5 Common Problems Every Car Owner Should Prepare For

Car Common Problems

Taking your car for regular service and maintenance is essential to keep your car at peak performance. However, occasional car problems emerge, and all vehicles are not exempted from that. To decrease the odds of breakdown and costly maintenances, here are five common car glitches that vehicle owners should prepare for.

Discharged Battery

This is perhaps the most common problem most new drivers are unprepared for. There are numerous causes for your vehicle’s battery to discharge. A few of them are:

  • Leaving the electricals on when the car is not in use
  • Defective charging
  • Faulty alternators, especially if the battery is ageing
  • Parasitic battery drain
  • Leaving your car unused for a long time.

Those are some of the common reasons that can cause your car battery to discharge quickly. If you find yourself with a discharged battery, there are two fixes you can turn to:

  • Jumpstart your car: To jump-start your vehicle, you will need another vehicle with a charged battery. Its battery will be used to charge yours, and you’ll also need jumper cables to do it.
    Attach the positive and negative ends of the jumper cables to your battery, then place the cables on the positive and negative terminals of the other car’s battery in that order. Start the other vehicle and leave it running for some minutes. After a few minutes, your battery will be charged enough to start your car, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Charge or replace the battery: If you have access to a mechanic, then it is much better to get your battery charged in a shop. However, if your car’s battery isn’t responding, then you should probably think of purchasing a new battery for your vehicle.

Screeching Brakes

Auto mechanic changing car wheel. Low angle view. Cropped photo.

Screeching brakes are irritating and very dangerous. Worn-off brake pads mainly instigate screeching brakes. If you constantly over-speed, then it’s possible that you often hit the brakes. Of course, this can result in faster and more extreme wearing of the brake pads. Overlooking screeching brakes is not wise since non-responsive brakes can cause life-threatening accidents.
Suppose you’re involved in a car accident due to non-responsive brakes. In that case, you might get yourself into legal trouble. Note that one factor that a detective evaluates in an accident scene is whether the car’s braking system functioned as expected. To save yourself the trouble, get your brake pads checked by your trusted mechanic immediately when you hear screeching.

Car Swinging On One Side

You’re on the freeway going on a road trip, and you’re driving in a straight line within speed limits. You then notice that your car is swinging on one side, and you have to apply extra effort to keep your vehicle in a straight course. This can be a very hair-raising situation for a new motorist and even experienced ones.
If you find yourself in such a situation, just slow down a bit. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, and you should remain calm on the road. Nothing serious has occurred; it’s just that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. The wheels aren’t in line, and they’re off their standard gradient with the road while moving.

Engine Overheating

Combustion is a process that generates a lot of heat, and to maintain heat at optimal levels for effective combustion, your engine has a radiator. When you’re driving and your car’s temperature meter goes red, it means your vehicle’s engine is overheating. Most of the time, there must be something faulty with your cooling system.
The usual suspect is your car’s coolant, and it must be already at low levels. During regular maintenance, a coolant top-up is usually part of the service. If you tend to forget to get your car maintained, you’ll need to check your coolant levels or better yet, visit your mechanic. After all, there are other reasons your car is overheating, and you would want to know what it is.

Low Fuel Mileage

If you’re a responsible driver and your car’s fuel efficiency is still very poor, then it’s time to service it. Delays in servicing your car can cause parts such as spark plugs and air filters to accumulate dirt and clog up. Leaving them alone at that state can result in low fuel mileage.
All vehicles need maintenance to function correctly. Even though you take your car for regular service, your driving style or the model of your car can make it prone to some problems. Therefore, research more about the common problems associated with the car you are about to buy.

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