Tips to Help Younger Drivers Afford and Maintain Their Very First Car

If you’ve not looked at financing a car for some time, then you might be surprised at just how expensive it can be–especially for a younger driver that doesn’t have much of a driving history. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips that will assist young drivers in purchasing their very first car and maintaining it to a high standard.

Understand how to lower insurance costs

Insuring a young driver is expensive due to their lack of driving experience. The costs can go up even higher if they don’t have a new car with safety features. However, it is possible to get car insurance for young drivers under £1000 as long as you’re willing to study a little so you better understand how the insurance costs are calculated and what you can do to lower them. There are lots of small ways that you can avoid paying for high insurance costs, so we highly suggest you do a bit of research on this topic.

Get to know your local garages

It’s vital that you seek out local garages that can perform maintenance work on your vehicle. You ideally want to get in touch with privately-owned businesses instead of large chains as they’ll often be more open to giving you a completely customised and bespoke service instead of treating you like just another customer. This can help you understand more about the car and potentially lower the costs of maintaining your vehicle.

Don’t be afraid to buy new

Many people think about buying used for their first car, but the reality is that a used car doesn’t always make the most financial sense, especially if you’re going to be keeping the car for a long time. A used car can be more difficult to maintain simply because it’s older, it might have worse fuel efficiency and you might even have to pay more to insure it. In a case like this, buying a cheaper new car actually makes more sense, especially if it’s an investment for the future.

Don’t buy on impulse

Car manufacturers and dealerships often have some fantastic deals that could trick you into impulse buying. However, it’s always best to do your research and take a deeper look at the costs involved in buying a car, if those 0% financing deals are really a good idea, and also if you can actually afford to pay off your vehicle.

Be more mindful about how you use your car

Small things such as gentle acceleration and keeping a moderate speed can greatly improve your fuel efficiency and thus reduce your operating costs. Keeping your car light by removing any heavy unneeded objects also means that you won’t spend as much fuel moving your car. Lastly, regular maintenance can seem expensive, but it will help to identify things that could be making your car run poorly, especially if it’s a used vehicle. These small tips can help you save fuel when driving which makes it much easier to maintain your car over a long period of time.

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