Maintenance Tips for your First Car

First Car Maintenance Tips

Investing in your first car is quite a milestone. Whether you purchase a brand new, shiny set of wheels or opt for a second-hand model, there is generally a degree of car maintenance required in the upkeep of any vehicle. Regularly following car maintenance tips will go a long way in prolonging the smooth running of your new car and is it is recommended that you get your vehicle checked by a mechanic at least once a year. The RAC also have some excellent ways to make your car last longer, some of which you can do yourself. Mechanical tasks such as changing filters, checking and maintaining the battery, and keeping fluids topped up are all small essentials that will help keep your car in tip top condition and it is worth learning how to do these at home, as it is quite a bit cheaper than taking your car to a garage. Checking your tyres and brakes regularly is also crucial when it comes to safety.

Repairing Scratches

We all know how costly car repairs can be. Whether caused by a minor accident or misjudged attempt to slot into a parking space. Small scratches and scrapes on a car are relatively easy to fix with a scratch repairer or bodywork restorer liquid. Likewise, fixing bodywork on modified cars is quite easy to do when you have the right tools to hand. Other essential checks to perform on your car in terms of both maintenance and safety include the following:

  • Ensure tyres have the correct inflation pressure
  • Monitor your battery to be sure it is not going flat or burning out
  • Check that your exterior lighting is functioning – e.g. side and headlamps, brake lights
  • Change the engine oil and filter in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Be sure that the brake fluid level is sufficient
  • Ensure windscreen wipers are working and windscreen wash is topped up

Car Wash & Wax

When it comes to the exterior, keeping your car looking clean and shiny is satisfying but also goes a long way in caring for the engine, wheels and body of the vehicle. Some of the best ways to keep your vehicle looking better for longer include regular checks with a mechanic and car washes. Whether you clean your car in the driveway yourself or take it to a garage, cleaning the dust, mud, dirt and debris away will ensure they do not damage any car parts. Foreign materials can also be quite dangerous when wedged in an awkward spot or in the grooves of a tyre, for example. It is possible to purchase special car shampoo and wax, both of which are designed to clean the toughest of grease and oil, without damaging the sealant on your car’s paintwork. These types of products generally deliver excellent results and can be very effective in protecting the outside of your car.

Naturally, once the exterior is done it is worth giving the interior a quick vacuum and clean, to keep the inside of your car fresh, clean and comfortable. With regular checks and maintenance, your car is more likely to run smoothly for many years and it is less likely that you will run into car trouble or issues that will set you back a lot of money in the long run. Plus, regular maintenance and checks go a long way in ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive.

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