The five most reliable cars that money can buy

There are very few things in the world that are more infuriating than something out of your control failing you. The thing which fails you most regularly is undoubtedly your car. For reasons unknown to an average joe, a car breaks down at every given opportunity; be it on the road, in the car park, or in the driveway. When this happens, you feel aggrieved; something you trusted to get you from A to B has failed to take you to your destination.

So how can you prevent this happening in the future? How can you ensure you are never late for a meeting because your car broke down again? How can you save yourself a trip to your local mechanic?

Honda Accord (2016)


Each iteration of the Honda Accord has been known for its incredible reliability, and the new 2016 edition is no different. The new Honda Accord is as every bit as reliable as older iterations, but also has a fantastic specification. With stop start technology, adaptive cruise control which alters your speed depending on the speed of the car ahead, and a lane keeping system that adjusts your steering if you ever stray to far out of a lane. The Accord is the full of new technology that – surprisingly – never fails.

Honda Insight (2010)


It is not a shock that two Honda cars made a list of most reliable cars, as the company are revered for making extremely durable machines. The Honda Insight is not the most eye-catching car, nor is it a particularly enjoyable car to drive; however it is incredibly reliable. Even if the Insight does break down and you need to contact whocanfixmycar break repair, the time it will take to get your back on the road will be extremely short. On average, it takes just 0.63 hours to repair a Honda Insight.

Ford Fiesta (2016)


A much loved car by reviews – earning a 4.5-out-of-5 review from Autotrader and a 4-out-of-5 review from What Car? – the Ford Fiesta is a brilliant hatchback that is also extremely reliable. Like the Honda Accord, the Ford Fiesta is a car that, despite being well equipped, very rarely needs to be sent into a local mechanic for repairs.

Mitsubishi Lancer (2015)


On average it costs consumers just £69.30 to repair a Mitsubishi Lancer and get it back on the road. These breakdowns are few and far between when owning a Lancer, but when they do occur, it is nice to know that it will not cost an arm and a leg to repair.

Toyota Prius (2009)


The Toyota Prius is not everyone’s ideal car, but it is a reliable – and somewhat revolutionary – piece of engineering. It is hugely impressive that Toyota were able to equip the Prius with new Hybrid technology, and make this technology reliable. Although not an eye-catching car, the Prius is a reliable and easy-to-drive family car which will get you from A-to-B without a hiccup.

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