Choosing Between Towing or Auto Transport

Are you looking for an option to move your car from one city to another or across the country? You may find it easy and less expensive to drive yourself all the way. But it may not be the case as you think. There are several other options for you to transport your vehicle safely. The commonly used two options are hiring an auto Transport Company or tow your vehicle with a trailer or tow dolly. However, it is wise to choose the safest option available to avoid wear and tear and to make sure that your vehicle will reach its destination on time. In this article, we will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both the systems available.

Auto transport by no wheels on the ground

The vehicle is transported using an auto transport trailer by strapping your vehicle safely on the trailer. Vehicles that weigh below 5000 pounds can be transported using this method. In this method, your vehicle won’t come in contact with the road n the entire journey, hence no wear and tear and will not add mileage to your vehicle. At the same time, your vehicle can act as a cargo carrier depending on the weight that can carry.

When you choose an auto transport facility, you need to choose between an open flatbed and double-decker carrier and an enclosed trailer. Open auto transport is cheaper when compared to shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer. However open carriers can expose your vehicle to external elements causing damages to your car. If your vehicle is new it is recommended to go with an enclosed trailer to safeguard from road debris though it may be expensive. By choosing a reputable auto transport company, shipping your vehicle becomes stress-free and they ensure there is no wear and tear and your vehicle reaches the destination on time.

How to choose the best auto transport companies

At first glance, everything will look similar to you regardless of the companies and policies. Most of the time, in the selection process of reputed companies you will be driven by the cost factor. Choosing the cheapest company may be challenging in many ways. Your ultimate goal should be getting the best service that you pay for. Prioritize your requirements like do you want to ship your vehicle in a closed trailer? Are you be able to check your vehicle’s location 24*7 on its journey? Are you looking for door to door delivery? Etc. Besides all, the company you choose should be licensed, insured and have a successful history of serving customers and achieving customer satisfaction.

Towing your vehicle by rolling two wheels on the ground

Another option to transport your vehicle is using a tow dolly or a trailer. In this method, your vehicle’s front wheels will be secured to the tow dolly and the back wheels will be left to roll on the road. Implementing this method to transport your vehicle depends on the make and model, the vehicle weight and distribution of the weight, length of the vehicle and ground clearance of your vehicle. The vehicle’s owner’s manual will give you an insight into what method of towing can opt for your vehicle and what not. Jake Fuller from Geyers Towing ( explains that when a person is arrested, the police will often use a towing company to move their vehicle. This type of trailer can be rented at a low cost and are suitable for short-distance transportation. It can cause a lot of wear and tear to your vehicle if opted for long-distance transportation.

Towing your vehicle by rolling four wheels on the ground

This method is also known as flat towing, dinghy towing or four-down towing. In this method, all the four wheels are on the ground letting them free to roll as the trailer pulls it behind. Your vehicle will be attached to the trailer by a tow bar. This was the method adopted in ancient times for vehicle transmission. But today this method is considered complicated and most of the owners avoid flat towing of their vehicle as many manufacturers void a vehicle’s warranty for this reason.

Although towing with a trailer is considered safe, it has other risks as well. A towing dolly cannot go in the reverse direction. Another challenge an auto trailer can face is carefully navigating while towing. If the vehicle is loaded incorrectly, there are chances of abrupt change in the direction and can cause an accident to both the vehicles. It has many other challenging aspects like you will be made responsible for securing the trailer and your vehicle while navigating the highways, small crossroads and parking lots by towing your vehicle.

Ultimately, when you compare the cost involved in auto transportation and towing, you will blindly think that towing will be a much cheaper option. But considering the other factors while towing your vehicle like hotel stay, fuel fills up, food on the road, renting the tow dolly, and the wear and tear to your vehicle, etc. vehicle shipping using auto transportation look quite reasonable and safe. Also, it is advised to choose enclosed transportation for long-distance commutation. For cross-country transportation, the open-air facility is the safer option as the carriers are driven by professionally experienced truck drivers. Thus transportation of your vehicle becomes stress-free.

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