Love Cars and Driving? Five Fun Things to do This Summer!

Car Things To Do This Summer

If you have a passion for cars and driving, the start of the nice weather means there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and have fun with it. If you want to make summer 2019 one to remember, here are a few ideas if you love your motors!

Go on a road trip

If you love to drive and want to make the most of the weather then you need to go on a road trip! You could drive your own car in the country you live in (check out popular road trip routes online) or you could go abroad and hire a car. A sporty convertible model or a luxury car could make the trip even more enjoyable, with the sun beating down and the wind in your hair- seriously, what could be better?! Whether it’s a day or two driving from one place to another or a full driving holiday, it’s the perfect way to combine your love of cars with the summer sunshine.

Start a project car

Have you always loved the idea of buying a car and doing it up to make it exactly what you want? You could start with a body that’s practically scrap and start from the beginning, or you could buy something that’s already in working order from a used car dealer like Excel Motor and modify it to make it even better. It all depends on your time, budget and needs, but it’s a great way to keep yourself busy and learn new skills. Having a finished car that you’ve worked hard on and customised to be exactly what you want is really fulfilling.

Book a track day

What better way to put your project car to use than to book a track day? Or maybe you or your friends have a great vehicle you could use. It’s loads of fun, a chance to get the adrenaline pumping and even more thrilling than the fastest rides at the theme park. It’s not a cheap day out, but consider going- it could end up being one of your summer highlights!

Go to a car show or festival

Loads of car shows, meets and festivals are held in the summer and they’re a great chance to show off your own car or just to go and view some cool vehicles. From Stratford’s Festival of Motoring in May to Driftland in June to Shelsley Walsh hill climb race in July there’s always something going on.

Attend a car meet

If you’re part of a forum or Facebook motoring group, keep your eye out for privately held events too. These will be a little more intimate and a chance to chat with those with similar interests. Meets are often held for particular types of cars, and so if it’s something you’re interested in, you already have something in common with everyone there.

What car or driving events will you be doing this year?

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