How To Beat The System And Get A Cheaper Car Lease

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These days there are two basic ways to get behind the wheel of a new car: we can either buy them or lease them. Both options have their advantages, but they don’t suit all people’s circumstances. Many people, for instance, prefer the flexibility that a lease offers.

Prospective car buyers can lease a car for three or so years, and then get a new one at the end of the lease. To all intents and purposes, car leasing is akin to hiring a vehicle from somewhere like Avis. But, the car you get is brand new and cheaper.

Now I’ve always been a supporter of buying used cars outright. The thing is, it can often make sense to lease a vehicle instead of buying it. The only question is: how can you afford a lease? Here’s how you can beat the system and get a leased car for less! Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve doing anything dodgy!

Use the Internet to your advantage

Many people assume the only place that can arrange a lease deal is their car dealer. What they don’t know is that it’s possible to get brand new car leases from third parties!

If you do a Google search, you’ll find a plethora of leasing providers on the Web! From interest-free to poor credit car leasing, you’ll find a car lease comparison provider that can help you. What’s more, even the worst least deals on the market can sometimes be cheaper than what a dealer offers.

I recommend spending some time comparing the deals offered by third-party providers. You’ll surprise yourself by how much you can save in just five minutes!

Consider leases on nearly-new cars

Another way you can beat the system is by opting for a car that’s less than a year old. Sure, from a technical point of view they are “used” cars. But, they are often dealer demonstrator vehicles. That means they spent most of their life in a showroom somewhere. In other cases, they are “old” stock that a dealer wants to shift ASAP.

You’ll still get the remaining manufacturer’s warranty on the car. And you can also enjoy the fact your car will still have “that” new car smell!

One of the motor trade’s best-kept secrets is to lease a nearly-new car. Consumers end up saving thousands of pounds. And, did you know that you can still specify dealer-fit options to such cars?

Wait until quieter times of the year

There’s no denying there are certain times of the year that are slow for motor traders. You can tell because your local newspaper will be full of adverts promoting dealer sales!

If you are happy to wait, hold off leasing your new car until a quieter time of the year. You are more likely to have better haggling power if you do.

Come up with a big deposit

Last, but not least, think about saving up a large deposit for your lease deal. Doing so means you can enjoy offers such as 0% interest on your finance.

Good luck!

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