Cutting The Costs Of Owning A Motorhome: A Guide To Cheap Insurance

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When it comes to vehicles, there is no getting away from the fact that they are expensive to own. The price of fuel, tax and the initial price of the car can reach the thousands. Then, you have to maintain it and fix any issues and pay for insurance, just in case you are in an accident. Before you know it, the price is in the tens of thousands. Motorhomes are no different. In fact, they can be more expensive because they spend more time on the drive than actually being driven.

For a lot of people, however, motorhomes are an essential part of life because they use them to go on vacation. If you are one of those people, and you want to save money on your next holiday, here’s a guide to finding cheap motorhome insurance.

Shop Around For The Best Deal

Where insurance is involved, you don’t want to go with the first deal you find. It might out turn that the deal is the best one in the end. But, you will never know unless you shop around. A simple Google search should be enough to find insurance quotes. Or, you can compare cheap motorhome insurance at Comparison sites are a great tool because they are so easy and efficient. Instead of doing all the hard work on your own, they will do it for you.

Only Put Necessary People On Your Policy

Comparison sites will find you a deal that is based on your needs as an individual. The price won’t include your partner or your children or anyone else you can think of! Yes, it is a good backup plan in case anything goes wrong while you are on the road. However, adding additional members to your policy will only increase the premiums and monthly payments.

Drive Carefully

The best way to get a good deal on insurance for any vehicle is to protect your no claims bonus. No claims bonuses show insurance companies that you are not a reckless driver, and you won’t cost them money. Remember, insurance companies have to fork out the cash if you are in an accident, and that is reflected in the quote. By not claiming your no claims bonus and building them up, your insurance policy will start to fall year after year dramatically.

Pay The Higher Excess

If you agree to pay more for the excess of damage, it will lower your premiums. Of course, this is a tactical manoeuvre because you could end up paying more in certain circumstances. For example, if the aerial breaks off it will cost you the amount of the excess instead of twenty quid at the local mechanics. But, if you are confident you won’t be in an accident, it can kill two birds with one stone. Be aware of going too high, though, especially when the cost is higher than the vehicle!


The industry is incredibly competitive, and that gives you an edge. Once you find the lowest price possible, get on the phone and ask the competition what they are willing to offer.

The majority of companies would prefer you on their books rather than on their competitors.

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