Biggest Slot Jackpots in History

Slots have been dubbed millionaire makers due to the number of players that have hit it big and walked away with buckets of money. These lucky players have gone down in history as many people wonder what a big difference just one of those millions would make in their lives.

Jackpots can be fixed, or progressive, fixed jackpots are pots that have a value that is predetermined by the developers and if this jackpot is won then it resets to its original value. A progressive jackpot at Cozino is when every time a player places a bet on a specific game (online or offline), a percentage of that bet is put aside and added to the pot. The jackpot increases with every spin until someone wins it.

Huge wheel of fortune slot win

You would think that since lightning supposedly doesn’t strike the same place twice that someone wouldn’t get the same casino to pay them out twice, but that is exactly what happened to a retired flight attendant back in 1998. While hitting the slots at Palace Station, the woman first won $680 000 on a Wheel of Fortune Slot. A few months later she went back and won another $27 million on a Megabucks machine.

Megabucks Jackpot Times Two

A Mr. Sherwin became known as a very lucky guy after he won not one, but two of the largest slot machine jackpots at the time. The first win was on a Mega Bucks slot at the Mirage in the year 1989. Then he tried his luck once more by going to the Cannery Casino in Vegas in 2005 and won the Megabucks jackpot. The first win was $4.6 mil and the second $21.1 mil. This lucky old timer was in his 90s when he won the second pot.

Making Cash on Vacation with jackpot slots

In 2000 a woman from Hawaii went on vacation in Vegas, she decided to visit her regular casino and her regular vacation slot. She proceeded to whisper to the slot to give it a bit of luck and what do you know… it paid her out over $10 mil. This was on a penny slot no less and she impressively got this low roller machine to pay her out such a high figure.


This is an unfortunate entry to this list. It has made history as one of the biggest let downs. A woman in Queens, New York, nearly won the biggest jackpot in the history of ever, but unfortunately, the large cash prize was a fluke. The machine was faulty and actually only had a maximum payout of $6 500. She did score a free dinner, there were probably a lot of cocktails added to that tab.

The possible jackpot bonus is a reason that players remain motivated as to be on this list is a dream for all slot players. Imagine getting a big payout for having fun. Playing a game has never been so tempting. The chance of being made a millionaire from hitting “spin” is mind-boggling.

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