The Most Common Driving Test Errors & How to Avoid Them

Driving Test Tips

Having a driving test is a daunting experience and even someone that is confident and capable behind the wheel can feel anxious in the run-up to and during their test. It is important to know that often it is the same mistakes that people make that cause them to fail, so it is helpful to be aware of what these are whether it is your first test or your fifth – keep reading to find out more.

Not Having Total Control of the Steering Wheel

People often have bad habits when it comes to steering even before they have passed their test. This is because it is so common for people to drive without having full control of the steering wheel, which is hugely dangerous. You must remember “10 and 2” at all times and keep your hands in these positions when driving so that you have full control. To develop positive habits, you need to spend time practicing in the car and embedding good driving habits into your performance. You might find that you can develop confidence by driving a used car with a friend or family member in the passenger seat in addition to your lessons.

Check All Your Mirrors

Often, it is something as basic as checking all of your mirrors before getting started or pulling out and this could simply be down to nerves. It is important to demonstrate that you are doing the proper safety checks and it is a good idea to make it obvious to the examiner that you are checking (you could even say out loud that you are checking the mirrors). This should be more than a glance as you need to make sure that you are fully aware of your surroundings and not endangering yourself and other road users.

Not Responding Properly to Road Traffic Signs

Do you know what all of the road signs mean? It may seem unimportant and like lost knowledge, but your examiner will be paying close attention during your test and it is important that you know what all of the road signs mean. Obviously, you will need to know and obey speed signs, but it is also important to know the less common road signs and respond appropriately to them when behind the wheel. This will help you to become a safe driver and one that is able to develop confidence on the roads.

These are a few of the most common mistakes that people make during their tests that cause them to fail. There is a good reason why these mistakes cause people to fail as they can create danger on the roads, so it is important to stamp out bad habits so that you can become a safe, confident and competent driver.

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