How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive?

Learning To Drive

The main question that a lot of learner drivers have is, how long will it take to learn to drive? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question because it depends on a lot of different factors. Some people pick it up a lot faster than others and they will sail through their lessons and pass first time. But it doesn’t come naturally to everybody and some people take a lot longer. If you are about to start learning and you are concerned about how long it will take, these are some of the major factors that affect it.

The Number Of Lessons You Have Each Week

The most obvious factor is the number of lessons that you take each week. If you have time and you can afford it, you should try to have driving lessons at least once a week. When you first start out, leaving a long time between lessons makes it far more difficult because you forget things and you have to keep re-learning each time, which means you don’t progress that much with each lesson. Ideally, having two lessons a week for the first month or so is best because it gives you the chance to get to grips with all of the basic mechanics of the car. After that, you can drop down to one lesson a week without worrying about forgetting the basics. However, the more lessons you can get in, the faster the process will be.

How Much Private Practice You Have

Learning to drive is all about practice and the more time you spend behind the wheel, the more confident you will be. So, you should try to get in as much private practice as you can outside of your lessons. Ask a family member to take you out whenever they have time so you can build on what you learn in your lessons. It is estimated that the average driver needs 23 hours of private practice before they pass.

The Extent Of Your Driving Experience

Doing a lot of private practice is good, but you won’t benefit as much if you drive the same route over and over. Driving in the same conditions all of the time limits your experience as well. It’s important that you practice driving on small rural roads as well as main roads, and you get some experience driving in wet or icy conditions as well. That is why some people argue that it’s actually better to take longer to learn so you can experience driving in all seasons.

Your Performance On Test Day

Once you feel prepared, you can book your test. Most people are fine with the theory test, as long as they revise. However, the practical test is a lot harder and passing first time is quite difficult. If you don’t perform well, it can be quite a while before you can book another test in, so this will extend the time it takes to get your license.

Learning to drive is different for everybody and some people take longer than others. The most important thing is to take your time and don’t rush into your test before you feel confident enough to pass.

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