Cool Car Ideas to Make a Unique Impression This Summer


When the sun is blazing down on a hot day, there is nothing more thrilling than hopping in your car, putting the roof down and heading out for a long drive in the country. With the music playing and your friends chilling in the back you could feel more at ease. Your car is your pride and joy, so making your car your own is really important to you. Summer is the perfect time to make some changes to your much loved vehicle; sprucing it up for the sunshine is what every car owner should do. Follow these fancy ideas to make your car feel perfectly personal to you.

Personalised Plates

When you pull up to your friend’s driveway and open up the boot ready to load the car full of bags and other belongings, you want it to look in tip top condition. Your car is your pride and joy, so making it look special and unique to you is really important. If you haven’t already got personalised number plates then you might want to consider investing in them. Private plates can transform your car from ordinary to out of this world; it doesn’t really matter what type of car you driver either. If you have awesome registration plates then you are going to look cool no matter what.

Get a Valet

Before your friends and guests hop into the car for a long road trip, you need to make sure it is clean and pristine for them. Having a super dirty and unkempt car just isn’t cool anymore. Having your backseat overflowing with trash and empty water bottles needs to stop especially when you’re out driving in the summer sun. Have a good clean out and throw away your rubbish; treat your car to the ultimate valet service both inside and out. Everything will be looking in top condition as soon as it’s all finished.

Improve Your Sound Systems

Blasting out some tunes with the roof rolled down is one of the best aspects of any summer road trip. You can relive your teenage years and listen to old school 90’s chart music, whilst nodding your heads to the soothing beats of summer. Upgrading your sound system will give you much better quality bass and everyone will be envious of how amazing the music sounds.

Maps Are Always Handy

If you are planning a lot of road trips this summer then you need to make sure you know where you are going at all times. Sat navs are a must have for every driver, especially during the summer months. You will want to go on adventures and visit places you have never been before, so knowing where you are going will make all the difference. Reduce your stresses and make sure your end destination is always clear by investing in the best digital maps for your car.

In-Built SatNav

Choose Your Scent

Climbing into a car for a fun filled journey can get quite hot and sticky in the summer months. Everything will be all good if you have a solid air-con system in place, similarly you might want to find some of the the best car smells to keep your vehicle smelling fresh at all times.

Replace Your Seat Covers

If you’re looking for a bigger and better summer upgrade for your car, then you might want to consider your seat covers. Refreshing your seats will make your car look and feel like brand new. Whether you want to change up the color scheme or go simple with your style, you will have a variety of options to choose from.

You will be using your car a lot more over the summer months so now is the perfect time to give it the extra care and attention it deserves. Instead of inviting your friends into a motor that is over spilling with old McDonalds wrappers and looking pretty outdated from the inside out, you can welcome them into your newly made over luxury vehicle. Even though your car deserves this special treatment all year round, summer is arguably the most important time of year to get it up to date. A dirty car in summer is so obvious on the roads, so keep it sparkling and shiny when the sun is out. Now is the season for long summer car rides and road trips to new destinations; life is so much better when you have a great car to explore in, so do you best to upgrade it and make it unique this season.

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