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    Published on April 29th, 2020 | by James Simpson


    Apple’s A14 Chipset Speed Could be a Gamechanger

    It’s common knowledge that Apple improves on the processors for their iPhones every single year when there’s a new one to showcase. What’s not common knowledge just yet are the full specs of the new iPhone 12. The iPhone 11 currently has an Apple A13 chipset but there are rumours the next addition to the iPhone family will include an A14 processor that will run at speeds in excess of 3GHz! The A13’s at 2.7GHz so that’ll be some improvement.

    Some of the benefits to a processor that’s said to be as fast as the iPad Pro include:

    • Longer Battery Life
    • More Voltage Gates
    • More Clock Gates
    • Improved Gaming Experience
    • Better Video Editing Abilities
    • Smoother Graphics-Intensive Apps

    The longer battery life is self-explanatory, but what about the voltage gates and clock gates? In simple terms, the iPhone can shut off the power to parts of the A14 processor when it’s not being used. This will in turn improve overall performance. Let’s expand a little more on the improvements the A14 chipset will bring to gaming.

    Improved iPhone Games and Better Graphics

    There’s no denying the fact that everyone’s now enjoying a mobile-first way of life. You can do most things on your phone nowadays. Or your tablet. It’s just very convenient, which works well for all of us. What we’re now blessed with as mobile phone users in 2020 is the impressive graphics and the immersive experience with mobile games.

    Who remembers playing snake on their phone 20 odd years ago? Technology has come a long way since then and you can now enjoy games such as Tekken Mobile, Shadowgun Legends, and Darkness Roses, which are games you could only ever dream of playing on a console a few years ago. The graphics are fantastic.

    As well as these types of games, you’ve also got games at online casinos that are on the rise in popularity due to their outstanding gameplay and immersive experience. The improvement in technology has meant that developers can create incredibly advanced mobile apps that can cope with the improvement in products from casino software providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. They’re the brains behind all of the games at some of the best casinos that are online.

    With the A14 bionic chip increasing capacity even further if the rumours are to be believed, this will allow software developers to excel and produce even more incredible products.

    Shall I Buy the iPhone 12?

    This is always a big question whenever a new iPhone is released. The next iPhone is not due to be released until September, so you have some time to think about you choice. However, if you love gaming on your phone then purchasing the new iPhone should definitely be a consideration. Not only that but they’ll slow down your older model at some point anyway. But is it worth wasting your money on the latest bit of tech?

    We know it’s going to cost a lot of money, so you’re going to need to weigh up the pros and cons. If you’re not big into gaming on your phone, it might not be worth splashing out so much considering a previous version will work just as well for your needs. If your affiliation is with Android, it’s also going to be virtually impossible to convince you to switch, but what we will say is that the graphics, speed and battery life are going to be the best they’ve ever been in an iPhone.

    Many will pre-order the device, but it’s probably worth waiting for the official specifications before committing to a purchase. If you’re put off by the price tag, you could always sell your old mobile or trade it in to cover some of the cost.

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