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Ford Modified ELM327 Device

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Modified ELM327 for use with ELMConfig, FoCCCus and ForScan software.

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This is a custom made modified ELM327 for Ford vehicles, for use with the ELMConfigFoCCCus and ForScan software. The devices are made to order, so delivery can take up to a few days, but I tend to build these as soon as I get an order and dispatch within 3-4 days. Postage is available to all EU countries, US and Australia. Postage is calculated via the checkout page.


Ford Modified ELM327 Device Details

Ford Modified ELM327

The modified ELM327 will come pre-modified with the on-on switch installed and ready for you to install on your laptop. No need to buy a soldering iron and take time modifying the device yourself, as I have already taken the time to modify the ELM327 for you. That way you can get straight to work activating things such as auto door locking, or activating cruise control if you have already spent the time adding these onto your car.

These ELM327 are genuine FTDI VCP chipsets, with the full PCB (not the cheap Chinese fakes which are all over eBay and Amazon, and will not work at the speeds required for ELMConfig and FoCCCus). ELMConfig can be downloaded via and the FoCCus software can be downloaded via

It is capable of a constant high speed of 500000 baud, which is perfect for updating the high-speed can-bus systems in the vehicle.

The modified ELM327 devices are compatible with both the above software, as well as ForScan and other diagnostic software.

Drivers are available to download from Windows (as soon as the device is connected to your PC), but if the download fails, drivers can be downloaded from the FTDI website – (navigate to your windows version on the table within this page)

Compatible Cars:

  • Ford Focus (MK2 & MK3)
  • Ford Kuga (MK2)
  • Ford S-Max (New Models)
  • Ford Galaxy (New Models)
  • Ford C-Max (MK2)
  • Ford Mondeo (MK4)
  • Ford Fiesta (MK6 Onwards) – Using ForScan only
Note! These units are sold as is, I cannot be held responsible for any changes you make that may affect your car, or corrupt any system of your vehicle.

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