Published on September 7th, 2016 | by James Simpson

    Ford Focus RS 2016 Drift Mode Fail

    You will have already heard about the controversial “Drift Mode” on the new 2016 Focus RS MK3, claiming “anyone can drift” but that quite seems to be irrelevant according to this video.

    The footage was captured on a number of cameras when a owners club decided to take a drive out, but there was one reckless driver that wanted to show off his “skillz” to the rest of the club, but ended in possibly writing off his RS (in future if someone is thinking about this on a public road, just hand me the keys and sign over the V5 to me).

    It is safe to say this member is now an ex member of the owners club for this act of stupidity. Please keep this type of thing on the track the rest of you RS owners.


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