6 Fantastic Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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Smartphones have completely revamped our lives and there seems to be no limit to their practicality in our lifestyles. We use phones for multiple purposes. We make calls, send messages, and use them for taking photos, use social sites and a lot more. However there are a number of brilliant things you might have never thought about. This post provides insights into what more your smartphones can do. Here are the 7 brilliant and fantastic things everyone can do with their smartphones.

Test Remote Control Batteries

When you are using a remote control and it stops working, you may need to rush to their nearest market to get it repaired or buy a new one. You might have never thought that there is a simple way to check if its battery is dead or it ran out of order. You need to hold the remote in your hand, open the camera app of your smartphone, point it to the camera, press any button and if it shows a light then the problem is with batteries. And your remote is all fine. You just need to buy new battery for it.

Screen Mirroring Apps

You may need to show the vacation trip photos to your grandma or you have to show an important video in the business meeting and don’t have a cable or something to important the stuff into your PC, don’t worry because there are a number of apps that let you save the day. Just install APower Mirror, and you will be able to play video, music, and present photos right from your smartphone. You can even broadcast your favorite games in real time. No USB cable is needed!

Monitoring Your Kids Remotely

Nowadays the biggest challenge for parents is to keep eyes on their kids and what they are up to. This is very much important to ensure their safety and protection. Kids are not wise enough to decide something in urgent situations and they might be kidnapped or harmed. The phone monitoring apps like MSpy are a great help for the parents. You can monitor your kids with these apps, check there whereabouts, and track them all the time to make sure they reach home safely.

Drive Safely

Driving becomes impossible while you are using your phone constantly. Many incidents have been reported where the drivers killed walkers while using their phones. Even now the iOS devices have features that ensure you don’t get a call or anything distracting. However, when you are driving in the dark and want to keep your eyes on the road constantly, HUDWAY app really comes in handy.

Send Text Messages From Computer

You may need to send text messages when your phone is dead. WhatsApp and other messaging apps help you communicate through desktop but you may have no idea of how to send text messages from your personal computer. This is effective when your phone is dead but you want to connect with someone. MightyText is a wonderful and easy to use program that you can install on your computer to send text messages. All the messages sent or received on your phone number will appear on your computer’s screen.

Keep Yourself Safe

Harassment cases have increased over the past few years. Women are not safe late night. If they have to travel alone or return to home late from work, they must take every care. However, there are many apps that ensure your safety when you are out. You will have feature to contact emergency departments or police if something nasty happens. Bingo!


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