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ELMConfig How To Use

I thought it was about time to write a guide and combine everything I send in emails and comments on the website on setting up the modified ELM327 and ELMConfig on your PC. The task is simple and easy to do, as long as you have a genuine chipset version (like the devices I provide).

Installing The Software

  1. Download and install the “Runtime” pack, which you can down load from here: Download the Runtime Pack
  2. Download the compressed version of the latest ELMConfig program from here: Download the latest version of ELMConfig utility

You will need to un-zip this into your “My Documents”, or your “Desktop” where ever you think the folder will be safe and easily accessible by you. This program is contained within a .rar archive type, so you may need to download WinRar if you cannot open and extract the files.

Installing The Hardware

If you have purchased a modified ELM327 from me, you can be sure that this is a genuine chipset version, and is capable of writing to your car at full speed (500k baud rate). The devices that I send out is compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions from XP, through to Windows 10. The drivers are downloaded directly from Microsoft as soon as you plug the device into your computer (something the fake versions do not do). If you have not purchased a lead directly from me, I will discuss later on how to see if you have a genuine chipset in a moment.

Insert the USB end into your laptop, and wait while the device is installed and the drivers are downloaded from Microsoft. After a few moments, you should get a message stating the device is installed and ready to use by your system. It’s as simple as that, if you do have any errors, let me know in the comments below and I will help you out and update guide.

The Device Still Isn’t Recognised

If you find that the drivers did not download directly from Microsoft for what ever reason, you can get the driver installation as an executable from the following link. Once you install the program from FTDI, the drivers will be installed on your Windows PC, you may have to restart your PC, and then plug the ELM327 back into your PC and re-load ELMConfig. Note – This driver is only for the devices I provide, I cannot vouch for other devices and different chipsets that are available in other ELM327’s – I only source quality ELM’s with decent FTDI chips.

Getting The Hardware To Work With ELMConfig

Now that your ELM327 is communicating with your PC, we need to set up the ELM327 to work with ELMConfig. This is simply a task of setting up the device to run at 500k baud rate. This is done by opening up ELMConfig in Administrator mode (Right click the ELMConfig.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.

Now that ELMConfig is open, and this is the first time using the program, you may have to switch the language from Russian to English, by selecting the English checkbox.

The checkbox, if you purchased an ELM from myself you will need to select the “FTDIXX” checkbox, and then you will see the ELM327 in the drop down below this checkbox.

We will now need to set up the baud rate for the unit before we open the main program, this is done by selecting the “Adapter Setup” button at the bottom of the ELMConfig screen. This will open a new part of the program. Simply press the “Open Port” button, this then scans through the different baud rates that is capable with the ELM and should stop on the 500k baud rate setting, showing you that it is capable of handling 500k baud rate (if it does not stop here, you may have a fake unit). Once the 500k has dropped into the drop down box, press the “Set” button to lock in this setting. You will get a popup box, which you just need to confirm.

Now we can start using ELMConfig, and communicate with your vehicle. Going back up the screen, where the dropdown label says “Connection” select your vehicle from the selection. So if you have a Focus MK2 / C-Max MK1 / Kuga MK1 select this option, or if you have a Mondeo, select that option.

Once selected, press the “Open Port” button, and you are in to the main ELMConfig program (after confirming “Yes” to the adapted is equipped with a HS/MS-Can switch.

Checking Your ELM327 is Genuine

There are a lot of fake ELM327’s kicking around, and it is quite easy for people to fall into a trap and buy one that is much cheaper, they are cheaper for a reason… Anyway, the best way to check if your ELM327 genuine is to install ForScan (another tool used for diagnostics of Ford vehicles. You can download the latest version directly from ForScan. Once installed, run the program with your ELM327 plugged in, press the green button on the bottom of the program, this will then scan for your ELM and if no popup shows stating that the ELM is NOT genuine, you have a perfectly good ELM device.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have plugged the ELM into my PC, but it cannot find the device

This usually means the drivers did not install on your PC. If this is the case, install the following executable file, and restart your PC.

  1. can this software be used on the f450 superduty? i am using a OBDLink EX and the software is installed but says error “INCORRECT RESPONSE FROM ADAPTER REQUEST ST I STN2230 V5.6.5”

  2. Hi James,
    Can you help me, please? Can you confirm that in a ST prefacelight 2006 will work? Soon, I wait the buttons, I’m going to try on my ST.
    Ty james.

  3. Hi James

    Is the ELM software still working in 2020/21?

    I have a Mk2.5 Style 1.6 Petrol Automatic, I’m about to order the cruise control steering wheel and I’m about to buy your ELM327 from Amazon.

    When you say you modify them to order, what sort of bespoke modifications do you make?

    I’d be looking specifically for cruise control, speed limiter (as per the steering wheel buttons) and any other feature that I may be able to snag at the same time without additional resources.

    Thanks! Hope to see your reply soon as it’s been a while since the last comment according to my page.

    1. Hi Michael,

      The “modified” ELM’s on Amazon should work. I did create the modification myself previously but have found it’s now cheaper to buy directly from a seller on Amazon. Basically, I did exactly the same as what the now already modified ELM’s do as you see on Amazon.

  4. Which profile should i use, for my 2019 transit courier ?

    The software starts fine, but when i want to make changes, i get an error message.

  5. Buenas noches James, tengo una 1999 Ford Windstar LX V6 3.8L version americana, es compatible con un sistema MK2 Ford, y el protocolo de comunicación es un ISO o DIN J1850 PWN o PWM no se exactamente solo se que es J1850, es posible que funcione bien puede asegurarme si este dispositivo ELM327 500K es compatible con mi auto, en lo que respecta a mi tengo confianza que si funciona, pero a la ves otras personas me preguntan al respecto y no se que decirles, la mayoría pertenecemos a un Club de propietarios de Ford Windstar, Taurus, Sable y Lincoln Continental, muchos de ellos tienen problemas con el transeje ya que esta transmision da solo códigos específicos, son todas las AXOD, AXODE, AX4S, AX4N y 4F50N, la pregunta es si tiene capacidad para leer codigos como la transmision, ABS, Airbags, Llaves, transponder, etc, confío en tus conocimientos, saludos.

  6. Hi James,

    I have a Ford Ranger XLT, Am I able to use this system for for the updatign of the ECU to activate the TPMS?

    Could you please let me know,

    Thank you,

  7. I want to install a rear camera to my Ford Focus 2016 , it uses sync 2 , would this gadget help me switch on the option to use the camera with sync 2 screen ?

  8. Hi james, I have just downloaded the latest version of elm config, but on installing the software it is asking me for a password…. can you provide this?

      1. Hi James,

        ‘RuntimePack.exe’ is actually a password protected, self-extracting ZIP file. I changed the name to ‘’ and tried to open it and was prompted for the password. Do you have any ideas how to get into the file?

        Though I’m an electronics design engineer, I was planning to buy your unit because I want to support you and be your customer.

        1. Hi Mark,

          I’ve never tried that, I just usually download it from the civil website and run it – I’ve not tried to unpack it manually before. I will give it a try when I’m on a windows PC next (I’m a Mac user usually). I am not the designer of the software, so won’t know what the password it.

          1. Whenever I download a potentially risky executable, I attempt to turn it into a standard compressed file (by adding ‘.zip’ for example) and opening it to examine its contents and to submit any executables therein to an anti-virus scan — I rely on ‘’. I think that doing so is prudent.

          2. PS: I should add that, if I can successfully unzip an otherwise executable self-installer, and the contents pass anti-virus, I then install the contents rather than the original installer (i.e., the downloaded executable installer that I “opened”). My experience is that a malicious distributor infects the outer installer rather than the inner content. HTH. Cheers!

          3. Actually, regarding Macintosh, I believe that Apple operating systems handle ZIP files and can open them. Give it a try… you should at least be able to “see” inside ‘’.

  9. Hi James,
    I have a question, though maybe not exactly this topic related, but I thought you might know the answer.

    I recently changed GEM in my Focus II (pre-FL, 2005), so I would have light/rain sensor working. Now, I replaced the settings in new GEM with the ones in my old, so far so good, but I noticed that the new GEM is fairly older than my original one. The software version shows v5 (new GEM) vs v6 (old GEM) in elmconfig.

    I don’t have any issues exactly, but I see some features are missing with the new GEM. For example when I flash my high beams, I don’t have coming home lights, etc…

    I believe these features are GEM related, so my question (finally) is: is it possible to upgrade the software in GEM module? Somehow? I even might have IDS available if that’s needed.

    Thanks a lot for reply!

    Best regards,

  10. Hi James,
    Would I be able to use the ELM 327 on a Mk1 kuga, on a 10 plate.
    Does the software run on windows Vista.

  11. Hi, I’m interested in buying your ELM327 Hardware. The idea of connecting to an Android device running Forscan seems appealing, but I notice that the connection is either via Wifi, or Bluetooth. I’m guessing that your hardware terminates with a USB connection – so not sure how I could get a working solution. Any ideas please?

    Thank you

  12. Another question though..
    In sweden we have rules having lights on during daytime. Due to this my Focus which didn’t have
    factory DRL have my xenon head lights on when the light switch is on position 0.
    I have since installed DRLs which connects to my parking lights and head lights, dimming somewhat
    when using head lights.
    My problem is that I have to turn the switch to parking light mode every time I start the car to use the
    DRLs only. I would like to have only parking lights turn on when the light switch is on 0. Is this possible
    with ELMconfig or is this a hardware issue?

  13. I have a 2008 Ford Focus estate Titanium X. I’m trying to install deactivation for passenger air bag.
    It was no problem installing the hardware as all cables already were there.
    Installing the software ELMconfig on my Windows 10 laptop went ok also. I ordered an ELM unit from your site.
    Today I got it and tried to connect it to my car. I have no problem during the connecting port process. But when I try to read any of the modules I only get N/A and the log shows NO DATA..
    Have I done anything wrong?

    1. Got it working.
      Had 0.2.10 installed from your site. Downloaded the latest 0.2.17b and got it working straight away.
      I now have fully working deactivation for my passenger airbag. Thanks for your site. I saved a really big sum of money this way.

  14. Hi, I’ve got a mk2 focus which I’ve retro fitted a cruise control steering wheel to, just need to activate it, if I buy your modified elm unit do you/can you include a step by step guide of instructions to activate the cruise control as there are very few videos or info, and the info that is out confuses me. If you could let me know as I’d like to get on purchase and activate

    Many thanks

    1. Hi James,

      I will see if I can make a write up for you, it is possible using my device (as long as your car isn’t an ST) and has all the wiring in place, including the switches above the pedals, and the buttons on the steering wheels. There are 3 options to select off the top of my head using ELMConfig.

      1. No it’s a 2.0 petrol titanium model has all the wiring, switches above the clutch and brake and I’ve retro fitted a 4 spoke wheel with cruise control buttons. I’ve just purchased an elm from you if you could provide me some sort of instructions of which modules I need to modify/change just basically what I have to do as I’m abit nervous about doing this myself

        Many thanks


  15. I’ve had the sat nav display screen changed on my 62reg Focus, and there is now a DTC saying the initial configuration is incomplete – could one of these ELM327 + software sort that out for me do you think?

    1. Hi Jeffery,

      I’ve not seen that error before – is the error on the car or the actual Stereo? Possibly something went wrong with the screen replacement?

      There is a section dedicated to the Audio Control Unit on ELMConfig, that you can send a reset code to, that may fix the issue, or even load from “As Build” which will reprogram the stereo to as it left the factory, which also may fix the issue. But I would be a little suspicious that it came up after a screen replacement, as the DTC would suggest something corrupted in the transition between screens.

  16. Two questions if I may before I purchase.

    Does this unit and ElmConfig work with a 52 plate Focus ? I believe this is a generation 1 model and I’ve seen comments on forums mentioning ElmConfig working with Gen 2/3 models.

    Can I take it that the hardware itself will still work with other makes, I’ve also a Toyota Avensis I inherited – and so the hunt begins for yet another package to work with that.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Sorry but the ELMConfig program only works with the MK2 and MK3 Focus (not the first generation or its facelift). You may get some luck with ForScan and this device, but I personally have not tried this on the MK1 Focus – If you are in the North East, I could give it a try for you just to be certain, and to see if changes (if any) can be made using ForScan.

      As for the Toyota – As long as this has the standardised OBD2 Diagnostics port, then the ELM will work, but the switch is only specific for Ford models.

      1. Thanks, I’ll give it a try – I’m over the other side of the country but thanks for the offer.
        Until last week I thought OBD was supposed to be “standard”, I’m learning fast though. It’s a bit of a culture shock to me – I’m used to 25 year old Land Rovers with no electronics !

      2. Good news, the unit arrived – and it works just fine with ForScan. I’ve reset the faults, now time to figure out if it’s the cat or O2 sensor that’s faulty.

  17. Will this work on my c-max 1.6 tdci 2008?
    Will I be able to configure the cruise control on my c-max?


  18. So, I bought the cable from yourself, I installed it onto my laptop, followed the steps, and when i opened it as administrator, selected the language, selected FTDI D2XX, and in the device checkbox below, no elm 327 appeared, so I’m unable to do anything else. So I’m at a bit of a dead end

  19. Hi James,

    I bought an ELM device from the dreaded eBay but it doesn’t seem to want to read and write to the PCM on a 2007 focus mk2 titanium as I’m trying to configure the cruise control so that was a waste of money, Will yours do this? Just before I got the buy button!



    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes there have been a few people stung by purchasing ELM’s from eBay – I make sure I source genuine and the best units (hence the price) and modify them to order. I can confirm mine will allow you to set up cruise control (as long as yours isn’t the ST, as I’ve still yet to be able to get it working on mine). But there are a few garages that have purchased my units and set up cruise control on their customers cars.

  20. I wish to thank you for your time in helping me find that I had 2 worthless clones ” one from a supposed good dealer in the usa” that could not be modified in any manner.

      1. yes I have and thank you for the very fast service, going by your shipping number it is awaiting customs at Kennedy airport

  21. Hi James, I’m pretty familiar with the elmconfig for my 2005 Focus, however, I’d like to play around a bit with my mom’s 2007 Fiesta. Is there a tool that can be used with Fiesta? Or are the functions only changeable with an IDS?
    Thanks for answer.

    1. Hi Roman,

      Unfortunately I have yet to see a program that will work with the Fiesta. Most of these programs are developed by Russian developers, and I don’t think the fiesta is as popular over there than the Fiesta. I will keep my eye out and I’ll be sure to put a post up when I find one.

      Thanks, James

  22. Hello James,

    thank you very much fur your response. With forscan is everything fine.
    At first get always an error massage, that was an error to read the xml file. But this message I get only with Windows 10, with windows XP doesn´t come this message.
    But when i start to “read from BCM” then I get the error message “Can´t enter security into ECU”.
    Also I tried to read from the IPC, then I get an another message “Unknown ECU…”

    I have already loaded down the vbf-files and stored it into the vbf folder, but it will not work.

    Can you help me please?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards
    Frank Ortmann

      1. Hey James,the Focus ist build in 2015. But i have good news, than now with the new foccus 0.8.6 i could get connection an now i have enabled the auto looking function. I’am only still looking for a solution to deactivate the function”folding in mirror” when i closed the car doors. Do you have an idea?


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