FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit – ELM327 – Focus MK3

FoCCCus Central ECU Config - MK3 Ford Focus ST Estate

FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit has been developed to provide the same features of the ELMConfig program, but for the Ford Focus MK3 (2011 – 2016) owners.

FoCCCus Central ECU Config is a fairly new program to the internet, and is still currently being developed, but it is still in a good condition to use, to enable auto door locking, turn off passenger seatbelt warning chime, disable your day time running lights, and is also useful if you retro fit anything like a tow bar, where you can enable the tow bar functions yourself without visiting Ford.

The opportunities are endless with the new FoCCCus Central ECU Config program, and best news is, its free. All you need to do is get your hands on a ELM372, and modify it, or send me an email and I may have some modified ELM’s already made.

[alert type=”green”]You can now get pre-modified versions of the ELM327 directly from Amazon – These are approved by myself as working with ELMConfig and FoCCCus[/alert]

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 Modifying ELM327 USB

Like the previous guide I posted on the ELMConfig post, you will need to modify an ELM327 USB OBDII reader. To complete this task, you will need the following:

First you will need to remove the sticker on the front of the device to reveal the 4 screw holes underneath.


Using your Philips Head screwdriver, remove all 4 screws holding the plastic casing together


Now break the two halves of the ELM casing into two to reveal the board and cables which make the internal parts of the ELM, and remove the USB lead, and you can also remove the OBD port to allow for some space for the next steps

remove-top-case remove-wires

Take your switch, and align the switch up on the inside of the plastic casing, as we will need to drill a hole into the plastic casing for the new hi/lo can switch to be seated (remember to use the opposite side where the capacitor is located). Use something to make a mark on the outside of the plastic. As you can see my switch is 9mm wide, taking into account the width of the plastic on the inside, I drilled a 5mm hole 8mm inwards. Once measured, take out the motherboard from the plastic casing, and put the two halves back together and tighten the screws. We will now proceed to drill a hole 8mm inwards and exactly centre between the two splits where the two halves meet.

switch-installed mark-case Focccus Micro Switch ELM327-measure-hole-posisionelm327-modified-case

Now undo the two halves again, and place the motherboard back into the casing, and then test fit your switch into the hole we just created.


Now the wiring starts, we will be wiring the switch using the following diagram:


There will currently be wires going from the ELM connector into pins 14 and 6 on the OBD plug. If you trace these back to the ELM side of the plug, they should be as displayed in red and green in the diagram above. Double check yours is wired the same, if not, you can just trace the wires back. Cut wire 6 and 14 in half. Wire 14 from the ELM connector will be soldered directly to the middle  pin of the switch, and wire 6 will be soldered to the other centre pin.

two-cables-to-cut solder-modified-wires completerd-wiring-srink-wrap1 completerd-wiring-srink-wrap


FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit Program

Now you need to download the FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit program. This is

Also available from the FoCCCus developers website:


Once you open the FoCCCus Central ECU Config program, you are shown the window above. This is where you should plug your modified ELM into your PC. The program should then establish a COM port which you will select from the drop down menu named “serial port”. Once selected, press the open button the the FoCCCus Central ECU Config program to open a connection with your vehicle.


You will then be shown the page above. This will identify what options have been set on your vehicle, and what options are currently disabled. Some options may be disabled as they may not currently be fitted to your car.

On the bottom of the window, click the “Read from BCM” button, and you’ll notice all the settings on this page change to identify your current ECU settings. It is a good idea at this point to “save to file” your current settings, as we can then use this to write back to the car in case of an error.

Below is the fill list of options currently available to change on the Ford Focus MK3 with the FoCCCus Central ECU Config program.

FoCCCus-Central-ECU-Config-Config1FoCCCus-Central-ECU-Config FoCCCus-Central-ECU-Config-Config3 FoCCCus-Central-ECU-Config-BMC FoCCCus-Central-ECU-Config-Tools

  1. Hello

    I have a trouble while trying to read or save PCM in focccus software.

    I can connect to the car, but I soon as I try to read or save anything in PCM, softwares tells “Error while reading CCC data”, each time when process is achieved at 51%.

    I have tried with a modified ELM327, and an “official” ELM327 too, install required drivers, tried on a win7 and win10 PC, but problem still happens.

    Do you have any idea of what is going wrong?

    My car is Kuga 2 Tdci 150 (2013)

    Thank you for your advices!

    Best regards


  2. Is there a definitive guide somewhere?
    So far i gather as follows
    Connect elm327
    Read from bcm. Save copy to hdd using save file tab.
    Make a change to which ever item your changing.
    Then write to bcm as long as it gets to 100% and completes then close foccus load forscan check for dtcs and clear them

    But what happens if the write doesnt work correctly ?
    I guess we then load from file the config we saved and try write to bcm hopefully it returns to normal.

    But what if that doesnt work where do we go from there?

  3. Also if the vehicle is a push start button do you run foccus with out pushing the button, push the button without depressing clutch, or push button start the engine?

  4. Why when i run read bcm i get error during loading vbf?

    Focus mk3 2011 using latest version of focccus software

  5. So i managed to get my car work again THANKS to the backup I made before touching anything on the BCM. Even if the car seems dead, the eml327 can still comunicate with modules (via focccus, not forscan I don’t know why).

    I learnt my lesson, I won’t touch focccus software anymore to activate/deactivate options.

  6. Like Dave said on January 15, 2017 at 3:35 pm, I usedFocccus 0.8.6 to backup the bcm before trying to enable auto lock and the software had an error and the car is now dead. The car won’t turn ON, only the radio. Fuck this software.

  7. Hi all,

    I’m driving a Ford Kuga built 2016 with Sync2.
    After activating Navigation using Forscan I’m mising to activate the respective feature in BCM.

    Now entering Foccus v. 0.8.6, I’m not able to read from BCM;.
    Once I managed to get the process bar reaching ~90% but mostly it stops immediately saying: Error reading vbf file(s), resulting in a bunch of error messages in BCM.

    I also tried loading vbf files from here:

    I read the config files with forscan and downloaded all corresponding calibration files that were possible. I also moved these to Focus -> vbf folder.

    Still no Luck.

    Is it possible that foccus 0.8.6. is not able to read / write to a Kuga 2016 BCM?
    Any suggestions?


  8. Hi I’m i able to set the mileage on the cluster of a focus 2007 I am coding it tomorrowi have had to buy a second hand one as mine was corrupt and could not be repaired so £108 later and I’m ready to program but would be nice if I could correct the mileage from a guess of the last mot thanks


      1. Hi Graham

        I am trying to increase the mileage on the new instrument cluster I installed. When I go to the tools tab and click on read nothing happens. It’s the same for write. I have a modified connector that works when reading the BCM and IPC but just does nothing in the tools section.

        Do you know how I can get this to work please?


        1. Yes as prev stated its not possible to do on your model only on 2011 onwards the Focccus programne does not work on 2007 will have to pay someone to modify it unfortunately

          1. Focccus does work on 2013 clusters ive done it, if you check back on prev comments i listed how to do it. Be warned you only get 1 shot if you dont calculate correct you cant go back only increase good luck

  9. Does this work on 2016 MK3 RS?

    What I want to do is change the operation of the engine start/stop so it is off by default. Don’t want to disable it completely though so on the odd occasion that I do want to use it I can just press the button and enable it.

  10. Hi

    I am trying to increase the mileage on the new instrument cluster I installed. When I go to the tools tab and click on read nothing happens. It’s the same for write. I have a modified connector that works when reading the BCM and IPC but just does nothing in the tools section.

    Do you know how I can get this to work please?

  11. Hi, I was trying to activate auto locking by speed on my 2016 Grand C Max, I was using a modified ELM 327 and using the Focccus 0.8.6, software, I read the BCM and saved the backup copy, changed #32 from without auto locking to auto locking then attempted to write back to the BCM, all was going fine until the status bar reached 99% then it failed with error message (insufficient ccc data), at this point the vehicle was completely dead, the only thing that would work was the radio ? I tried several times to write the config file to the BCM but every time it failed with the same error, eventually I had to get the car recovered and taken to a main agent who then had to reflash the BCM using Ford IDS, can anyone shine a light on what possibly went wrong as I also want to enable cruise control but do not want to end up at the dealers again as it wasnt cheap to get it sorted out, thanks in advance

    1. I have had same issue on my focus st mk3

      They even had to replace de bcm module, because after reflashing they could not program the bcm anymore.

      So, i wont using this software anymore!!!.

  12. Hi,

    Is there a way to program the car, so that, when you start the car, the needles/gauges sweep?

    I know this is possiblem when you are in test mode of the cluster, but i would like to have this feature activated by default, when starting the car.

    I had this feature on my vw & audi.

    And it would be nice to have this also on my Focus mk3 ST.


  13. Hi I have replaced the cluster on my 2014 focus and want to up the mileage on the new cluster so that it is correct for what the car has done how do I do this in the focccus software

    1. Yes this can be done with Focccus however if not done properly can mess up your odometer.
      Basically you connect to car using Focccus then go to
      Tools tab select read/write IPC then DID =61BB, DATA = hexidecimal of your miles in kilometres this can be converted using windows scientific calculator.
      You only get 1 shot if you do it wrong BE WARNED!

      1. Hi

        I am trying to increase the mileage on the new instrument cluster I installed. When I go to the tools tab and click on read nothing happens. It’s the same for write. I have a modified connector that works when reading the BCM and IPC but just does nothing in the tools section.

        Do you know how I can get this to work please?

  14. hi can you help iv just got a elm 327 i plugged it into my car which is a 2011 new shape ford focus 1.6 diesel edge using focccus soft where it worked great for a while for some reason my computer shut down while i was still plugged in i was not writing to the ecu at the time and the car works fine apart from the phone functions have now disapeard from the radio can still get them from voice control when i restarted the computer i tried to read from bcm but all it says is connecting to ecu and dose nothing else if i read from ipc it works but don’t want to right from there as don’t know what will happen and also forscan works grate as well can you help

  15. My focus has a ford factory alarm (including sensors)

    Is there a way to enable honk when opening or closing the car?

    I know some focus has this feature.

    In focccus i found the option that says my car has alamr.
    Bit i don’t see the option to turn onbor off the honk signal when opening or closing the doors.

    Some people say you need to change open/close mode by pressing open and close button on keyfob to turn this option on or off.

    But when i do this, i only have choice between opening driver door when you push one time, or open en close all doors in one time.

    But still, no honk.

    So i think this latest trick wont work on my car.

    Anyone found this option in focccus? To enable or disable the honk signal?


    1. yes you can, in the option #147 Audible Mis… put Unknow and in the Texbox put 04 only whe yopu close the Horn sounds for open no

      #147 Audible Mislock audible 04 unknow

  16. Hey guys, to be honest I tried to fix my cars headlights and I believe I did something wrong as after writing it in BCM my car shut down , I couldn’t even start the engine,no lights ,nothing was happening. After trying to connect again it says insufficient ccc data. Please can you help me with this. thnks in advance

    1. Can you still connect with focccus?

      If yes, you can load the original settings file.(did you save your settings to a file before change settings?)

    2. Try whit a charged batery in the past i have the same problem the blobem was th batery only chrge the batt an try again


      1. I tried to charge it again and again, I even took negative cable out and waited a long time , but nothing happened , in the end i got my car to be reprogrammed in the BCM level, i would not recommend using any ELM or ES cables or any Forscan or FoCCCus kinda diagnostic programs in FF3 models as the simply can crash your car, not even IDS could do the job unless you have licensed versions where you can connect directly to bloody Ford company

        1. Fistly let me start by saying you were unlucky, i have used Forscan & Foccus successfully on numerous fords without issues. That said like any modification theres an element of risk both from the equipment your using and human error. This is minimised using genuine equipment & factory trained staff but for this you pay dearly. If you are diy orientated and want to save the costs of using main dealers then thats fine but as i say there is a greater risk of causing problems, especially if youre not conversant with the software or it goes wrong but then in most cases it goes right and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself and saving money too.
          As the saying goes” you pays you’re money & takes you’re chance”

  17. hi,

    is it possible to activate Digital Speedo option in menu of car?

    (not the test mode, but so it shows in screen like consumption etc…)

    i know some focus mk3 have this shown.

    i would like this to on my ST.

    but i don’t find the option it in Focccus…


  18. Hi,

    I just have a Ford Focus ST 2.0 250hp from 2012 model 2013.

    Is is the ST-3 version.

    I was enable to activate automatic door lock.

    Now, im wondering, is it also possible to activate MyKey?

    In the option, i have choice between none or unknown.

    It was set to unknown.

    But, i do not see mykey in the settings menu of the car.

    Does this mean my car is not equiped with mykey? Is there a seperate module for mykey feature?

    I would like to have this option, so thatvi can limit the speed for my girlfriend. The ST has to much power ;-)

    I have to keyless keys. I tryed both because they say there is a master key. But with none of them i have the mykey option.

    Any help?


      1. I have activated.

        But it only says in info menu of car:
        0 admin mykeys

        But in settings i dont have option mykey.

        Or maybe i do it wrong??

        1. Maybe it does not work ok ST?

          Strange thing is, is shows info menu of mykey but not the settings menu to create (add) or config the keys

    1. Hi im pretty sure this can only be activated in the test mode on the 11 to 14 models, however the latest 15 onwards (smiley grill) have this feature as standard.
      It may be possible to re flash your existing clocks to the latest firmware which has this feature but cannot confirm this.
      Alternatively you could get a set of later clocks and swop your cluster. make sure new clocks have less mileaage not more then your exising as you can only increase NOT decrease mileage using Focccus.
      Hope that helps

        1. Hi,
          im assuming your ST is the older 11 to 14 model ?unfortunately those options dont exist on the current firmware, therefore cannot just be enabled unless as prev stated you flash the firmware on your current cluster
          What i cant confirm is if your current cluster can accept the latest firmware.
          If you insist on having this option its easier to upgrade the cluster to the latest style from a later damaged model. in the uk you could try Focus city they advertise on ebay. Unfortunately in Germany im not sure.
          The cluster is a straight swop but you will need to correct the mileage. As i said you can only increase so try and get one with less miles then your corrent one

          1. Hi appologies yes belgium. You would need to replace the complete unit with one that starts with part no. F1ET rather then CM5T also need to chek if petrol or diesel as tachometer scale differsnt. Although yoy can swip this if needed.
            Good luck

  19. Hi, I was wondering if it’s normal to get errors when reading and writing using FoCCCus? I’ve noticed on other forums a few people have mentioned it eg. multiple attempts at writing before it will work. Is it caused by some setting eg. connection speed or something similar?

    1. Hi yes when you use Focccus its normal to throw up errors when reading. The car uses a canbus to send data between modules this is interupted when being read hence the errors. It can also take more then one attempt to read bcm but usually completes 1st or 2nd time on the bootloader if it continually does this it could be an adaptor issue.
      You should clear all the errors after programming using Forscan.
      Hope that helps Graham

      1. Hi Graham, I was referring specifically to the crashes/ errors when reading and writing to the vehicle. I’ve got a modified ELM327 (“guaranteed to work at 500k with ForScan and FoCCCus”), but it crashes way too often with FoCCCus. If it crashes while your writing to the vehicle it can result in a totally dead vehicle with no power to the dashboard (no IGN or ACC power.) Luckily, FoCCCus seems to be able to write/ recover even if you can’t power the IGN to “ON”. But who wants to take that risk?
        I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems OBD2 devices based on the STN chip family work better for FoCCCus? They’re compatible with the Ford MS and HS bus- so no switch mod is required, plus they’re “backwards compatible” with ELM327 commands. They also have a lot faster communication speeds; from what I’ve read the ELM327 is maxxed out at 500k? The bad side is they cost significantly more…. but I think I’ll be buying one.

        (Note: I’m not using/ referring to one of James’ ELM327 interfaces in any of the above.)

        1. Thats very interesting, youre obviously getting deep into electronic territory. I have used Focccus on numerous vehicles ranging from 2011 to 2015 and although it has thrown a wobbler now & again has never failed to complete the mod, perhaps ive been lucky, but can only report as i find. Mine was a chinese clone which i modded myself and Focccus is loaded on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1. Keep me posted on your results
          Regards Grahan

        2. As Graham says, you’re getting deeper than most of us here (no jokes intended ^^). From what I understand when looking at the progress bar in FoCCCus, the software waits for the BCM to be in “safe mode” (using safe mode bootloader). Based on my experience that’s when it fails usually. Then it reads data. If it fails there, I noticed a second list of settings at the end… Strange!
          When writing, FoCCCus shows the same steps but flash memory is erased and data are written to the flash. If FoCCCus can reach this step, you’re golden. Any crash before that point is recoverable because nothing has been written.
          I’ve also read on forums that you should be able to flash the BCM and even the PCM with FoCCCus using a ELM327, but the 500k speed is too slow. It took hours for some forum members to flash the IPC this way. But it’s doable! As long as you have an external power source that could poser the entire car for a week or so ;)
          My setup is a bit flimsy because there’s a 2m long ethernet cable for the switch coming from the OBD plug and I think the switch itself is somehow bad (or not perfect), there might be interferences on the lines or even too much resistance. This is causing me issues on some cars (C-Max mostly). Have to unplug and replug everything, restart FoCCCus, etc.
          The STN would be a way better choice because it doesn’t need a switch (mechanical contacts are sources of issues) and is a lot faster.

  20. I have an elemental question: Does FoCCCus can enable “Global/Open Close windows if your Focus III has electrical open close in four windows but only drive´s has one touch. I ask because if I read from BCM I can enable global and write to BCM without errors and quickly but I haven´t results. Ford Focus “S” 2016 no global from factory.
    PD: I do the mod with an ELM 327, prolific chip, not modificated yet.

  21. Good evening,

    here I have ford Grand C-Max 16tdci 2011 an a modified ELM327 cable .

    I use the software focccus but I click on read from BCM puts me error and the dashboard is displayed normal mode.

    could you tell me how can I do to be able to read BCM.

    thand you

  22. Dear, I live in Brazil and own a 2016 MK3.5 Titanium Plus version. In this local setup, we have here the ACTIVE CITY BRAKE enabled but we don’t have the LANE ASSIST.

    Lookin to the windhsield from outside, it have the “three squares for sensors”. I was thinking about buy from eBay (USA or Europe) the left lever (turn signal switch) with Lane detector assist button on the end.

    Do you have any idea if I install this switch and update field $98 (Lane depart warning) in the FOCCCUS, will it enable the function?

    I ask that because I don’t know if the City Brake and the Lane Assist use the same cameras/sensors.



  23. Hi, I would like to enable auto door locking with ELM 327 on my Focus RS 2016. Is it working on this car model ?

    1. Hi i can confirm this works with thelatest version of Focccus as i have enabled it on my 2015 Focus.
      Its calledlocking by speed.
      Hope that helps

        1. Hi mine used to say that on the old version of Focccus.
          There are 4 possibilities.
          1.your elm adaptor is faulty or is unable to communicate with the ecu try on a differant 15 plate to verify
          2 you do not have the correct calibration file for your vehicle. Read the bcm with Forscan or Focccus and download the correct file from ford place in the focccus calibration folder on your pc.
          3. Wait for the developer to bring out the next revision of Focccus.
          As Ford bring out new vehicles the programme will always lag behind current models as it is developed.
          4. Use a genuine vcm 2 or clone to modify.(you will still need the correct calibration file tho.
          Good luck Graham

          1. Hi, sure my Elm is ok , i have a focus 3 ST 2015 too and modifed it with the same ELM.
            Perhaps new security on Focus RS 2016
            I used Focccus 0.8.6 on both RS and ST . it’s OK on ST but KO on RS :(


          2. Hi yes does sound like the RS is too new, especially as it works on the ST. You will need the calibration file or await the next Focccus uodate. To modify the RS.

          3. i ‘ve downloaded my calibration file and put it into VBF folder , tried with forscan with extended licence and focccus 0.8.6 , same result : can’t pass security implemented by Ford on RS . Thanks for your help Graham

  24. I bought an APIM with navi for my 2013 Focus. Unfortunately, the car it came out of didn’t have a BU cam. My car has one. For the life of me I cant find the backup cam on the list. Am I missing it or can you not turn on the BU cam? Thanks.

      1. APIM is the myford touch/sync unit. Basically, it is the radio, touch screen, navigation, etc … BU is the reverse camera. My focus came with the camera and it did work, but I didn’t have navi. I purchased a new unit with navi, but the car didn’t have a backup/reverse camera. I just need to tick that option to enabled or on. But I didn’t see that option in the list.

  25. Hi, I’m a ST3 07/2015 owner and I have enabled autolock door, it works like a charm, but I would like to finally switch off the start & Stop option. is it possible ? thanks

    1. Isn’t there a switch for that?
      My focus has a start/stop switch under the airco panel.

      Or maybe you can turn on/off in car settings menu?

    2. Also, check if there isn’t a switch with a “A” next to your gear stick. Normaly you should have this button.

      1. yes i have a switch with “A” but it isn’t my question: I want to FINALLY disable S&S with ELM327 :)

        1. I have connected my elm327 and there is a option start/stop. But i did not touch it.

          I think if you want to permanent disable it, is best asking your dealer.

  26. hi I have a 2012 europe focus st and have used the software to change various features. one I have been unable to turn off is the pdc (pull drift compensation) system. can anyone advise if that is possible with this software.


  27. Firstly, thank you for the modified ELM 327, secondly this page is a mine of information which I am hoping someone could confirm a question for me please.
    Using my ELM 327, which software would I need to download to use it on my 2015 CMAX 1.5 Titanium X? (For my 2010 Kuga I used the ELM327 with Forscan and ELMConfig. This does not work with my CMAX :-(

    Thanking you in anticipation,


  28. I have a couple of Questions.

    My HVAC is not connecting with my PCM so if it hit reset ECU on the HVAC page, will it fix this issue.

    I had an abs light and I fixed it by initializing ECU and it fixed the issue, however, it did not fix my traction control light. How can I fix the Traction Control light.

    What does WMM Calibration do in the BCM tab?

    My PCM, ABS Module, HVAC Module, and IPC Module are all out of the same car and my BCM is different. I had a parameter reset done at ford so my car runs and drives fine but the traction control, and HVAC arent working correctly. Any idea how I can fix this?

    I ordered a new bcm, can forscan or foccccusomething do a pats reset for a 2014 focus?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Unfortunately its very difficult to disgnose problems from what youve said. Why was the bcm changed? If Ford did the change and performed the parameter reset i would suggest going back to them stating that since the reset certain modules not working.
      Failing that you need to understand the relationship between modules within your car. Ie they all communicate via several xanbus networks. Most are coded to the car, therefore you cant take one out of one car and put it in another without coding. They also need to be the exact same part number.
      I would suggest you run forscan and check all modules are present then read the dtc. This should give you an indication of any faults prwsent. I would also suggest checking Ford etis for the original config to confirm it is correct.
      Good luck Graham

  29. Hi, I have a 2007 Focus 1.8TDCi & have installed Focccus & rewired my ELM327 connecter exactly as shown above. Focccus connects to the ECU (if I manually select 38400 port speed), but if I try to read any values (with switch in either position) I get “switch ELM to MS-Can” or words to that effect. Are there any particular tricks? What am I doing wrong?
    I am needing to reduce mileage on a replacement cluster. Will Focccus do this?
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Hi firstly Focccus is for the mk3 & 3.5 Focus ie 2011 to 2016. Im surprised it connected at all to your 2097. Think you should use elm config.
      As for the mileagw its illegal to lower mileage and as such Focccus can only increase not deceease.i believe this is true of Ford VCM as well. If your cluster is wrong you can get soecialists to decrease at your own risk.
      Best of luch Graham

  30. I have a couple of Questions.

    My HVAC is not connecting with my PCM so if it hit reset ECU on the HVAC page, will it fix this issue.

    I had an abs light and I fixed it by initializing ECU and it fixed the issue, however, it did not fix my traction control light. How can I fix the Traction Control light.

    What does WMM Calibration do in the BCM tab?

    My PCM, ABS Module, HVAC Module, and IPC Module are all out of the same car and my BCM is different. I had a parameter reset done at ford so my car runs and drives fine but the traction control, and HVAC arent working correctly. Any idea how I can fix this?

    Thanks for the help.

  31. Hi I’m having an issue, I guess it’s software related… Connected to a Cmax 3.5 using Forscan first, erased all codes, then used Focccus to enable alarm and autolock with speed. All worked fine.
    Switched back to Forscan to erase codes but a code appeared for the alarm (siren missing). I know there are 2 kinds of alarm and I chose the wrong one (the other one doesn’t need the siren an works fine on my Focus).
    So went back to Focccus, read from Bcm… All fields are set to “not set” !
    I loaded the saved XML file I saved first but fields are still on “not set”.
    Then I realized all settings are set to their values but they appear at the end of the list, in a second list! The window shows more than 500 lines now!

    What can I do ?
    Is it safe to use the second list ?

      1. No I haven’t yet… I tried to post a screenshot but it didn’t come through.
        Do you have the same problem on C-Maxes too ?

        1. No, i have focus (2015) MK3.5 1.5 tdci 95hp . In the April i have enable autolock by speed without problem. Yesterday i have install, wiring and enable Rain Sensor without any problem. Now in the first position of wiper switch the wiper working in auto mode. After writing with focccus i reset dtc with Forscan. After i have tested any function of my car and I have NOT encountered malfunctions. I write only bcm, but i do not try write IPC, so in menu features of ipc i don’t have the flag for enable or disable my new features (autolock by speed, and auto wiper). For me that’s fine as well. I am very satisfied. The next feature is rear view camera !

      2. Don’t ask me why but it worked today on the 2nd C-Max, with the keyless start system. I left the ignition OFF while reading the settings (I forgot to turn it ON…) and it read everything. After reading, the car turned itself ON (not running), and I was able to write to the BCM as-is.
        I should connect back to the 1st C-Max tonight… Wait and see ;)

  32. Hello,
    Is there a way to reset the ABS module? I see the setting but I am unsure if it will reset my ECU rather then resetting just the ABS programming. Please let me know.

    1. Hi if you hit reset it will completely eipe the module ready for installation of a new programme. If you want to update to new config ie adding DDS you need to hit initialise this recon figures the module but doesnt wipe it.
      Hope that helps Graham

  33. Hi,

    I have a problem whereby my car will read from IPC just fine, yet whenever I try to read from BCM I get the following:

    22:19:28.548 > ATWS
    22:19:30.561 > ATZ
    22:19:31.366 > ATWS
    22:19:31.376 > ATBRD08
    22:19:31.486 >
    22:19:31.486 > ATE0
    22:19:31.506 > ATL0
    22:19:31.516 ATS0
    22:19:31.538 ATAL
    22:19:31.556 ATAT0
    22:19:31.566 ATCAF0
    22:19:31.586 STI
    22:19:31.596 ATST0D
    22:19:31.616 ATR1
    22:19:31.636 ATSP6
    22:19:31.646 ATSH726
    22:19:31.666 023E000000000000

    then it just sticks at that on 0%.

    can anyone help with this? its on a ford focus st mk3(2012 – 2015).

  34. greetings to all , in past days install the steering wheel buttons in my car, a Model S with small IPC monocormatic , and arrows to use the steering wheel buttons do not appear, on the radio if they work but Computer trip NO , which is what is happening?


    1. I had this same problem with my 2012 Focus. It had been repaired before I bought it and the steering wheel was off a slightly newer model. You need to replace the actual switch. I bought mine from Ford, they just looked up my car on their system, and it came up with the correct part number for the switch. Don’t waste you money buying different switches off ebay, they probably won’t work. Buy the correct one from a ford dealer (they don’t cost that much) it will save you a lot of hastle. On the subject of the Focccus software, you can use it to change the car from roght hand drive, to left hand drive, and this will allow the audio control switch to be used for the trip computer etc. However this also makes all the window switches change sides, so it’s a bit of a waste of time.


      1. Hello the porblem was de IPC, my Cluster IPC has a buton in the midhle of dash to reset the trip counter, the others IPC no, the reset is in the Stereeng Wheel controls,in a russian fórum they comment about the IPC is por VERY LOW COST versión, recently in a Junk Yard i find a cluster whitout reset button, put that Cluster in the car and the controls are OK working t 100%.
        conlcusion are:
        some IP whit the reset buton in middle the temp and gas Gauge dont work whit sterreng Wheel control, no desingned for that.

        the others IPC always work whit the controls

        Regards and thanks
        Julio Valerio

  35. Hi,

    someone know if necessary install automatic light switch for aftermarket install RAIN SENSOR ?


  36. Hi Guys,

    I really need your help. My Ford Focus MK3 Sports 2.0 NA and it is the Thailand manufactured version. My OEM headlights do not come with DRL, therefore I bought one online that has DRLs inbuilt within it. They are plug and play headlamps that plug directly into the original connector like the OEM headlamps. You can see a picture of it here:!!749449328.jpg

    In order to switch on the DRLs, I have to turn on the lights, however the DRLs would turn off by itself after driving for a couple of minutes. I am quite puzzled about this and asking the Ford dealers have brought me no where.

    Please advise me what to do.

    Thank you.

    1. HID lights need to be configured in the vehicles Central Configuration of the BCM module.
      On the Focus MK3 the Halogen headlights are controlled by a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal when the engine is running. This PWM signal is used to improve the lifetime of the halogen bulbs. In some cases the PWM signal may even lower the voltage to about 8 Volts. The HID ballasts and starters can not work properly with the PWM signal. The system may even shut itself of to protect itself. The HID lights require a steady 12 Volt power.
      By changing the Central Configuration of the BCM to HID lights the Lights are controlled with a steady 12 Volt power. This will solve your problem. The Central Configuration can be reconfigured using an ELM327 interface and the free FoCCCus software.

      Also note that the HID headlights can not be configured as the “normal” original HID headlights. Because of the missing automatic height adjustment module the BCM will generate an error which is shown on the display of the instrument cluster. You have to configure the HID headlights as “Alternative HID”. This setting forces the BCM to output a steady 12 Volt power to the ballast without the automatic height adjustment. This setting will generate an error code but this is not shown on the display and is not noticeable during normal operation.
      The #14 “Headlights Type” setting of the central Configuration of the BCM must be changed from “Halogen Lights With Adjuster (02)” to “Alternative HID (03)”.
      This setting is also suitable for aftermarket HID headlights. I use a pair of aftermarket Sky Wing projector headlights combined with an aftermarket HID kit. After I programmed the correct settings these headlights work without any problem. Another advantage of these aftermarket headlights is that the manual electric adjustment remains fully functional.

      To change the Central Configuration of the BCM you do not need a modified ELM327 interface. The BCM is on the HS-CANbus network. A modified ELM327 interface is only needed for modules on the MS-CANbus network.
      The Central Configuration of the Focus MK3 is stored in both the BCM (HS-CAN) and the instrument cluster (MS-CAN). The Central Configuration file of the BCM is the most important because all electronic modules of the car use this file. The Central Configuration file of the instrument cluster is more or less a backup file. It is not necessary to change this file.

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Please accept my sincere apologies for taking an extremely long time to reply to your helpful answer. I would like to express my utmost gratitude for taking the time to send me such a comprehensive reply and I am utterly embarrassed for not thanking you sooner.

        If you do not mind emailing me, I would love to exchange contact details so that I may send you messages if I have more questions in a quicker fashion. my email is [email protected]

  37. Hello everyone.
    I bought Focus 2015 and would like to add cruise control but people in local official delaers swear it is possible only to replace whole steering wheel. Does anyone know if it is possible to add just these steering wheel commands:
    Of course and recode it using softwares available here?

    I have seen tutorial about retrofitting cruise control on previous version of steering wheel and I hope I could do something similar (

    1. Hi its not just a case of adding the ommands nor would it be safe to do so, you also need the hardware ie steering wheel with additional cruise switch, clurch and brake switches and associated wiring. If retrofitting adaptive cruise control you also need the radar module which fits behind the front bumper cwntrally. Once all of the parts are installed you then need to alter the cars parameters to suite the new configeration Ask Chris he’s done it

    2. Hi Matija not as simple as you think the new fords have become very CAN dependant i am still trying to understand it fully but as i have found out to date F1ET models have adaptive cruse control as standard so the radar system needs to be fitted i am currently researching a method to fit standard cruse control but forget fitting just a switch you do need the wheel as the configuration differs from model to model. keep an eye on this thread will post a solution if i find one. by the way the software package works for other items so you can switch things on and of if you do not need hard ware for it. and does it well.

      Yours for the moment Chris

      1. Thank you Chris nad Graham..I hope you will find a solution and save me some money:). Noone mentioned radar module when i visited offical local dealers – they only mentioned replacing whole steering wheel. Chris, if can i help somehow by testing it on my car or if any contribution from my side exists and requires basic technical knowledge , will be glad to help? Can i check maybe if i have clutch and brake switches already installed ?

        1. Hi Guys first of all the 2015 Focus Titanium and Titanium x come with standard cruise control not adaptive. This is an option at extra cost at least on uk models. If you have the steering wheel look at the inner buttons if its got a car symbol with chevrons then its adaptive. Its hard enough retrofitting standard cruise without the radar which would need the engine and main looms altering to suite. I think someone mentioned you also need ASL adding in the config.
          I would suggest trying standard cruise with asl rather then adaptive. Chris If its definately the adaptive wheel youve got ask the sellar for the front radar and wiring, alternatively change the cruise switch.which is much easier to enable.
          Good luck Graham

  38. Hi ! What a great tool :)

    I modified a USB interface and it connects to my 2015.25 Focus (as said by ForScan) but I’m scared to change anything because:
    1. Engine isn’t recognized (shown as Unknown), it’s a 1.5L tdci (Business Nav trend, in France)
    2. FoCCCus says the car doesn’t have bluetooth but I DO HAVE BT hands free
    The online editor also says I don’t have BT when entering my VIN number…

    Is there any risk that BT would be disabled if I enable the auto locking feature with FoCCCus? I mean… Does the software only send changes made on a the modified fields or is it replacing all settings every time?
    Being a corporate car, I don’t wanna brick the BCM ^^

    1. I have a 2015 Cmax 1.5 tdci sound like the same build as yours i set the auto locking no problem just change that one but save you original setting before you make any changes.

      you can get your original as-built data from here if you have a major problem but i do not foresee it

    2. Hi I also have a 2015 focus 1.5 tdci, when using Focccus mine also states the configs differant to actual. Like you i also compared the asbuilt info which is the same as the orogramme reads. Not sure why as it isnt like this on the previous model.
      I can confirm i enabled licking by speed and it worked fine. Everything else still seems ok as well. Eg a cording to Focccus headlamp type not set when it should be with Xenon lights. Despite this the Xenon functions correctly with conering lamps and auto levelling, however drl is enabled and also works.I was considering changing the bcm options to actual but it all works so why bother?

      1. Hi Graham,

        after writing bcm config, have you reset ecu on BCM Focccus page ?

        What type of interface you use ?

        P.S. Chris, have you reset your cruise control function ?

        1. As i understand it you should Never reset as you completely wipe the module. Unless you want to upload a complete new program havnt risked that as yet.nor neede to. I have however initialised the abs after enabling dds deflation detection on 13 model.

          1. i believe you would use reset to take it to as new as Graham says it wipes the module this would normally be use by a salvage expert so the unit can be programmed for another vehicle or by the dealer for warranty reasons the last bit i know.

            Not sorted cruse control yet not had time hopefully will do over the weekend fingers crossed. will let you all know if i do it.

          2. Graham found the issue with cruse control on mine it is adaptive cruse control i set it as cruse control so it would not work would it !
            unfortunately i need to fit front sensors to it i have rear parking sensors and it seems there is a spare socket for the front ones in the module.

            i did set it for adaptive cruse control and the abs and park assist stops working and puts abs and traction control light on . but i have the cruse control options so a bit of hardware missing. but this should give me a lot more options to switch on if i fit them so a bit more research on this i think.
            by the way in the parking aid settings it says front rear with SAPP what is SAPP

            await your reply

      2. Ok I gave it a try this morning…
        First used ForScan to get all the modules calibration IDs, downloaded all the VBF files I could get based on the H/N and S/N ForScan could read, and then ran FoCCCus…
        Having all the VBF doesn’t gives more details about the car (engine and BT, I was hopping, maybe ^^).

        Anyway, I enabled the auto lock feature, and reset all the DTC that came up with ForScan. Haven’t tested the changes yet…

        Btw, what is #28 Private locking trunk?
        Also, there’s no DRL on the car… Is there a way to use the headlights as DRL with FoCCCus?

        Thanks :)

        1. Hi private locking trunk is an american option as they have a boot version (saloon) which we dont. And no enabling Drl will not make your headlights have Drl you would need to first change your headlights to either Xenon or halogen which have the Drl built in. Try ebay if interested. I have a passenger side Xenon with Drl off a 15 plate for sale but not a driving side unfortunately

          1. Thanks for the info about trunk locking.
            What about the “Always headlights” setting for #16 DRL, would it also need hardware mods ?

          2. Assume lights always on is for countrys which require this like Sweeden. Not a good idea as may drain battery in winter if stood without e gine running. Drls being leds draw very little current basically its disabing your switch in preference to lights on with ignition. If you want Drls you can buy aftermarket type cheaply and wire to ignition, you can even wire in a relay so when headlights are on Drls turn off . Personel preference really. Not as good as original though usually get about 1-2years before moisture or vibration kills them.

          1. Hi Remi,

            how much time need “FoCCCus” to write/enable on bcm module autolock by speed ?…..a lot of time ? I must connect the car battery to a charger?


          2. I would say like 5 minutes from start to finish : ForScan to check for DTC, read from BCM then write using FoCCCus, then reset DTC using ForScan…

    3. Good evening,

      today I HAVE ENABLE autolock by speed feature on my focus (2015) MK3.5 1.5 tdci 95hp.

      I could not do it with ELM 327 interface for driver problem (i use s.o. windows 10), but i do it with


      – I have read dtc with new version sw of forscan (2.3.0)

      – read & save the original bcmii configuration with FoCCCus

      – modify #32 AUTOMATIC LOCKING BY SPEED with FoCCCus

      – write new configuration on bcmii

      – erase dtc with forscan

      – test any other function in motion

      Now the all door locked by speed at 15Km/h !

      I’m very happy… is possibale enable any feature (with right hardware) for exemple: rear

      camera, rain sensor, automatic light……..


  39. 8.6 its good but no cigar

    2015 CMAX 1.5 TDCI it reads the BCM which it would not do before no ECU security issues
    and i now have auto locking with speed.

    But i turned on cruse control and no go it does not work
    when i read it back it says its there but when i try to read the IPC it says it cannot recognise the ECU?

    not quite right or am i doing something wrong here or am i missing something

    any help here would be appreciated got all the buttons and will not work

    1. Hi ots not just a case of enabling ot in the bcm you need to add the hardware if your car didnt come with it ie you need the steering wheel controller modifying the clockspring and adding brake and clutch switches and associated wiring. The locking option does not require additional hardware hence why it works. Suggest try a good dismantlers try Focus City advertises on ebay.

      Regards Graham

      1. Hi thank for your reply

        yep understand that all wiring is in place steering wheel fitted clutch and brake switches present clock spring has wiring fuse is in fuse box still seems not to work I’ll try uploading it a few times perhaps it did not take correctly i have heard that some have had to upload a few times.

        keep you posted on my progress

        1. Ok if program got all the way to 100% then should have uploaded. Go back in and read bcm it should now state with cruise control if auccessful. I have Titanium x which has it all as standard will check if anything else needs amending. Incidentally did you use correct cruise control switch as differant in 2015 models from previuos 2011 onwards. Just a thought.

          1. yep the wheel came off a 2015 three spoke wheel checked part numbers with dealer and they match for my model from what i see the IPC needs updating only thing is i cannot read from that i can only presume that it is not writing to it also for it to work i believe that both BCM and IPC needs to be update.

            I went back in and it read cruse control is present as i set it ?

            will have another go tomorrow. and thanks for your advice

    2. Hi Chris,

      you have solved your problem on cruise control ?

      you encountered other problems after enabling auto locking with speed?

      Regards Maurizio.

        1. Hi Chris,
          I also had problems with enabling cruise control. Try turning on ASL (Adjustable speed limiter) I think it was #224 in focccus. This worked for me atleast.

    3. Hi Chris,

      CHECK if the modules of your ford support F1ET for IPC and read & check ASL (Adjustable speed
      limiter) #224 status.


  40. Hi,

    does anyone know if the new 0.8.6 version now works with the 2015 focus and kuga models? or are the security errors still there when trying to read the BCM?

    thanks, Wayne.

    1. Hi yes i can confirm 8.6 does work on 2015 focus just added drive off locking. What a cracking program. Hats off to Alexey for designing it.

      Regards Graham

        1. Thats strange mine works fine mines a 2015 reg sept its a 1.5 tdci it could be your adaptor rather then the program have you tried it on another to confirm?

          1. Which adapter are you using, the one available via this site?

            My vehicle is a Jan 2015 Focus Zetec S 1.0 ecoboost

        2. No i bought mine from china direct via ebay and modded it myself using James instructions. You will need to check with others to see if theres works ok. All i can confirm is 8.5 worked upto 2014 but not on 2015 models. The 8.6 version works fine on my car sorry cant be more help.

          1. OK, thanks for the information. I’ve ordered a modded cable from this site to see if there is an improvement over the cable I’ve got at the moment.

          2. Update.
            Managed to switch on Autolock with speed (which was my objective) with the lead purchased from James.
            I thought I’d screwed everything up when I’d finished as the dash lit up like a christmas tree and the engine permanently running at about 1500 rpm.
            Holding the stop/start button in for 5-6 seconds shut everything down. Did a check for DTC’s using ForScan and a hand held terminal and all seems ok.
            Just had to reset the clock.
            That’s it for me, I’ve finished playing now!

          3. DTCs are to be expected, as the software reboots the BCM in debug mode while all the other computers are connected to it. So all of them will trigger some “lost contact with BCM” codes.

            I did another Focus a few minutes ago and before doing anything I cleared a few codes being on the car (I wonder why brand new cars with 1500 km on them do have codes!).
            Then used FoCCCus to enable autolock with speed, and right after that I opened ForScan again and cleared all the codes (like 10-15 of them) before even turning the key in the switch.
            The car ran fine right away and my coworker is now a happy mummy with secured doors :)

  41. looks like version 8.6 was released on 31/3/2016

    *F1FT and F1DT BCMs support
    *F1ET IPC support

    is in the about box i’m going to tp try tomorow

  42. Tested on Mustang 2015 (Ecoboost) with OBD bluetooth NON modified,
    It reads only some info but cannot work for both hs/ms can
    Next try will be the VCM II or VXDIAG
    if someone else tried something please inform me

    1. Hi i have borrowed a vcx nano to attempt to chsnge car parameters on 2015 Focus. It can read xar info, vin etc, reads dtcs and clears any faults can even get into service procedures. But when you try and go into read config parameters it shows “unable to download software” and all settings are greyed out stating not used on this car. I know they are so obviously not reading correctly i have tried ids versions 86, 96, 97 & 99 same results. It also is the same reading a 2013 Focus and Fiesta.
      In fact Focccus is far easier to use and quicker just wish i could get it working on 2015 Focus.

      Any suggestions are welcome

      Thanks Graham

      1. Thank you Graham for the info, so I will buy VCM II to change settings. I read somewhere that there are issues with vxdiag nano and some functionalities are not working.


  43. just got your lastest lead through post
    could u tell me or give instructions on how run software from disc as its not working

    1. Hi Karl,

      The software does not come on the disk provided. You just download the software from the link provided. The disk just contains some drivers, but the drivers are downloaded directly from Microsoft when you plug the lead into your PC.

      1. ok thankyou i have just tryed downloading from website could you tell me in which order and how as not very clear to what to do

        1. just an update think ive somehow sorted software plugged elm in (2009 focus) could not talk to anything but my old one i made is ok any ideas?

  44. OK I have installed into my 12 plate focus. Not sure where the switch should be the LEDs are underneath when fitted. Linked it to laptop it found serial port as com5 when select open its says can’t initialise elm327 tried moving switch made no difference. Ran software as administrator no difference. Pressed power button on car for auxiliary power but still no joy and ideas am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi normally leds should be on top not underneath sounds like your obd port is upside down it just clips in if you rotate it so that leds on unit face will need to see these to confirm connection as they should flash when transmitting or receiving data.
      Try updating your drivers get latest ones from microsoft website then check in device manager on pc to ensure no problems. Failing that try opening Forscan to confirm adaptor working if not and drivers are upto date then suspect faulty adaptor. Normally switch should be in HS can position software will prompt you when to change to read MS can. This will not stop adaptor working whichever position its in. If you modified it yourself check wiring is correct. Good luck Graham

  45. Hi guys atill having issues getting past security on ecu from 2015 focus. Anyone any closer to getting a solution? As Motorcraft link now doesnt work how do we access the vbf files if indeed this is what causes the problem.
    I have tried the following downloaded ids version 99 in the hope that this latest version had new vbf files then copied to focccus folder still doesnt work.ironically you can access individual modules and get info fine just cannot get into parameters.
    I even borrowed a vcm 2 clone using ids v97 again gets vehicle info, clears dtc lets you into programme modules but when you read config parameters they are all greyed out and state not used on this vehicle even though they are.
    I have also rmailed xgloom asking if he has a solution , no reply so far.
    What the hell have they done to the new ecu to make it so difficult to read?
    I welcome your comments

    Thanks Graham

      1. Many thanks for the link i will find the relevant files needed. Have you had any success in getting into the 2015 ecu? Do you need the PCM or Body control mod files or both?

        Thanks Graham

          1. Hi i have obtained the relevant info from the modules using Forscan & downloaded the correct pcm calibration file, but when i input the body control data it comes up no files found? Surely there must be a file or how was it iploaded originally.any sugestions would be welcome.
            Thanks Graham

  46. Hi James,

    I sold my ecosport and bought Focus clipper MK3 2014 (1600 TDCI 115HP Titanium). I did not like ecosport to much.

    When i connect Focccus on Ford Focus clipper MK3 2014 (1600 TDCI 115HP Titanium), i have the dash who is starting to freak out. and i receive errors on dashboard.

    Don’t know if this is normal?

    Now, version 5.1 is working, but when i use 8.1 it works sometimes, sometimes not.

    I was able to activate autolock, but, when i write to ECU, and disconnect cable, the car system is blocked. i have to keep try power on/off the car, and sometimes holding the start button of the car so it turns off (shuts down).

    Then when i start the car, the engine error (orange engine symbol) turns on on dash. when i turn off the car, and lock the car, and do this 2 times, error is gone.

    Is this a problem with my elm cable?

    also, elmconfig does not work at all when i select Focus II/Kuga.

    PS: autolock works. so it is enabled. it just the dash that freaks when reading and writing.

  47. Hi James,

    I have a question about the 4th parameter : “Bi-Fuel”.
    Do you know something about it ? I have a 1.6 Ecoboost (150), gasoline model, but it is exactly the same than Ethanol model,with a different map.
    Could this parameter allow me to switch to the dual map used in FF model ?

    Thank you (sorry if my english is bad)

  48. Hi Guys been reading your posts with interest.
    I have recently purchased a 2015 focus with airbags fired, i have replaced all of the components and sent the RCM for resetting. I have installed everything correctly and when powered theres several dtcs I can clear everyone but it seems the lateral and longitidinal sensors within the RCM need calibrating. I have reinitialised the ABS module but dtcs still present.
    Question fo i need to initialise the RCM using Focccus? What exactly does this do dont want to trip new airbags off.
    Incidentally still cant read BCM or IPC on 2015 model but can read individual modules using tabs any update on the correct VBF files?

    Many thanks Graham

  49. Legend! As always this is the first place I visited when I changed from my Mk2 to my Mk3 Focus.

    Auto door locking is the main thing I like. But its really useful for lots of options – especially if you have a lower spec car.

    Thanks mate!

  50. Hi James,
    Do you know if foCCCus could work on a 2014 ford fiesta ?

    I am tring to disable the tpms.
    But I tried a lot of programs and apparently foCCCus is the only on that can make it.
    The problem is that I can connect the ODB without errors with the other programs but there is still errors with foCCCus…

    Thanks for answering.


  51. Just bought a modified ELM327 for my 2013 Taurus SHO. Everything works well with Forscan and I tought I’d give FoCCCus a try.

    The computer connects to the ECU but when I try to read from the BCM on the Central Config tab, I get an error message : «Could not get CCC address from ECU». When I go on the other tabs (BCM, IPC,…), sometimes it’s able to retrieve information from the car, sometimes not…

    I know the software is not designed for the Taurus so I don’t expect any miracles, but is there a way I could get it to work? Could it be a driver issue or the ECU is simply not compatible?


  52. Ok i try to ask for 3th time.

    Does anyone made elm work on ford ECOSPORT 2014 1.5tdci titanium???????

    I just want to enable autolocking at 7kph

    Dealer says it is not possible, but in manual it says it works. I think ford does not allow dealers to enable this option anymore.

    Can anyone help make this work??


    1. Hi,
      Ecosports model is not been sold at here (Turkey). Therefore i dont know that focccus works it or not.
      But my friends are trying to change same preset on Foccus MCA (2014-) and done.
      You have to try. I believe you can. Because BCM softwares are same all MK3.

      1. Hi

        Thx for reply özer.

        I have tried elmconfig and also foccus software. Its not working.

        Elmconfig give connection errors. I know elmconfig works because i did kuga and s-max. But on ecosport, does not work.

        When i connect foccus software, it connects, but all ligts on dash are flashing untill i disconnect.

        I’m unable to read or change the options on ecosport.

        So i dont know what to do.

        Dealer does not want to activate auto doorlocking. They say there software does not allow it.

        But i know software at ford can do it, but they can not do it because ford told them not to do it. (For security reasons, what is bullshit because doors opens when airbags are activated)

        So, i dont know how to program the ecosport….

        If anyone has solution, please let me know.

        1. Hi,
          The last situation of programming Focus 3.5:
          We used Version of elm 1.5 for focus mk3 (V1.5)
          But i read in local forums that V2.1 been used for mk3.5
          if you supply 2.1ver. of elm than try it.

    2. Use the software FOCOM and you can change all options of the vehicle. They have a great support. If you have Problems, the FOCOM Team help you quickly.

      cu Pythy

  53. Hello James,
    You have made great work!!! I made a cable for a friend’s focus mk3 TDCI and enabled too many things!
    But now I moved to other country and bought a 2015 Mustang. Do you think that focccus could work on my Mustang? Because the car has US Specs and I want to change the radio frequencies. If it does not work on my car, which tool I have to buy? VCM II?

  54. hi

    i have Ford Ecosport Titanium 1.5 TDCI

    does FoCCCus Central ECU Config V0.5.1 works on the Ecosport?

    I used elmconfig before on Ford Kuga, but, elmconfig does not seem to work on Ecosport.

    So, before i download and install FoCCCus, i would like to know if it has been tested and if it works on the Ecosport.

    I want to activate automatic door locking when i start to drive and DLR lights.


  55. I found a work around for the 2015 MK3 Focus but requires that you have access a Ford IDS scan tool. You can change the central ECU configuration using the as-built editor on the FoCCCus on the website. Make the requested changes and then save the XML file. Using the Ford IDS scan tool, you can reprogram the BCM and trick the IDS software to use the modified XML file instead of the one from Ford’s server. You will have to disconnect your internet service before you do that.

    1. Hi Sammy how did you trick the IDS to use the modified file as i have access to an ids clone as wrll as elm327 want to mod my partners fiesta to enable satnav in config. You cant do this with focccus as it doesnt read the Fiesta bcm. But if you read config using ids it only lists original options on car vin ie if it didnt have satnav the options are greyed out, whereas on Focccus all options are available.
      My thoughts are i can mod the fiesta file on website and save as xml which i have done but how do i update bcm to use this file.

      Thanks Graham

  56. Hello, I have a problem with connecting to my FF 2015. Focccus says Can’t enter security ECU when I try read from BCM. When I’m trying to read from IPC in MS-CAN mode there’s an error Unknown ECU HW F1ET-14F094-BB. I’m trying to apply some functions like heated mirrors, folding mirrors and puddle lamps. Please HELP.

      1. Unfortunately FoCCCus can’t connect to this version of 2015 Focus yet. I’m trying a few other options and will write if will be successful. Greets.

  57. Hi,
    Thanks for the software and this site as a source of end user info.
    Wanted to provide feedback on my c-max.
    I think it is a series II and perhaps shares much with the Focus series III? Is anyone able to confirm?
    My vehicle is a 2012 C-Max:
    Build Date: 27.04.2012
    Vehicle Line: C-Max 2010-
    Body Style: 5 Door UAV
    Version: Series 55
    Engine: 1.6L Duratec Ti-VCT (123PS) – Sigma

    Connection to vehicle all OK.
    Select ‘Read BCM’ and I ‘think’ is worked successfully….
    During the read the following occurred:
    – Instrument display all turned off (the lcd display and all leds’)
    – lots of clicking (of relays ?)
    – Instrument panel then re-initialised. It displayed something like ‘Status: Normal’. sorry can’t quite remember – then all back to normal.

    I will re-run when I am confident that this is the expected behavior.
    I saved the BCM output to file.
    Next, ran ForScan – no errors listed. Everything appears OK. :-)

    So, just wanted some feedback that the above is expected, compared to running ForScan & ElmConfig it really was (fairly) dramatic :-)

    A question; id #12 alarm. If set to ‘No alarm’ would this have the effect of disabling the alarm?

  58. I have read your instructions on how to modify an ELM327 and also the need to download/use the FoCCCus Central ECU Config Edit program (V0.5.1).

    Do you know if this process and software will work on a 2014 Kuga? I am looking to fit a towbar and I suspect I will need something to let the car know it now has a towbar.



  59. Hi,

    I recently bought as well an instrument cluster with the bigger screen, but didn’t installed it yet.

    Does someone know if it is really just plug and play? Is it just possible to set the mileage correctly withoug getting any errors later?
    Do I need to change a Parameter in the BCM for the new display? I assume the IPC does not need to be programmed, isn’t it?

    I assume it must go smoothly, as already some people where reporting that they are going to change it and no one came back with questions. :)

    I have a Elm327 with switches and I can read out both busses with Focom and used Foccus before.


    1. Hi! do you have a focus ? I am in the same situation of you.. I bough a new bigger screen for my kuga but I don´t know if is posible fit it directly.. and my elm327 don´t read from ipc… the elm327 give me an error when I put to read from ipc..
      I Heard that we must read the info of older ipc and transfer to the new ipc with elm327, but I don’t know
      If you know something please reply me… thank you in advance

      1. Hi Pablo,

        I now replaced the instrument cluster.
        It worked without having to reconfigure anything.

        No errors logged, after resetting them once with Forscan.

        The only thing is, that I can’t change the mileage. The “set” button in Focccus is greyed out. My new instrument cluster just has ~3500km on it.

        Maybe someone knows, how to increase the mileage again, so that it fits to my actual mileage?

        1. It’s a good news.. I have fear to change it but with you said me I will try… with the mileage look at the foccus software in bcm or ipc… I think that you can change it.. remeber for safety make a backup of the info..
          I hope can you help you….

  60. Hi! I again… Yesterdar solved my problema with the wiring of elm327.. the wire now are connected fine..
    when I put READ FROM BCM.. the elm327 Works great but when put READ FROM IPC… IT SAY

    unknown ECU HW CV4T-14F094-AF

    I want to change my speedometer with small screen and retrofitting the bigger screen (DV4T-10849-JLA)
    thank you a lot in advance!

  61. Hi! I bought a new instrument cluster for a kuga 2015 with the bigger display than have original… I want to retrofitting.. with foccus can I? When put read from ipc said switch to ms can or hg scan.. switching the scan and have an error in my kuga… nothing function.. but a few second anything turn to normality and cant enter to ipc

  62. I have a quick question
    Do all on/on switches have a high and a low and center off?
    I plan on changing my automatic transmission to have select shift in my mk3. It currently just has low and I ordered the new select shift assembly.

    1. Hi Kyle,

      It depends what switch you go for – the On-On switches I use only have two positions, top and bottom (or left and right depending on how you look at it). Basically it takes the input from the middle pins and then switches these signals to either the top two pins or the bottom two pins.

      1. Ok I tried it and I keep getting a (can’t open port code.) I noticed that I have a 10 15A switch. Will this cause it to not work?

      2. Ok so I switched it to a 3A toggle and I keep getting the error where it says it cannot open that port. I don’t understand why. I use the toggle on the both sides and it still gives me the same error.

  63. Have downloaded FOCCCUS, Elmconfig and FOrscan.
    Elmconfig accessing ECU no problem, but I am trying to activate the towing module I fitted and I can’t see how to actual activate it.

    FOCCCUS is a lot clearer in the demo Ive seen, but when I run FOCCCUS it returns the error message “Can’t enter security into ECU”

    Is there a workaround or something else I need to do? ELM327 is working fine because I can access ECU via Elmconfig. I have a brand new focus 1.0 ecoboost

    1. Same issue here, I have a 2015 Focus Titanium 1.0L ecoboost with 8″ touchscreen and cannot get passed the “Can’t enter security into ECU” message. ELM is working OK and can clear DTCs etc. I’m guessing that Ford have changed something about their ECU security. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Thanks for the advice. I notice that the information on the Motorcraft site relates to US and Canada, my car is a UK spec. Will this still work on UK / European models ?

          Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

      1. Followed advice to retrieve VBF files, and managed to download a few except the BCM which return no files. The items listed in my log are:

        BCMii – Body Control Module
        Part number: F1FT-14A073-EF
        Strategy : F1FT-14C094-AE
        Calibration: F1FT-14C095-AE

        Anyone have the calibration file ?

  64. Hi James
    This works a treat,can you gain access to the mileage on a ford mondeo mk4 2008.
    My dash board display died and i swapped out from a salvage yard and the mileage is inccorect.

  65. Hi James,

    As part of the install kit there was a fuse to install in the bootspace fusebox. There was also another inline and installed on the live feed and another on the module itself. None have blown. The car is functioning normally with no issues.
    As an addendum to this, I had ordered the switchable ELM 327 and it arrived today. I cannot get it to talk to the focus. I am getting a connection error every time, with the switch in both directions, and the car switch off, power on and engine running. I have also tried it with Forscan and Focccus with the same issues. There is only one red light on the ELM 327 (which looks identical to yours including the toggle). Any ideas? Its very frustrating, and this is a brand new Focus so I thought it would all work first time.

    1. I too have one of these switchable ELM’s which arrived in the post today and have the same issues connected to a TDCI 1.6 ‘garbage’ DV6 engine. Did you ever resolve the connection error message?.

  66. Hi,

    I installed a tower along with the Ford wiring kit and Ford trailer module. All wired correctly but no power to any trailer lights. I have read different stories that the software adjustments are only to adjust the usage of fog lights and rear parking sensors on the car when towing, and other articles saying the module will not work until activated via the canbus. I am hoping it is the latter and I can proceed with buying one of these and activating via Focccus.
    Can anyone please advise?

  67. Hi there,

    I have just done all of the above procedure but I am very unclear on the purpose of the switch and when you are suppose to use it. Can some one please advise?

    Thank you very much,

      1. So how do I know when to use it in high/low mode? Sorry for being blonde, no pun intended.

        1. When using either FoCCCus or ELMConfig, and you try to connect to one of the systmes in the car, if you are in the wrong setting, it will throw an error message. Simply flip the switch and try reading again, and you should have all the data on the screen :)

  68. Hi,

    I have just purchased a 2015 MK3.5 ST3 and am trying to enable auto door locking. Although FORScan is able to connect to the car and reset DTC codes ok when I use the latest version of the focccus software (0.8.4) although it seems to make a connection, it issues the error “Can’t enter security into ECU” when I try to read the BCM. When I “Get Info” from the BCM module, this is retrieved without issue.

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there a workaround or will I have to wait until a new version of the software is released?

    1. I have the same problem, my focus is a pre-restyling but Ford flashed my bcm the last version of firmware, and after it, I can’t read or write the bcm. I’m waiting to new version of focccus

  69. Hi James,

    my Ford Focus mk3 has this software installed:
    APP: BM5T-14C026-AAC
    which I downloaded also from US and is very huge in comparison to others in VBF directory (1.0 MB!).
    What I noticed in that file is that transmission mode is set to Medium Speed (network = CAN_MS).
    Does this mean that in my case I DO NOT NEED to upgrade ELM327 with that switch and I can use it as-is?


    1. Nice of them to copy my content directly onto their listing, but it looks like they do NOT modify the device for you, they just provide (copy and pasted) information on how to modify these.

  70. i get an error when selecting read from ECU saying i need to switch ELM to H-CAN and will not progress further. ive triple checked everything is connected properly including getting a buddy to make sure as well, is my switch toasted maybe?

  71. Hi James,

    I have a little trouble
    I tried to update my IPC my Focus with the program FOCCCUS, but unsuccessfully. The IPC is dead, would not light up, I tried to do even recover, comes to 99% after 50 minutes and then tells me he can’t upload file VBF.

    HW: 8M5T-14C226-AE
    APP: 8M5T-14C026-AAC
    EEPROM: 8M5T-14C026-AEC

    Please help me, thanks a lot.

    Best Regards

    Giuseppe Africola

  72. I’m curious how crucial it is to have the proper selection for “#105 Wheel brake type rear”. If you upgrade your rear brakes from drums to discs, will this selection be necessary for proper operation of systems such as the ESC and EBD? Thanks!

  73. James

    I’ve used FoCCCus 8.4 to turn off hill assist. Unfortunately when completed I got multiple DTC’s which I cannot clear with Forscan. I now have the airbag light, traction control light, abs light, and engine management light on (Forscan will not clear the errors).

    1. Thats because those dtc are real. After you make those changes you need to initialize the ABS. Then the errors will clear on their own. THEN use forscan to clear all the communication dtc’s

      1. I’ve run FoCCCus again, written to BCM, then written to IPC. I’ve then initialized the ABS, reset all DTC’s with forscan, but the DTC’s are still there. I did not have any errors showing before FoCCCus was used.

        1. OIC. Nothing, abdolutely nothing needs to ever be written to the IPC. The IPC functions as a backup for the BCM. Basically it holds all your as built functions so if you ever need to go back to stock you can refer there.

          2nd…hill assist is natively turned off in the instrument panel cluster using steering wheel controls. The only people who might even need to turn it on are manual transmission drivers.

          You might need a dealer to reflash your asbuilt data back into the ipc. Again…dont mess with that tab no changes need to be made in that tab…EVER.

  74. Hi James,

    My focus mk3 had a update firmware with new versión of BCM and IPC. Do you know how can I tell to the focccus programers?

    The errors are:

    Read BCM:
    Unknown ECU HW BV6N-14C24

    Read IPC:
    Unknown ECU HW CM5T-14C226-AA

    thanks in advance!

  75. Hi

    Do you know if it’s possible to update the information trip computer to the quad screen view using focccus.

      1. I just tried with foCCCus 0.8.5 and my Fiesta ST and got an error when I tried to read from BCM. It said “Can’t connect to ECU”, so not sure how you did it.

      2. How did you connect to ecosport???

        I have errors and don’t want to connect.

        I try elmconfig and focccus

        Please share how you did it.

  76. Good Day,

    With Focccus:
    – Read from BCM: Error during loading VBF.
    – Read from IPC: Hangs on at %97
    With ForScan:
    – Unable to access to DTCs if I select I do have a device that has enabled selection for HS CAN/ MS CAN.

    I tried to access both apps with radio and Air Condition enabled. Also the hand brake was on and the gearbox on parking position.

    Would you mind to tell me if radio, air condition machine, gearbox or hand brake could have any sense with this?

    Thanks in advance.

  77. Very interesting article. But do you know if this will also work on a Mk2 Ford Kuga. It shares the same floorpan build as a Focus, just wondered if it also has same software etc etc.
    I’m looking at enabling my newly fitted towbar module to my 2013 Kuga.

      1. Hi james ive sent to u a couple of msgs however i guess ure flooded with requests! I was wandering if i could buy from you one of the wires please or if i can find them on aliexpress (i coumdnt find the specified chips) let me know please and thanks for helping us that much and also to tje creator

  78. Hi guys,

    This is a n00b question.
    I’ve just received the cable and also installed the program. What is the proper way to read and write any new settings change from “Central Config” tab into the the Focus Mk3?

    1. Acc off?
    2. Acc on?
    3. Engine running?

    i’ve tried with Acc on and engine running and when I clicked “Write to BCM”, the car will throw out errors like transmission fluid low, Active city stop is not functioning, etc.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Normal for it to throw out errors like trans fluid low, etc … happens to me.

      You should turn ACC to ON … Don’t start the car!

      Once you write to the BCM you will likely have DTCs written (I did when I did the global open/close). Just open ForScan and read and clear DTCs on both HS and MS buses. Whole process is easy.

  79. Hello guys,

    Does Focccus support automatic protocol change with STN1170? I have interface with this chip and can read and write Central Config, can read e.g. PCM and ABS tabs with ignition ON, but cannot read IPC tab. I’m not sure which module goes through which protocol (MS/HS CAN). Is it fault of the interface, the program or maybe IPC is not accessible if I have the simplest display (mono-color text display).

    Moreover, I had to use Elmconfig to set 2Mbit baudrate for my interface (by default it was set to 38400). Maybe I should configure it to “support” addtional commands?


  80. Does this work on the mk3 focus s? Just ordered the hardware.. just made the stupid move of not checking if my s is compatible before hand..

  81. Hi James,

    Just want to confirm, that elmconfig and this new foCCCus can use the same cable but different software?

  82. Hi, I have tried your latest software version 0.8.2 because is a RCM tab and I thinked that if I initialise the RCM module I could erase all the crash log that I had.
    Well I got it wrong because I got another error (from the program this time) that inform me that the RCM initialisation fail, then my airbag light instead of steady on now it`s flashes very fast, like 3 times per second (it`s not a flashing code)
    How to get rid of that flashing and keep the airbag light steady on?
    In the meantime I disconected the battery from yesterday and I leave it like that
    I can confitm that when I tried to read the BCM module the light on the cluster was dimmed and I got a lot of errors: low brake fluid, low battery and finaly shutdown and then restarted with an error from the program “could not read the BCM”
    I used a 1.4 version of elm 327 Bluetooth modified. I know that is not recommended but this is the only interface that i had (next week I will buy a elm 327 USB)
    I am interested what version is better because I found four version of it: 1.4, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. I only know, that 1.4, 1.5 and 2.0 is a pirate Chinese copies… The Elm327 original versions are 1.3, 1.4b and 2.1….

      Where do you find the 2.1v??

      Thanks in advance

    2. Your RCM can’t finish initialization procedure because it has crash log. You should erase crash log first, and initialize after that. FoCCCus can’t erase crash now.

      1. Ok, I understood now, so I need to erase the crash log with a IDS original ford? Or I can erase with that elm 327 interface

  83. To OZER, RYAN, and XGLOOM

    I ran into some inconsistencies when I was doing the global open/close config on several cars. No two acted the same. My ST for instance wanted to be running to read the BCM config and ACC mode to write. Other cars wanted to be ACC mode for both, or ACC to read and Running to write. I couldn’t find any reason for this, just figured it out through trial and error. Anyways, I would run into the VBF error frequently. When this happened, I just tried in either ACC or running, then power cycled the car and did it again. Eventually the error would go away and the config would download. Also, very important, make sure every single thing is off in the car, radio, climate, cruise, auto head lights, etc… Including the hand brake. You will get read errors if there is anything running that might associate with the BCM. Hope that helps.

  84. James this article has lit us up over at Excellent write up btw. Id love to see more articles on automotive hacking of this type. What does the developer need to get this program working correctly for my 2013 Focus ST? Currently when I attempt a connection my car flashes a few times then a message says loading secondary bootloader. Sometimes I get an error stating unknown ECU HW-CM5T-14C226-BA. I assume that this is because my .vbf is not included with the program. Any ideas as to how to proceed?

  85. James I noticed how the program prompts you to change can so all good i got that sorted :)
    Thanks so much for you help,

    New problem but, I can read the BCM with no problems but when I go to write to BCM
    The dashboard flashes a few times then I get the error on the program saying
    “Error during loading VBF”

  86. Hi, I use elm327 v1.5 for programming focus mk3 (2012-09). (win7 32bit) focccus 0.6
    While read or write BCM, in %93 get error “VBF checksum error”.
    I try again try maybe 100 times.
    Thanks for your helping…

      1. Hi, no, i use usb elm327 with pic18f2480 and ft232 chip, as you said.
        I realized something after wrote this message.
        I have used 3 different laptop. Every device only first time read BCM. Then, when i try write to bcm, given same error (VBF checksum error) in %92. After then every trying read or write given error.

        Also I realized that every update of focccus, VBF files (in vbf folder) are more then before.
        Are this files symbolizing car variety of Focus? Maybe my car is different then those?

        In focccus module tabs are less then my car. I can connect via FORSCAN perfectly and see/check/reset all moduls. (I forgot save log. I will send it later).


        1. Can you try another ELM327 adapter? May be your adapter is broken?
          What the speed/baudrate select FoCCCus with your adapter?

          1. elm is com6 (other laptop com9)
            com port 38400

            focccus is connect usually 500000 if auto and max speed
            sometimes 38400 and one time 250000

            if i not checkmark auto and max speed, and chose 38400 manually, not connect usually. several times it connect.

            i was try more different driver for com port and usb to serial port. original driver with cd and newer, newest (2002, 2009, 2013, 2014). reasons are same: “vbf checksum error” at %93… both read/write.

            however the forscan is connecting 38400 or 500000 perfectly.

          2. ozer, please turn on log on Log tab and try reading again. After fail, copy the log and send me by email which written on About tab.

          3. Ozer I’m having the same issue as you but im getting a different error, mine connects perfectly too on both 38400 and 500k but when i go to read bcm i get the error “Error during loading VBF” at 93% as well.
            I dont know about you but my dash flashs with a few errors, like brake fluid low and engine malfunction then resets and up comes the error.

          4. Ryan, the errors on dashboard is a normal behavior. While reading config from BCM it is drop all connections with other ECUs and they are displaying errors.
            After that you should clean errors by FORScan or other software.

          5. Ryan, Dashboard errors are same as my car.
            How did you reset its? İng. off/on?
            I was try connect off accu+ then connect on during fit brake peddal.

          6. Can these dash errors be cleared with normal tuning/diagnostic readers? I am hoping to have my ELM327 wired up today and want to test this out but not if it will break my car. Is there a solution to the 93% upload error yet?

          7. @JStump24
            I can assure you it wont do any damage to your car at all. For safety of course when you wire up your ELM327 on the front page of the FoCCCus program there is a backup button, make sure you back up your data and clearly mark it and you’ll be fine. After you’ve written or just read either the BCM or IPC use FORscan, a diagnostics tool and clear all the error codes, please note that these are not actual errors there just an effect of the ELM327 reading the cars data, its harmless.
            I’m in conversation with xGloooM, the developer of the FoCCCus program and we are working towards a fix for my issue, which is an ELM327 issue and not necessarily a program issue.
            When I started my ELM327 would only read in MS-CAN, which is the IPC module in your Mk3 Focus but now with some playing around with the program i’ve been able to get it to read successfully and write up to 80% and then i get a “error loading the VBF”, as far as myself and xGloooM can work out this is a ELM327 error and not one caused by the program. However we are working together to solve ASAP. As for now we have worked out that there is a resetting issue with the ELM and after the first use it seems to need resetting otherwise an error will occur without fail after the first try. However, we’ve been able to make it work up to 80% of the writing stage to the BCM without fail so we are close to a complete solution.
            In saying that but in MS-CAN the read and write to the IPC is without fault at all.
            I hope all this information has helped you and everyone else.

          8. Hi again,
            I tried to program at another mk3 focus via XP laptop and original drivers. It has been same errors. “VBF checksum error” at %93 more times.
            Therefore, cause of this problem ELM? (But i have no another elm for trying.) My forum friends have succeed to programming them cars.
            If so can i say that my elm is not support or broken?

        2. Thanks for the update, I’ll be sure to backup beforehand. Can’t wait to tinker with this, looks promising though!

          1. Also, if you guys need anything from me, let me know. I got all the parts today so I can get you log files or whatever you need to get us up and running here in the US. I am working with a bunch of guys on who are dying to get this to work haha.

  87. Hey James, just a small(stupid question)
    On the modified elm327 box, when do you flip the switch to the other mode?
    Mine will be arriving in the next few days and just wanted to know
    what the switch is for/what it does haha.
    Thanks, Ryan.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      The switch changed the connection between high bus (can+) and low bus (can-). Basically the unmodofied cables only works on one can system (can low) and we modify the cable to work on both network connections (high and low can) the manual switch is used to switch between the two networks. Can high usually controls major systems (abs, airbags, engine) and the can low is everything else (stereo, windows, doors)

      1. Well that explains it!
        But how do we know when to change from can low to high or vica versa?
        Does the program ask for that change?

      1. Hi, I’m FoCCCus developer.

        As far as I know that Fiesta mk7 is the same platform of electronics with Focus mk3.

        You can try to read central config from your fiesta. If it is unsuccessful please write to me on email.

        1. I confirm: no luck with Fiesta 2011 (1.6 TDCi 95cv DPF).
          It would be nice to also have the ASBUILT editor as per the Focus III :-)

        2. xGloooM,

          I saw in Focccus program files, and have too many VBF files, this files are the code of each modules in Focus car, i’m Right?

          If yes, how could I generate / find this files to Fiesta.
          And if this possible, in your program, is only put this vbf files (of fiesta) on VBF directory?

          Best regard

        3. Hello xGloooM.
          Is there any chance to do something with this error can’t get security into ecu in FF mk3,5 2015 f1et f1ft?

        4. Hello xGloooM,

          I’m from Germany. I want to access my newly bought Fiesta MK7 from 2012. When i try “Read from BCM” i always get the error “Cant read from BCM. Switch to MS-CAN”.

          I want to send you the log, but i havent got an email address from you. I cant find an email address in FoCCCus. Can you send me an email? I want to help you in developing the FoCCCus software.

          My email address is [email protected]

          Greetings from Germany,

          Christian Hase

    1. I have a question James,

      Do you know, where can I buy a a good elm327? what version is better? 1.4b or 2.1? Because I have a little fear of Chinese copies v1.5


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