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    Published on December 27th, 2018 | by James Simpson


    The Most Common Challenges That Online Businesses Face

    Starting up your own online business can be a lucrative career choice or even a side hustle. However, it’s not as simple as just signing up for a website and selling some products. Even with how easy it can be to set up a drop shipping website, there are countless challenges and problems that you could bump into as a result of poor planning.

    So in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most common challenges that you’ll face if you’re ever thinking of starting up your own online business.

    Picking the right items to sell

    This might seem like a silly concern but it’s actually very important to pick the right products to sell. This is because you need to be interested and have experience with the products that you plan to sell and you have to know the industry or at least have some idea of what your audience is like. Without any knowledge about the products you’re selling or your intended audience, it will become incredibly difficult to grow your business over a long period of time.

    Many people try to jump on to trends and sell products that are hot in the industry, but it’s vital that you plan for the long-term by considering what products you want to sell and how you can use your personal knowledge and experiences to market them better.

    Following the rules

    It’s easy to set up a business and start selling, but following the rules is incredibly important now especially with data regulations. Be it KYC compliance that you’re trying to follow or ensuring that your customer data is secured by setting up the relevant security measures, you need to follow the rules to ensure that your business doesn’t garner a bad reputation.

    This also extends to financial rules such as the taxes you need to pay and report, and also the types of products that you sell to ensure you’re not hit with any copyright or trademark infringement lawsuits.

    Social marketing

    There are plenty of different ways to draw in an audience but if you’re not looking at the bigger picture, then it can be difficult getting your foot into the door. You can use typical methods such as pay-per-click advertisements and banner ads on various websites, but if you want a good chance of growing your business then you have to think social.

    This includes paying for shoutouts from popular social media accounts, it includes word of mouth marketing and also establishing a presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to grow your presence. A lot of people fail with social marketing because they’re thinking too traditional and they don’t realize that the internet is perhaps one of the most useful assets that you can take advantage of.

    Whether it’s picking the right items to sell, following the rules by the book or utilizing social marketing, all three of these components are essential to the success of any online business.

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