Are You Road-Trip Ready?

Although travelling by plane is more accessible than it’s been since the dawn of commercial flight, there’s still a huge allure in the idea of an epic road trip that many travellers can’t keep away from.  Whether you want to see more of your own country or you’re exploring a whole new one, here are a few tips for making sure you have the trip of a lifetime…

Get the Car Ready

First and foremost, get your car thoroughly cleaned before you hit the road. If you and your travel buddies are surrounded by gum wrappers, receipts, fast food wrappers and so on for hours at a time, it’s going to bring the mood down slightly! Next, make sure that you have all the storage you’re going to need on your trip. Sure, your suitcases may just about fit into the car, but what about all the souvenirs and curiosities that you’re going to pick up along the way? It may be worth budgeting for bike racks, roof boxes and so on from a company like this Leisureshopdirect Thule Specialist. Finally, take your car to an auto shop and have the whole thing given a once-over. Have them check the car’s fluids, tyres, and anything else that might cause technical problems out on the road. Furthermore, don’t set off without some emergency things like a spare tyre, jumper cables and extra fluids.

Have a Vague Plan


When you’re driving long distances, delays aren’t a freak occurrence, they’re a rule! Things aren’t always going to go your way, which is why you shouldn’t overschedule your road trip and set yourself up for disappointment. Planning everything meticulously is going to end up with you trundling up the road when you should have been asleep, having to cancel a hotel reservation so you can pay for another, and other less desirable situations. On the other hand, heading out on the road with no plan at all can lead to similar and even more trying problems. Have some kind of route in mind, with any attractions and sights you definitely want to hit. However, don’t go so overboard with the planning that you end up shooting yourself in the foot!

Work Out a Division of Labour

When car trips are good, they can be truly unforgettable experiences. However, when they’re bad, they’re terrible for everyone involved. In order to avoid the potential stress factors, you should set out with a system for dividing up the labour that needs tending to. Some people are great with navigation, others wouldn’t be able to figure out Google Maps if they tried. Some people are highly resourceful cooks, whereas others are happy to have a big bag of chips for dinner. Talking with your party long before the trip, and finding some way to share out the labour that will keep everything moving along nicely, can save you all kinds of stress further down the road, figuratively and literally!

These three tips will ensure that you have the road trip of a lifetime!

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