Are Budget Tyres Safe to Use Regularly in Cars?

Budget Tyres

Every motorist is aware of the importance of car tyres and how they can impact the performance, safety and efficiency of the vehicle. It can also cost a huge amount to replace worn or damaged tyres, which means that a common question from motorists is whether or not budget tyres are safe to use on vehicles.

All Tyres Must Pass Checks

The answer to this question is yes because all tyres have to pass the same checks for roadworthiness before becoming available to the general public regardless of the brand or quality. This means that you do not have to worry about opting for budget tyres as they will always be safe and reliable and can be an excellent way to make savings too.

Premium & Mid-Range

So, if budget tyres are safe to use as a replacement then what is the difference between premium, mid-range and budget tyres? Premium tyres often utilize the latest tyre technology, engineering and safety testing which means that you do get a better experience with these brands and they will often outperform when it comes to wear, grip and efficiency. Mid-range, meanwhile, use some but not all of the same technology for improved performance and can outperform budget tyres but for lower prices than premium.


Budget tyres use the least technology and have the simplest design, but you should not worry about safety or performance because they must meet certain standards to be deemed roadworthy. While they cannot match the performance of premium and mid-range, they can be a great solution for those looking to make savings or for use on second vehicles that might have a lower mileage. Budget tyres can be good value for money provided that you are not travelling huge distances or travelling at high speeds and you might be surprised at just how much you could save.

Looking After Your Tyres

No matter what type of tyres you purchase, you always need to keep a close eye on them even with premium brands. Tyres will always wear down over time, so you need to keep them topped up the right pressure, examine them for signs of damage and check the tread depth on a regular basis – 1.6mm is the legal requirement but it is recommended that you change them well before this.

Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference and how much money you can afford to spend. Industry experts recommend spending as much as you can on tyres, but they can be expensive so often budget will be the best choice. You should not worry if you can only afford budget tyres as they are still safe and roadworthy but simply will not be able to match the performance of mid-range and premium (although the difference is often negligible).

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