Checks You Need To Make When Buying Your First Car

So, you have finally done it, after months or maybe even years of hard work, dedication and stress, you have passed your driving test. Now that you have your licence, you are more than likely very eager to head on out and find your first car, but one thing you need to know is that buying your first car isn’t an easy task.

When it comes to used cars nowadays, the market is flooded and knowing which way to turn can be impossible. For many people, they often choose to visit a local big and established dealer because something that big cannot do you wrong, right?

Well, unfortunately, when it comes to places you probably shouldn’t be buying cars from, these places are way up there. While they give off the impression of being trustworthy, the truth is, they manage thousands of cars, and they do so very quickly. In a situation like this, things will always get missed.

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at where you should be shopping for cars, and then we are going to look at a few checks you should be making before you even leave the house. Hopefully, if you take our advice today, you will be able to find yourself an amazing first car that will last you as long as you require.

Where To Look For Cars

The first thing you should be doing when it comes to buying your first car is finding out where the best place to start looking is. Generally, when it comes to buying a reliable second-hand car, you should be looking at local independent car deals.

While in the past these guys have got a bad wrap, and don’t get us wrong, there are still some cowboys out there; there will always be the well-established ones that really are worth trusting.

Where possible, avoid buying new or private for your first car, this can often be a huge mistake. With private, you get no protection, and with new, you will never get value for your money. Small to medium-sized dealers like Direct Car Credit are a great choice as you will get value and protection with your purchase.


One of the main things that people generally don’t do when buying a new car is spending enough time online finding out all the details.

When it comes to checks that you should be doing, you need to research car makes and models and you also need to be looking closely as things like reliability and cost. One of the biggest mistakes made by people buying their first car is going on looks alone. 

When you buy a car that you think looks good, the chances are that you may be buying a lemon and you will end up paying more out in repairs than you would ever have imagined.

The final thing you will want to look at is the insurance cost of any cars that catch your eye. As a new driver, it can be saddening when you first see how much your insurance is going to cost you.

The best advice we can give is to shop around and where possible go straight to the insurance company, unlike comparison sites they will often give some haggle and wiggle room on the price.

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