The Best Way To Sort Influencers Before You Outreach

Blogger outreach is inarguably a necessary part of any SEO campaign. Making friends with influencers and securing vows for your content from them can bring long-lasting results to your website traffic.

You may have already read a hundred articles about what blogger outreach is, and how you should cover it. But, before you start outreaching these bloggers, you need to sort them. Sorting out the best bloggers can benefit you ethically making a huge difference in your website’s SEO.

Well, it may seem a little tedious at first, but sorting out the bloggers to be outreached can save you a lot of time, as well as, bring in more conversions for your cold efforts.

Without any further ado, here’s how you should do it:

Google Is A Gold Mine

Yes, old friend Google has answers to everything, You just need to understand what to search for. Enter the terms that relate best to your blog/website. For example, when you start your hunt for manual blogger outreach prospects, consider the content that you wish to be linked and then enter your search. Say you have a beauty and wellness article about anti-oxidants. What you should be looking for are the blogs that published content about anti-oxidant supplements or wellness tips. The results that rank the top are likely to be the best for outreaching.

Fiddle through the list of results, and measure the traffic as well as the content of the blogs. This would allow you to better match the prospects to your own content quality, along with the potential to increase your traffic through referral links.

Engagement Is The Key To Find The Active Members Within The Blogger Community

As you may already know, even PBNs may have high-quality content as well as sizeable traffic, but linking to these sites may raise suspicion and identify your website as malicious. A smarter way is to identify the bloggers who actively engage with there audience. The reason being, higher engagement translates to the better influential potential of the blogger. Which in turn relates to higher authority of the bloggers over their audience.

Furthermore, when you engage with these bloggers, you build a far better relationship with these bloggers rather than just a professional collaboration. This helps you acquire more links by leveraging the connections of your new friend.

There Are Metrics To Affirm Their Potential

A keynote here is to support your research. And when it comes to supporting a claim or potential, measured values are far better than mere words. They help quantify the aspects of quality and set a benchmark for future exercises. In simple words, you need measured metrics to confirm that the bloggers you’ve sorted are the right fit for you. For example, Ashley from Outreach Monks explains, that a correct equilibrium between these metrics can ensure minimal chances of linking to a malicious or spammy website.

These metrics include domain authority of the blog, citation flow and trust flow of the domain, the organic traffic it receives, and most importantly the ratio of the backlinks to the backlinking domains.

Blogger outreach requires extensive research and long hours to reach potential partners. But, if the research is carried out in the correct manner, you can save a lot of effort into your outreach task.

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