The Best Racing Games You Can Play Today

Any self-confessed car-nut is often someone who cares for the practical development of their hobby. This means that not only is learning about a vehicle range enough, hoping to try it behind the wheel, to see it in action or to learn about the history is an amazing prospect. There are few car nuts who aren’t thoroughly interested in the idea of restoring a classic vintage automotive, or who may love to visit a premium car meet and expo one day.

Thankfully, petrolheads also have their interest and passion replicated and simulated in a stunning manner, through the many fantastic video games on offer today. Viewing the best car racing games you can play today does not only give you the chance to race cars you may never have the chance to throw around a track, but in modern simulations, may even teach you a little about car history using real models and manufacturers. Who knows, a car you become familiar with today might be the same model you view in the Emerald House of Cars tomorrow. You’re likely interested in just what titles could offer this motivation. Let’s explore this below:

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is currently very cheap to play through the Xbox Game Pass on PC or Xbox consoles, and there’s a reason it’s the first recommendation on this list. It’s because Turn 10 Studios, allied with Microsoft, find themselves absolutely in love with vehicles. This UK studio take painstaking efforts to replicate each vehicle’s interior, exterior, handling and engine setups in the most accurate manner possible, meaning that you are not only learning about the vehicles on offer, but you are also enjoying a confident replication of how they handle. It’s games like this that set the standard for a motoring lover, as it’s not just wasting time smashing vehicles together on a track that has the depth of content here, but the ability to show just what vehicles do when under stress.

Forza Motorsport 7

Another Forza title is on this list, but this time it’s the sister series, Forza Motorsport. This is known for being Forza’s most accurate driving experience. While Horizon has many excellent realistic renditions of vehicles, the races themselves are set up to be fun, and the world is fictional. If you’re looking for real-world tracks, a higher degree of vehicles and excellent customization, Motorsport 7 is for the enthusiasts. Who knows? You may even find a vehicle here to be so enjoyable to drive, you search for it using Emerald House of Cars to find prices and used offers.

Dirt Rally 2

Video games should also help us realize the pipe dreams we may never realize, such as throwing down a rally vehicle down a dirt track. With Dirt Rally 2, all of this is experienced for the better and more, as weather effects, griding wet tracks and the race announcer combine to provide a visceral experience like no other. Sit back with your friends and try to beat one another’s time trials – you’re sure to find some true excitement through this experience.

With these tips, you’re sure to play the best racing games on offer today.

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