5 Warning Signs That Your Car AC Is Not Working Properly

Your car AC is a vital part that must work properly to ensure that you are comfortable as you drive around. It ensures the right temperature for the vehicle, irrespective of the weather outside. Ensuring that it is in top shape, therefore, is as important as making sure that any other part of the vehicle is running optimally. However, there are chances that the unit may not function well enough due to aging or a fault. It is good to be vigilant about the typical symptoms of trouble so that you can detect and address it as early as possible. Here the warning signs that you should watch out for.

Weak airflow

Weak airflow is often the first indication of trouble brewing up with your car’s air conditioner. It probably means that the air is having problems reaching the vents. The reasons could vary from lack of maintenance to the accumulation of mildew or mold in the evaporator core, damaged ventilation fan, loose blower hose, or opened core case seals. The best way to address the problem is by acting quickly and having an expert to check the system.

Losing its cool

When you notice that your car’s air conditioning is losing its cool, you have a reason to worry. Burt Pohlmann from EdgestoneAutomotive.com says that if your car’s AC is only blowing out hot air, you need the help of a professional to determine the cause of the problem and fix it. This could be attributed to lack of refrigerant, broken or damaged compressor, a clogged expansion tube or a failed fuse or switch. Only an expert can detect the exact cause and get things back to order.

Unusual sound

A sign that you may not associate with a faulty AC is unusual sounds but this is something you should not ignore. If you notice a strange, rattling noise when you turn the system on, it is time to get it checked. The problem could be due to debris in the fan. On the other hand, it could be something as serious as a broken fan belt or condenser. The timely repair can save you from a big expense in the long run.

Bad odour

Besides strange sounds, unusual odours also point out potential problems with your car’s AC unit. It could be a burning smell or a musty odour that you may not have sensed before. A burning smell indicates that the wiring of your compressor may be overheated or burnt. A musty smell, on the other hand, is a sign that the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Leaking dashboard

Another red flag that shows you may need AC to repair sooner rather than later is the appearance of visible water stains on the mat. This happens due to a leaking dashboard, which is a sign of a clogged hose. Not addressing the issue can cause further damage to the other components, so you should get it checked and fixed immediately.

It is best to be watchful about these signs and seek professional repair as soon as you spot one or more of them. You will end up saving money on major repairs and fuel costs as well.

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