Top 3 Dangers You Face On The Road

UK Road Dangers

Our roads are becoming more dangerous by the day. There is now a higher rate of fatal accidents than ever before. Believe it or not, many lives could have been saved if people simply followed advice. You learn everything you need to know about driving safely on the roads before passing your test. So, try not to slip into any bad habits. As you will learn, it is not only the actions of others that can put you at risk.

Trucks / Lorries / Professional Drivers

People who drive for a living spend a long time on the road. That can often make them feel tired and increase the likelihood of an accident. There is nothing you can do about other drivers, and so it’s wise to stay alert. Your reaction times could make all the difference if something goes wrong.

Weather Conditions

The weather can play a big role in safety on the roads. It’s always sensible to check forecasts before embarking on a long journey. That is the best way to ensure poor conditions don’t take you by surprise. Also, make sure you slow down when the roads are wet. Braking times can increase by up to 50% in those circumstances.


People who drink alcohol and then drive their car are asking for a prison sentence. They might think they are capable of driving, but other roads users will know different. On top of everything else, you risk losing your licence. The courts don’t look favourably on people who consume alcohol.

Now you know about the top 3 dangers on the roads today, we hope you will manage to avoid them. Take a look at the graphic we’ve published if you want to learn about drink driving. It contains some key information that everyone should read.

Infographic designed by Gray & Co

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