Born To Be Wild, Not Reckless (Essential Motorcycle Road Trip Advice)

If you are thinking of testing what you’ve learned at MTS in motorbike or taking your hog and heading out on the highway anytime soon, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you can absolutely can that Born To Be Wild feeling, while also staying safe, and not taking any unnecessary risks. A topic you can get some essential advice on in the post below. taking your hog and heading out on the highway anytime soon, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you can absolutely can that Born To Be Wild feeling, while also staying safe, and not taking any unnecessary risks. A topic you can get some essential advice on in the post below. 

Location & route 

Planning your link beforehand is essential. 

OK, so it will depend on who you speak to, but many motorcycle road trippers pick the route they want to do first and then match up the type of bike with the climate, terrain, and conditions they expect. Although some will still argue that it is the bike that needs to be chosen first. 

However, whichever way you see it, sooner or later, you will need to choose your route and location and take account of the challenges you are likely to experience while riding it. 

Of course, there are some routes that are famous in the motorcycle world because they provide such as amazing rising experience. One, in particular, being the Iceland ring road, which, yep you guessed it basically circles the island of Iceland, all 828 miles of it! A trail where you can expect some pretty fantastic views!

The tour itself usually starts in the capitalist city Rejuvick, but do be aware if you want to take your own bike and not hire one there, you will need to get it shipped over in advance. This being something that can be on the pricey side. 

If you are looking to stay closer to home, then the North Coast 500 in Scotland may be the best choice? This is because not only can you ride your bike up there, but there are some pretty impressive views and scary hairpins bend to try your skill at too. 

Of course, there are many more options as well, but it’s worth noting that both of the courses mentioned above can be subject to extreme weather, especially in the colder season. Something that means it essential that you not only note what conditions to expect when you start your ride but prepare for them with the correct tires as well. To do otherwise would be reckless, indeed. 


The bike you choose is always going to be essential for your road trip. In fact, it can make the difference between having the time of your life and it being a nightmare from start to finish! Of course, it’s likely that you will already have your own preference when it comes to bikes, whether that be chopper, cruiser, or sports bike orientated. In fact, many folks prefer to ride or have their own steed shipped out to the location they wish to explore. 

There is always the option of hiring a bike too or even buying a new one for the ride. Although, if you do decide to go along this route, be sure to get some practice time to get a feel for your machine, before you start on your journey proper. After all, it would be reckless not to be completely used to the weight and acceleration before you start challenging yourself on some of the more challenging courses. 

Keeping costs down

While it is crucial that you aren’t reckless with your safety on your motorcycle road trip, it also pays to be sensible with your money as well. Of course, the costs for such a trip can soon add up what with fuel accommodation, bike hire and maintenance, food, and even flights and bike shipping if you are going abroad. 

Luckily, there are some tactics you can take to minimize any money that you have to pay out. One is to plan your route carefully, making sure that you stop at fuel stations that are offering the best price per liter to refill. It is also a smart idea to look into carrying a tent rather than staying in hotels, bed, and breakfasts, as this can keep the cost as low as possible too. 

Additionally, maintaining your own bike during our journey can help you save a pretty penny too. You can even buy motorcycle spares online with 48-hour shipping now. Something that means, even if your bike completely breaks down, you could have it up and running very quickly and safely again, with barely any time taken out of your schedule. 

Safety gear 

Safety is always, of course, and that means it’s crucial that even before you set out on your trip, you invest in the right gear for your ride. Obviously, that means a helmet as this is not only a legal requirement for bike riding in Europe but can literally save your life. 

Don’t forget that you will want some decent gloves and boots and as well. The reason being that not only will you want to be sure that you stay as warm as possible, but because they can protect you from any scrapes during your ride as well. 

Sleep, rest, and safety 

Finally, just as you wouldn’t drive on a road trip in car when exhausted, the same applies to a motorcycle journey. What this means is that before you leave, you need to carefully plan each leg of your tour and make sure that you have somewhere suitable to stop and rest at the end of each one. 

To this end, many bikers choose to start and end their legs at a hotel, campsite, or even a restaurant or cafe, so they know they can fuel up their bodies as well as their bikes, and so be well rested and ready to go when it comes to time to get out on the road. 

In fact, to ride on an empty stomach or in an exhausted state can be foolish, not only you to your own personal safety but for others on the road as well. Therefore if you want that Born To Be Wild feeling of a motorcycle road trip but also want to be safe and responsible rather than reckless, It’s crucial that you follow this advice on rest, as well as the other advice above. 

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