“Women’s” Workouts Men Can Benefit From

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If you think of different workout styles, you can put most into those seen as feminine or masculine. Some sports and disciplines are enjoyed by both genders fairly equally, such as running or cycling. But when it comes to fitness classes, there’s often a split down the middle. However, men shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss some of the workouts that are seen as being for women. You might feel a little out of place in some of these classes, but you can benefit from them in a number of ways. If you’re too shy to be one of only a few men in the class (or perhaps the only one), you can always try them at home.



Trampolining for Cardio

Trampolining has become a popular discipline to get fit. It’s fun and not just a gruelling slog until you can finally stop working out. One of the things it’s excellent for is cardio exercise. It can get your blood pumping and your lungs working. In fact, just ten minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to half an hour on a treadmill. You might see it as something children do. But if you watch the professionals do it you can see there’s more to it than bouncing. It will also help to strengthen your muscles. You can find a class near you, or you could buy a trampoline for home.


Yoga On The Beach

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Yoga doesn’t appeal to a lot of men. It’s not high-energy and to many it looks like there’s not much to it. But it isn’t until you try it out that you realise it’s actually a lot of work. Doing yoga can improve your strength and flexibility, and it can help you to let go of stress too. Just get yourself a yoga mat and some yoga clothes for men and you’re ready to go. If you don’t fancy any of the spiritual stuff, you can find plenty of yoga classes that don’t really touch on it. You can also try some yoga at home if you want something you can do without leaving the house. However, it can help to have someone who can correct you and help you get the poses right.



Ballet-inspired Barre for Core Strength

You only need to look at professional ballet dancers to see how strong and fit they are. A fairly new workout based on ballet moves has become popular with women, and men should get involved too. Barre uses ballet-inspired moves to help strengthen your core and make you more flexible. Weightlifters, in particular, can benefit from this workout, and standing up as you work on your core can help athletes.


Zumba for an All-rounder

If you don’t like the sound of barre, you’re likely to shy away from Zumba. But it’s a popular workout with women for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it’s fun to do an aerobic workout through dance, rather than running or something similar. It’s not going to help you bulk up, but it’s great for cardio and some moves are good for your core strength too.

Don’t dismiss workouts that could work for you just because you think they’re for women. If you’re too shy to join in with a class, you can always do it at home or even hire a personal trainer.

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