Turning Any SUV Into An All-Terrain Vehicle

All Terrain Vehicle

SUVs have changed quite a bit over the last few decades. Once made as vehicles that were designed to be able to take more rough and tumble than the average car, modern SUVs are often made to make a fashion statement. While this isn’t an issue for most drivers, it can leave those who want a vehicle that can tackle challenging terrain unsure of the direction to take. Thankfully, though, this post is here to help you out.

By exploring all of the elements that you will need to make your city SUV into a true all-terrain vehicle, this post will be giving you the keys to a far more suitable car. Of course, though, this is going to take some time, effort, and, most importantly, money, so it’s well worth spending some time to research your options before you dive right in.

Wheels & Tyres

The wheels on your car are one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to its off-road suitability. Without the right wheels, you simply won’t be able to tackle terrain rougher than the average road, and this makes it well worth looking for options that will work for you. Thankfully, the market is packed with excellent wheels for off-road use.

Specialist 4×4 wheels can be found all over the web, giving you a wealth of choice when you’re picking this option. Wheels like this will be stronger and sturdier than those found on normal cars, while also being much easier to change in a pinch. Some 4×4 wheels are even designed to deal with extreme climates.

Alongside your rims, it will also make sense to look at some tyres as you go through this process. While you will already have tyres on your SUV, it’s unlikely that they have the right level of grip to be used off-road. This makes it crucial that you look for options that have plenty of grips, while also being easy to inflate and deflate as needed.


The suspension is another crucial area for off-road vehicles, with regular road suspension struggling to keep up with the bumps you find on rough terrain. This makes it well worth researching the type of suspension you have, exploring beefier options if you aren’t sure if they are suitable for off-road use. Modern suspension can often have more than one road, making it possible to fit a system that will be perfect for both off-road and road use.

Skid Plates

The underside of your SUV is very vulnerable when you are travelling off-road. Sticks, stones, and other debris can easily cause damage to this part of your car, halting your adventures in their tracks. Thankfully, though, you can get protection in the form of a skid plate for this. Many car models have options available for this already, but you may have to look at getting one made if you can’t find one that is for sale.


Windows are another vulnerable part of your car when you are travelling off-road. It is less likely that a part like this will break than something like your suspension, though it can be worth looking for protection for the front of your vehicle if you can find a viable option. Windscreen guards are quite common in fields like law enforcement, but they have also become very popular amongst those who like to drive off-road.


Being able to see is crucial when you are travelling through the wilderness. Adventures like this often force drivers to use their vehicle at night, giving you little choice but to rely on your lights to get you to your destination. Regular headlights are great, but won’t give you anywhere near as much light as a proper spotlight.

Alongside lighting, it can also be worth thinking about adopting camera systems in your SUV. Reversing across dangerous terrain will be much easier with a video feed that you can see clearly, but you could also consider the idea of adding other sensors, too. Making sure that you can see everything around you is always a good idea.


Having enough storage can be tricky when you are setting off for a long adventure. Water is often the hardest problem to solve, with many modern explorers choosing to fit tanks into the back of their SUVs. This can be a great way to ensure that you don’t have to include towns in your journey but will limit the space inside your SUV.

This makes it worth spending some time to find roof-mounted storage options for things like clothing. Food can be kept inside your car, ensuring that it stays in an environment with climate control, while everything else sits on the outside. Of course, this will only be necessary for long trips.

Tools & Spares

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the tools and spares you take with you. A toolkit will be essential, and you need to make sure that it contains everything you need to be able to make small repairs to your car. Alongside this, a spare wheel, fuel, and things like brake pads can also be extremely useful, saving you from getting stranded.

Some people choose to take this to the extreme, fitting winches and other tools to their car to make sure that they can get themselves out of any situation. It can be hard to predict what you will come across while travelling off-road, but being prepared will make the whole experience far more comfortable. Without this work, you could easily find yourself in trouble without a way to get out of it.

Travelling off-road can be very fun, but you need to make sure that you have the right tools to handle this correctly. Some people will choose to ignore advice like this, though this can be a quick way to get yourself into trouble. It’s always worth considering the position you could find yourself in if you don’t have the tools to solve problems for yourself.

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