this
    regards karl

    • Hi Carl,

      Have you double checked your connections? I take it you do switch the switch over when trying to read the ms-can side of things?



      • karl says:

        yes checked all wiring over found to be ok as far as i can see works ok with dash pcm etc so very confused checked with my launch and can talk to gem etc ok

  92. Eetu says:

    Tried this on Mondeo MK3 2004 2.0TDCi and I was able to connect EATC- and Audio Control Module.
    Funny there was a different setting between Leather / Fabric / Fabric&Leather interiors on ACM :D

    Hopefully this Russian mastermind will make elmconfig fully compatible with MK3 Mondeo near future..

  93. Rai says:

    Hi James,

    I have a focus mk3 2013. Do you know if it works in my car?

    Great job and thanks!!


  94. Rai says:

    Hi James,

    Do you now if it works in a Focus mk3??

    Great job and thanks

  95. Edu says:

    Hi James,

    ¿Is this compatible with a Focus Mk3 2012/2013?


  96. Hans Krook says:


    First thanks for an interesting article.
    I have a Focus ST 2010 for the nordic climate eg heated seats windows (rear and front) and I run into a strange trouble. None of the heated named parts work at the moment (I have checked fuses and they are ok). I noticed the issue when it started to get cold :o I had a new engine sotware installed in the summer (SCT) and I was wondering if the issue is related to the new software and if it possible could be solved with a modified ELM? Any hints or advice are much appreciated.

    Wbr, Hans from windy and rainy Finland

    • Hi Hans,

      The software shouldnt have caused any of this to stop working, unless the garage that upgraded it some how managed to put another model software update on, which would have disabled these on the ECU.

      ELMConfig should be able to confirm this for you.



  97. Neil says:

    The DDS can work on Mondeo MK4 (IV)??

    Many Thanks

  98. Filip says:

    Is it going to work on Focus 1.6TDCI 90hp 2007?
    Can you sell one of the modified ELMs?

  99. Robert says:

    Hi James I have a Ford focus 1.6 automatic uk spec I’m interested in having window closure from key fob but mainly I want to put new steering wheel on with cruise control and can your item and software enable this in the ecu .how much do you charge for your lead already made up ? Regards Bob

  100. Hakim says:

    Hi james
    is that the overall closed window may place holder for all model Focus 2/2.5
    thank you

  101. Peter Cherry says:

    Will this work with a 2011 smax titanium x sport. Also, will it fix the issue where my windscreen wipers stop wherever they are when I turn off the ignition instead of going back to the bottom of the windscreen.
    Many thanks in advance

    • Hi Peter,

      This will work on your car, but will not resolve that issue – This is an issue on all Fords from what I know, as the window wipers stay where they are when the ignition is turned off

      • Rich says:

        On my 2008 Mondeo Mk4 the front wipers move back to the rest position even if I turn the ignition off half way through a wipe. The rear one however stays in the middle of the glass!

  102. Pingback: Activate Auto-Lock when Driving Off ? - Page 2 - CMAX Owners Club Forum's

  103. Tamas says:

    Hello James,

    How does it fitt for Ford Mondeo MK3 2004′ 2,0 TDCI? Which car have to choose in the connection windows? Focus II/ Kuga / …

  104. james arundel says:

    Hi James,
    Will this system work on a 2010 1.4 tdci fiesta ,if it does will it enable the trip computer ,and how do i go about buying one already modified

    kind regards

  105. Sharan says:

    Hi drar ,i have honda cr-v When I hit buttons on remote my hazard lights flash 1 or 2 times, but car will not start. Any ideas whats wrong with it …pls let me knew thanks

  106. Gus says:

    Hello James,

    This procedure works in a 2005 Focus ST170 Mk1 (GEM’s fitted)? ‘Cause I do this modification in my ELM 327, but it does’t work in the MS-CAN mode.. Are you know if I have this wires on my diagnostic port?


  107. martin says:

    Have you told any of these guys like the 1st guys problem. If they hook their elm327 up wrong or solder it wrong,they are in DEEP trouble. They shouldnt be messing with their ECU’s full stop.
    I knackered mines a while back with cheap software online(you know the type: obdkey,etc)
    It corrupted my ECU,& now my emissions system still plays up,due to MAF etc not self-testing on start-up. You guys really need to think long n hard before modifying anything on your cars ECU

  108. Wayne says:

    Hi mate don’t know if you can help me I purchased a lead off eBay already modified used it no problem with elmconfig turned on various things then I clicked on hec procedures and page 2 to update my clocks to newer firmware to allow Eco mode and it stopped half way through now I have no ignition hazard lights flashing on dash only and can not get it to work my car starts but no lights and will not rev I am totally lost as to what to do I have knackered my car well and truly if you have ever come across this or can help me in any way please get back to me

    • Hi Wayne,

      This is due to there being no software on the actual clocks, have you tried to run the update again? The software update parts are the most dangerous parts of this software, as like you have found out, its easily broken.

      Chances are, the ELM wasn’t set fast enough to send the software down to the clocks – have you tried increasing the baud rate of the USB device?



    • martin says:

      this is another reason not to fuck about with things you know nothing of. really mate. why would you fuck about with the ecu of your car? pfff

  109. Wayne Taylor says:

    Hi do you have any of the modded elm units for sale still? to work on
    Focus mk2 I would like to turn on auto door lock and blue tooth
    Audio streaming how much do you charge shipped to uk

  110. Stephen Camilleri says:

    Hi James

    Could you sell me one of the modified ELM connectors?


  111. Arjen de Vries says:

    Hello, Ive got a 2002 modeo TDCI 130BHp and i am trying to retrofit original cruise control. Steering wheel is done, extra brake switch is done, left is the ECU.
    In which part of the menu should i look?
    Here in Holland the Ford dealer says it
    s not possible to do it like this…

    Thanks I hope somebody has the answer!

  112. Graham W says:

    I have done the mod on elm327 unit , can’t get it to download info from car , tried other software and that will list modules that are on the car .
    Any ideas
    G W

    • Hi Graham,

      Do you get any error messages? Have you also configured the ELM using the ELMConfig configure button on the first screen on ELMConfig?

      Have you tried to download the information on both high and low can busses? It should work in one or the other if its not wired correctly.



      • Graham W says:

        Hi J , thanks for reply , no errors , I’m using ver 0.2.10 config SW . I did setup ELM adaptor on 1st screen , used same settings , Kuga ,34000 .I think its connecting when I try and read a module it comes back with N/A in each box of the module .
        Tried it with switch in both postions .
        PS I’m trying it on a 2013 Kuga .

        G W

    • Graham W says:

      Hi again , tried ver 0.2.6 SW but still the same problem , maybe this software only works on the Kuga 1 model , not the latest one . I did try using the other connection types “scan mode ,OBD2, and they seem to work .

      Thanks G W

  113. Jacek says:

    Hi is it gonna work on ELM 327, but not v1.5? I’ve got one without it, and on the inside the only different that I can see is that it doesn’t have connector from cable end, but it’s soldered to underneath of board

  114. jay Taylor says:

    Hi James,

    Just wondering if you still have any of the modified one for sale and if so how much ?

    Regards Jay

  115. Matt says:

    I have tried to mod my elm reader for my St focus mk2 but cannot get the mcan to work, i suspect the switch, which wires would I need to tape together to allow access to the mcan options.

  116. Alex says:

    Is there a possibility of modifying a bluetooth ELM?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi There,

      Unfortunately they cannot be modified, the read/write speed on the bluetooth versions do not allow for fast data transfer.

      • Primoz says:

        Hi, can you explain what this means please? What does the r/w speed have to do with this?


      • Fred says:

        That´s wrong! My BT-ELM uses a HC05 module. This module is able to do BT 2.1 + EDR = 2MB/s (Megabit). Maximum data rate of HS-CAN is 1MB/s (again Megabit).
        But this also doesn´t matter much since the ELM-chip has a lower bitrate on his UART at least as specified by the manufacturer. Even over USB the ELM can only transfer up to 500kbit/s.
        The CAN driver used internal in my BT-ELM is able to do HS-CAN. Also internal wiring allows it to add a switch easily. Already added a switch to mine. But still waiting for someone with a car that uses HS-CAN. My car unfortunately does not.

  117. chris heald says:

    Alistair – Best read in long enough ! we are at opposite ends of the focus ferocity spectrum, age range, and in different countries (now) BUT not only did you fire me on the 327 access but powder paint coatings too (I had to require sub-contractors to use as solvents became more ‘elf and safety’ repulsive in my working years ). Currently – my Ford TDCi diesel with every wizz-bang in the book – took to stopping, then total stop. turns out due poor QA in germany left metal bits in fuel system which B’d the pump and filter. – replaced – many trips to makers rep locally did not inspire great confidence but there are enthusiasts everywhere and we are hopefully going to survive the experience. The Siemens unit controls the whole show from door locks to injection volumes and balance so I have to get kit and find out what is available out there – then scratch cranium where hair used to be ! will post any findings ! ‘go’ is first, clever is later as using borrowed car at moment. thanks as wish keep ‘enthusiasts’ and my capabilities about similar …best wishes chris heald

  118. tuoniao says:

    Shift light (6500 rpm)

    could this parameter changed? such as 2500rpm the light is indicator

  119. Hi,
    Very interested in your ELM mods. I have always wondered why cheap products based on the ELM 327 etc have limited DTC decodes. Don;’t get me wrong I think the ODB check app on my smart phone + 327 is fabulous for the price. I plan to use my Bluetooth ODB and a good smart phone app to do some lap times around Knockhill, any recommendations?. Are the decodes in the app or are they partially in the elm firmware?

    I have on loan an old Ford fault finding laptop with the Ford software and a 327 as it’s ODB interface and it gives oodles more information than any other application I have seen so far. That implies the decodes are in the application. Are their better and cheap applications I am missing?

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