I Just Sold My Old Car And Made A Profit! Here’s How I Did It

Subaru Impreza

You might know by now that there is many a way to sell a car these days. It’s also no secret that the internet has made it even easier for people to get rid of their vehicles. But, it’s rare to hear how someone can sell a car they own AND make a profit!

For most people, it’s an accepted fact that cars depreciate. That means they lose their value over time. But, I managed to buck the trend and make some money on the car I just sold, believe it or not!

Want to know how I did it? 

I had a car for sale that was in high demand

Don’t get me wrong; most cars on the market are in demand by motorists. But, there are times where some folks want a model that is rare or hard to find. I just happened to own such a vehicle.

Car pricing is often complicated. There are many factors that can affect the value of a used car. Examples include how many got produced and how many are in existence. In my case, I had a rare Japanese import – a special edition Subaru Impreza.

There are around ten other examples that I know of in the UK. That’s one of the reasons that drove up the value of my car.

I took good care of it

It doesn’t matter if you have a super rare car or a Ford Focus. What does matter is that it’s in immaculate condition. The last thing a buyer wants to deal with is a car whose engine dies on the way home!

My “Scooby” had no expense spared on it. I got it serviced and maintained by a Subaru specialist, and I’ve got the bills to prove it. I also didn’t drive the car like a boy racer. The thing about sports cars is that enthusiasts just know if it doesn’t sound right. My example sounded just like it did when it was born in Gunma, Japan.

I advertised it for sale online

I thought about selling my car by advertising in the local paper. But, who reads their local papers these days? Most of us turn to the Web when we want to buy a car. So, I figured the best place to sell my car was on the Internet!

To increase my chances of selling it for the price I wanted, I advertised on a few websites. If you’re selling a car, irrespective of the make and model, don’t just stick with one site.

I offered a year’s MOT and a fresh service

Last, but not least, I made sure my trusty Subaru was ready for its new home. Before I advertised it for sale, I got an MOT done on it and had it serviced at the same time. All the new buyer has to do is insure and tax it.

These are tips that I recommend you apply to any car you’ve got for sale. Quite often, you’ll make more than the cost of the MOT and service when you sell your car.

I hope these tips prove useful for you. Thanks for reading my blog post today!

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